YXBG Ch. 8: Thanksgiving

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Yin Xiaomei’s retaliatory behavior had not been implemented for a long time, not because she didn’t want to, but because her homework was really driving her crazy! It turned out that when she was in the orphanage, she just had to be responsible for playing crazily, but most parents paid great attention to their children’s pre-school education. Every classmate in the class was good at their studies. However, the only thing she was good at, seemed to be to be in a daze!

In the afternoon, Uncle Zhang had something to do at home, so Xiaomei could only go to Yin Zhefei and go home with him. She wandered to the entrance of the swimming pool and saw the misty steam on the glass inside. She couldn’t see anyone! She lay against the glass door, blinking.

“Little guy, who are you looking for!” The owner of the swimming pool walked out, and his eyes lit up. What a cute little boy, he didn’t know who had a child with a haircut like this, but he was so cute.

“Hi, grandpa, I’m looking for my brother! His name is Yin Zhefei.” Xiaomei’s expression didn’t look like she was looking for her brother, but she was here to die.

“You are Zhefei’s brother! You’re so cute! Come in, they will finish training right away, you can sit here and wait for him.” He didn’t expect Zhefei’s brother to be so… unlike him. Who was he like? There was a flash in the uncle’s mind. By the way, wasn’t Zhefei’s mother that big star Chang Mei? This kid was simply a copy of Chang Mei!

Xiao Mei walked in dejectedly, on the one hand because she was going home with Yin Zhefei, and on the other hand because her quiz results this time broke her down. She remembered that Yuanyuan didn’t pay attention to classes very much, but she always got 100 points. And she, although there was also 0 on the report card, the prefix was either 7 or 8. She had already hidden a lot of papers, she guessed she won’t be able to hide them anymore in the future!

Across the semi-transparent glass, Xiaomei could see male students in swimming trunks walking around by the swimming pool. According to her mother, Yin Zhefei’s performance had always been the first in grade, and he was also the champion in the national youth swimming competition, and he was also the trump card of the fencing team, and he was also good at Go, and he was also a master of drawing, and…

Xiaomei was really confused. How could someone know so many things at once? She felt great if she was able to get her homework done.

“Kid, look, is this your mother?” The uncle who was watching the computer found the video of “Swan” that was the smash hit of Chang Mei from the Internet and showed it to her. Xiaomei leaned in with interest, eh? It was really her mother! She stared at the screen in surprise. The mother on the screen looked so beautiful! Wearing a white dress, like a holy swan, this movie looked impeccable in its plot and shooting even today.

Mom is a star! She actually didn’t know! No wonder her mother had such a high rate of turning heads every time she went out! Xiaomei was stunned by her mother’s beauty, and she looked at the screen with a silly look and her mouth open for a while. At this time, the swimming team’s training was over. The boys all went to the locker room to take a shower. The uncle quickly turned off the video window. After a while, Yin Zhefei wiped his wet hair and walked out. When he saw Xiaomei, the corners of his mouth twitched. He just said faintly: “Let’s go!”

Xiaomei’s mouth twitched even more than him, but she said goodbye to the uncle and went out with him obediently.

The uncle looked at the two awkward people a little strangely. The brotherly relationship seemed to be in crisis!

Yin Zhefei ran to the parking and pushed his bike out and saw that Yin Xiaomei was chatting with his brothers on the swimming team happily. A group of boys surrounded her and teased this cute little guy happily:

“What’s your name?”

“How old are you?”

“Isn’t your brother handsome?”

“You are Yin Zhefei’s sister? It doesn’t look like it!”

“Will you be a husband for your brother’s sister when you grow up?”

Xiaomei actually had a very good chat with these beasts, “No way, brother! I’m a girl.”

Yin Zhefei rode the bike over with a cold face, frowning and said: “Come up!” Xiaomei jumped out of the crowd as if she got an electric shock, awkwardly tried to climb onto his bike, and immediately the kind boys went over and carried her up to sit on the seat.

“Thank you brothers…” Before she could finish her words, Yin Zhefei had already pedaled away, making her almost choke back her saliva! This boy was so bad-tempered! Xiaomei grabbed his sportswear and made various gritted faces behind his back.

The teenager’s bicycle drove through the bustling downtown. The cool night breeze passed through his refreshing hair, bringing the fragrance of shampoo over to her. Because he was riding too fast, the sides of his sportswear looked like bulging sails. Xiaomei was blown like a messy scarecrow by the oncoming wind. She smiled and said, “Brother’s clothes are blown up like a bra!”

“Squeak–!” Due to a harsh brake, she hit him firmly on the back. The boy gave her a cannibalistic look.

“Why stop?” She rubbed her nose.

“Red light.” He said concisely. After waiting for a while, he said again: “Hold it well, I’m going to ride.”

Yin Xiaomei failed to strike up a conversation for the first time but was not discouraged. If she wanted to retaliate against a person, she must first gain his trust! Her thoughts floated back to her mother, who was actually a celebrity, so amazing, but why didn’t she tell her?

The young boy was carrying a little girl on the back of his bike. Both of them were silent, with only the whistling sound in their ears.

Although they each lacked goodwill towards each other, in the eyes of outsiders, it was an unexpectedly harmonious scene.


The weather was getting colder and colder, and it had reached November. On Thanksgiving Day, elementary school students could take a half-day holiday. The beautiful English teacher took out a stack of greeting cards and said gently: “Children, today is Thanksgiving, everyone can write some grateful words on this greeting card, and then you can go home early and show it to Mom and Dad.” She sent the card down, turned around and wrote the words “Thanksgiving” on the blackboard.

