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On August 8th, the sky was clear, and the wind was smooth… Well, it was actually a scorching summer. If you went out for five minutes, you would sweat for two hours.

The assistant came to pick Yi Jiaojiao and saw her in a simple T-shirt and denim shorts. If she didn’t look at her face, she looked no different from an ordinary passer-by girl. She said in a hurry, “Sister Jiaojiao, I heard the person who arrived first say that they were being guarded by the media, are you just going to wear this?”

Yi Jiaojiao sprayed sunscreen spray on her face wildly and said casually: “I am cheering for the opening of a friend’s store; I am not going to walk on the red carpet. What else do I need to wear?”

“Still your look is too casual.” The assistant still felt very anxious.

Yi Jiaojiao said: “Little cutie said that it was a dinner with friends. Won’t being so formal make people talk?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Yu Siyang was called ‘little cutie’ by Yi Jiaojiao, his fans would be so torn ah ah ah, the media will call her a cradle robber “ah ah ah …… ” The assistant was going crazy with these thoughts at this time.

Yi Jiaojiao rolled her eyes, put on sunglasses and a sun hat, and leaving her assistant behind, she went out to eat a big meal ~ (╮ ▽ ≦) / ~

Yufu Family Banquet on Luyuan Street was full of flowers today, and Yi Jiaojiao was also here. It caused a small commotion among the onlookers and the crowd.

——The reason why it was a small commotion was because almost the entire energy of these people had already been consumed by the arrival of Zhan Heng.

“Why do I feel like my entrance is underwhelming? Why are these people not enthusiastic at all when they see me?” Yi Jiaojiao was guarded by the security staff as she passed through the flower basket like sea of flowers, while whispering to her assistant.

The assistant had a serious face as she resolutely tried to maintain Yi Jiaojiao’s image of a goddess.

After passing through the sea of flowers, Yi Jiaojiao walked into the shop. She didn’t see the host at first sight. Instead, she saw a sunny and handsome man sitting at the table and eating something in a pot. A man with an indifferent expression was sitting next to him- he was still an acquaintance.

“Oh, Lian Jing, what brings you here?” Yi Jiaojiao greeted him familiarly.

Lian Jing said indifferently: “South Wind.”

Yi Jiaojiao: “…”

Speaking with ice cubes was really meaningless.

Yi Jiaojiao’s attention shifted to the gluttonous man, and she asked, “What are you eating?”

As soon as she walked into the store, Yi Jiaojiao could smell the scent of various foods. But it was not messy, in fact it rushed to her nose, and smelt appetizing.

Yi Jiaojiao had deliberately only eaten an apple for breakfast, and she was even hungrier now.

What was even more hateful was that with such a big beauty like her here, how could this person eat so much that she felt… even hungrier!

Hong Zhehao was poked on the shoulder, so biting the spoon, he raised his head blankly. There was some chocolate powder at the edge of his mouth, “Huh, Goddess Jiaojiao?!”

Lian Jing coldly wiped Hong Zhehao’s mouth with a tissue and said lightly: “The window is there, and the outside is full of media and fans. As an artist, you must always pay attention to your own image.”

“It doesn’t matter, they are all Yu Siyang’s fans.” Hong Zhehao had a big heart.

Yi Jiaojiao was silent.

She was afraid there was an enchantment around these two people but ignoring others like this was too much.

The goddess felt a little angry, turned her head and walked in, not wanting to pay attention to the pair of dog men.

Hong Zhehao ate a bit of the chocolate pot[1] in his hand, and said to Lian Jing still inexplicably, “I want to eat one more.”

Lian Jing said, “Milk, butter, chocolate, and fine sugar are all high in calories, are you sure you want to eat one more?”

Hong Zhehao struggled: “But it’s delicious, the chocolate and milky aromas blend, the chocolate powder on the top is slightly bitter, but eating it with the sweet custard below, is good~~~ ~~~Extremely~~~aah~~~”

Lian Jing, who didn’t like sweets, was unmoved.

Hong Zhehao felt aggrieved: “You promised me that I could eat as much as I want today.”

“…I’ll get it for you.” Where did he learn this puppy-like look?!

“Let’s go together.” Hong Zhehao was extremely happy.

The two of them went to the dining rack next to the restaurant bar to fetch it, but the small snacks on the dining rack were basically taken out, and there was no shadow of Hong Zhehao’s favorite chocolate pot.

Hong Zhehao was slightly disappointed, but in the next second, he turned his gaze to a small golden pumpkin[2].

The lid of the pumpkin was lifted, and the light yellow filling inside looked like pudding. He was looking for a spoon to eat when he was accused by a milky voice.

“That’s Mumu’s custard.” Xue Yunmu raised his head, with his hands behind his back, his mouth pouted high.

Hong Zhehao lowered his head and looked at the little guy, “This is yours!” There was a deep reluctance in his voice.

Xue Yunmu nodded his head and emphasized: “This is something that my elder brother made specifically for Mumu, and no one else can have it.”

Hong Zhehao: Why is he so unfair that he opened a small kitchen for the child alone?

Lian Jing took the little pumpkin custard from Hong Zhehao neatly and put it in the hands of Little Fatty, and even took a spoon out for Little Fatty.

“Thank you, Uncle.” Xue Yunmu smiled openly and ran to find Luo Peng holding the little pumpkin custard.

Hong Zhehao looked at Lian Jing with a wronged expression on his face.

Lian Jing glanced at the dining shelf and said, “There is nothing left.”

Hong Zhehao hurried to look at the dining shelf, and realized that, nothing, nothing, was there!

And he also heard gloating in Lian Jing’s words.

Hong Zhehao ran to the door of the kitchen very aggrievedly. The two chefs and two helpers recruited inside were preparing food without Yu Siyang.

“Where is your boss?” Hong Zhehao asked.

The vegetable chopping helper looked blank, “I don’t know.”

“In the small garden outside,” said Lian Jing, who was walking behind him.

Hong Zhehao immediately turned around and ran to the small garden.

The small garden was planted with flowers of various colors, and a miniature landscape was specially made. Under two large parasols, there were two small round tables and seven or eight people were sitting or standing around the small round table eating different kinds of dessert.

Glutinous rice balls[3], chocolate mousse[4], rainbow cake[5], chestnut caramel pudding[6]

Hong Zhehao’s foodie spirit was angry!

These people brought all the desserts here, and they didn’t eat them, they did it so that everyone in the house didn’t get to eat them. It was too much, too much!

“Hong Zhehao, you came to get dessert?” Yu Siyang greeted Hong Zhehao as he waved him over, smiling, and said: “Have you ever eaten this type of glutinous rice ball? It has sesame and chocolate in it, and glutinous rice flour is made from black tea ~”

The wrath of the foodie’s spirit was smashed after being invited to eat. Hong Zhehao ran to Yu Siyang to pick up the glutinous rice ball, snorted, and ate one.

The light yellow glutinous rice balls were originally made with black tea, and after being fried, showed a beautiful golden yellow color, with a crispy outer skin and a slight tea fragrance, it had a soft and sweet filling, both of which gave it a unique flavor.

There were only five glutinous rice balls in a plate, Hong Zhehao ate four in one breath, and took a look at the last one…

He rubbed against Lian Jing with reluctance and crossed it to the other side’s mouth. Now, this is the last one for you, don’t say I’m not righteous~”

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