CFCS Ch. 218.1: Road to Immortality (7)

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Jing Yang and Bai Guang carried on with the double cultivation, and Jing Yang could only take one day off every month. In the past few months, even during the rest time, he had been staying in Lingfeng Pavilion, and at most took a walk in the garden.

One day, Song Yin told him that the honey fragrant fruit, which only bore fruit once every three hundred years, had ripened and that he had already sent someone to pick it up for him to taste.

Jing Yang thought that he had been staying on Zhu Yang Island for several months, and he was doing double cultivation with Bai Guang every day, so he never left Lingfeng Pavilion. This Zhu Yang Island was so big, where there were several peaks, the scenery must be very good, he should walk around and have a look, so he proposed to pick the honey fragrant fruit in person.

Jing Yang originally wanted to walk because he wanted to watch the scenery along the way.

But Song Yin told him that if he went on foot, he might not arrive until tomorrow, because Zhu Yang Island was just too big, and the garden where honey fragrant fruit grew was quite far away from Lingfeng.

So, they took their swords to the vicinity of Mixiang Garden, and then walked over slowly.

There were many other flower gardens and orchards near the Mixiang Garden. Along the way, Jing Yang saw many disciples who were taking care of flowers and plants. Although the job of taking care of flowers and plants looked simple, it was actually not easy at all, and it was very hard work, it was something that could only be done by students who had a high degree of experience. However, the fragrance of these flowers, plants and fruit trees could help these disciples to improve their spiritual power. The closer they were, the faster they would improve.

The disciples who had been on the island for less than five years were not even qualified to learn to take care of flowers and plants on the side. They could only do the more difficult and tiring work of digging soil and carrying spring water.

Jing Yang was just here to hang out this time, he didn’t want to find Xiao Ling and the others, in fact he didn’t even think about them. But he didn’t know whether it was a coincidence or not, but it just happened that he met them.

Song Yin was one of the three general managers of Lingfeng Pavilion. Although not one of the general managers of Zhu Yang Island, he was one of the very few people who could directly contact Bai Guang. Thus, he had great management power on the island. So, when the apprentices saw him, they had to be polite.

Although not many of the apprentices had seen Song Yin, there was no one on the island who didn’t know about the spirit character on his waist, and the other apprentices started to kneel and salute when they saw it.

Behind them were more than a dozen teenagers wearing Lingfeng Pavilion disciple clothes. These teenagers were brought out individually, they all had prominent family backgrounds in the immortal world, and they were particularly talented and understood the rules well to have become Lingfeng Pavilion’s disciple. The nine apprentices of Bai Guang were all disciples of Lingfeng Pavilion since many years ago.

Xiao Ling and the others were digging the fairy soil. These fairy paths could not be dug with tools. They must be dug out by hand, and they must be careful not to mix small stones into the fairy soil.

Jing Yang and the others came over from a distance in a mighty way, and the teacher who managed Xiao Ling and the others saw them from a distance, and immediately told them to stop their work and kneel down to salute.

Jing Yang saw Xiao Ling and the others with their hands full of dirt from afar. He was not surprised to see the appearance of the others, but he was a little surprised by Xiao Ling, who was honestly digging soil. It had only been a few months, and the indomitable and exclusive young master had turned so honest. This Zhu Yang Island’s discipline and trainer really was something.

Jing Yang stopped in front of them, looked at the soil, turned around and asked Song Yin, “What are you going to do with the soil?”

Song Yin replied, “This piece of soil is suitable for planting immortal herbs. I’m going to send it to the medicine garden.”

Jing Yang nodded and continued to walk forward.

When Xiao Ling heard Jing Yang’s voice, he was shocked, and his body immediately stiffened. But he didn’t dare to look up until Jing Yang left.

Seeing Jing Yang strolling around with a group of people, while he was digging mud here, the most unacceptable thing to him was that he actually had to kneel and salute to someone like Jing Yang. When he contrasted their current situations, even though the anger in Xiao Ling’s heart erupted like a volcano, he still had to grit his teeth and hold back. Even if his teeth were bleeding, he couldn’t show any resistance, otherwise, what awaited him would be even more terrifying and painful torment.

Yang Junmao and the others also heard Jing Yang’s voice. They saw Jing Yang walking with a group of people in style, and then looked down at the soil on their hands. Although they didn’t want to vomit blood like Xiao Ling but the big gap between them was also a big blow to them.

When they were in the southern border, they all surrounded Xiao Ling, trying their best to please him, and sometimes they would help Xiao Ling to bully Xiao Jing together. At that time, they never thought that things would develop like this today. They were not stupid, so it was not impossible to see that Jing Yang was able to come to Zhu Yang Island because of Xiao Ling.

But Xiao Ling’s aunt had no intention of protecting them or giving them special care, and in order not to be implicated by their mistakes, she was stricter with them than other disciples.

They had suffered a lot since they came to the island, especially during the period of learning the rules of the island. As long as one of the rules was not memorized, they would be tortured both mentally and physically. They were really afraid of being tortured, and they would probably never forget those island rules for the rest of their lives.

After learning the island rules, they did things every day that even the lowest servants on the island didn’t have to do. Besides digging up all kinds of soil and transporting them to other places, they also needed to clean up the feces of animals. When resting, any apprentice of higher rank could command them.

The suffering they had suffered in the past few months, after seeing Jing Yang today, Xiao Ling’s heart broke out completely with anger and unwillingness, while Yang Junmao and the others were completely regretful.

Yang Junmao and the others felt that if they had been a little better to Xiao Jing before, even if they didn’t show it in front of Xiao Ling’s face, but helped him more secretly, they might not have to suffer so much now.

No matter what they thought in their hearts, they couldn’t show it at all. After Jing Yang and the others left, they could only continue digging soil.

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