She just drew a thank you picture in the art class this morning! Xiao Mei took out her painting, and the people on it looked like ghosts, with a huge and distorted “Dad” written next to it. Well, it was better to write the greeting card to Dad too, so maybe next time they mate, he would allow her to sleep next to them.

Under the leadership of Uncle Zhang, the filial daughter Xiaomei directly sent her filial piety to Yin Ruoji’s company.


In the office, Yin Ruoji was preparing materials for the next meeting. Secretary Wen Xuan opened the door and walked in: “President Yin, this is the order from Southeast Asia.” She was a young woman with a nice appearance. With her slender figure, the shirt that was deliberately opened very low would reveal alluring ditches as she leaned over.

However, Yin Ruoji didn’t raise his head immediately. He just said, “Put it there first.” She put the things there, somewhat disappointed, and said softly, “Is there anything else that you need?”

“No.” He simply vomited these two words and continued to check the manifest. Even his frowning looked very handsome. It was said that men are most charming when they are serious, and this was true.

Wen Xuan had to walk out. Before she reached the door, a child rushed in like a missile and almost knocked her down.

“Dad!” Xiaomei waved her short arm and rushed towards her father. Yin Ruoji was obviously taken aback, “Xiaomei? Why are you here? Do you not have class today?”

“Today is Thanksgiving, and the teacher wants us to give gifts to parents.” She was like a large groundhog. Rooting around in the bag, she pulled out her own crumpled paintings and beautiful greeting cards. Uncle Zhang sat on the sofa in the office, took the tea that Wen Xuan handed over, and smiled: “This kid is still filial. My grandson is not so well-behaved. Are you happy then?”

Yin Ruoji then looked at the bull’s head and horse face. People looking at it couldn’t help laughing helplessly. He didn’t expect that this child would give him a gift. He always felt that Xiaomei was close to Chang Mei, and worried that she was afraid of him and did not see him as her adoptive father. He was not too warm to children. But he seemed to be wrong, this energetic little guy was absolutely optimistic!

Wen Xuan looked at Xiaomei’s face that was exactly the same as Chang Mei’s, and she couldn’t help feeling a little frustrated. When did that woman gave birth to another child, she didn’t even know! Humph! It was just a star that had become unpopular, and she really didn’t understand how Mr. Yin could fall in love with that kind of brainless woman.

The sensitive child immediately noticed the unkind gaze, she looked at Wen Xuan and said loudly, “Auntie, your eyes are terrible!”

Eh? Why was she… Wen Xuan quickly laughed, “What did the little guy say, is Auntie terrible?”

Xiaomei glanced over her too low neckline, and said innocently: “Yes, maybe because Auntie has too much makeup. It looks so scary, Xiaomei’s mother is beautiful without makeup! Ah! Auntie, your breasts are like buttocks! It’s so round!”

Yin Ruoji only then noticed the clothes of his subordinates and immediately scolded: “Button up! What does this look like!”

Wen Xuan flushed, and hurried out while buttoning her buttons. Uncle Zhang’s face seemed to be smiling but not smiling, this woman, could it be that she wanted to dig Yin Ruoji over from Chang Mei! Then her wishful thinking was a bit wrong. Yin Ruoji, this kid was used to the intrigue in business and hated women with too many thoughts. What’s more, it took him so much effort to pursue Chang Mei, and he only had her in his eyes.

Yin Ruoji immediately touched Xiaomei’s head: “Thank you Xiaomei, Dad likes it very much.” Although the spelling of the words on the greeting card was still wrong, he felt very relieved.

He took off the photo frame in the office, took out the ornamental paintings inside, and solemnly laid out Xiaomei’s paintings flat.

“Wow! Xiaomei’s painting is a work of art!” The little guy tilted her head back, very happy. The cold office had a warm atmosphere because of the appearance of such a strange painting.

“Xiaomei will definitely become an artist in the future!” Uncle Zhang hastily slapped flattery on the little guy’s head.

“Uncle Zhang, let’s go out for dinner at noon! Then you will send Xiaomei back.” Yin Ruoji picked up her daughter and wondered why the little guy was still so light.

“What are you going out to eat?! It just happened that I haven’t come to the company cafeteria for a long time to eat. I blame you for the missed ones, just eat here. Will Xiaomei accompany grandpa to the cafeteria?” He understood Yin Ruoji immediately, this kid. He always felt ashamed in his heart, and changed the method to compensate him, but now he was just a small driver with professional ethics.

Xiaomei, whose eyes were still attached to her work, absently agreed.

In the staff canteen at noon, Xiaomei was full of various foods. Yin Ruoji said immediately: “If it is not enough, Dad will go and get something else for you.” He also felt that he was a little bit biased now. If it was Zhefei, he would have let him go.

Xiaomei had ketchup all over her face, but she was satisfied. Zhang Bo hurriedly said: “Xiaomei eat slowly, don’t choke.” And Yin Ruoji just silently took a tissue and wiped the sauce from her mouth.

Although the employees pretended to be eating, they were all looking there. Female colleagues all whispered excitedly: “Oh my God, this picture is so harmonious and touching.” The occasional gentleness of the cold man was more fascinating than the usual gentle person.

“That’s right! That little guy is so happy! If I can let President Yin treat me like this once, death will be worth it.”

Such a shameful joke made everyone laugh: “Okay! If Mr. Yin heard, then he will deduct your bonus.”

“Is the child a boy or a girl! He looks like Mrs. Chang Mei.”

“Yes, yes, but no matter whether he is male or female, he will be a beauty when he grows up, and maybe he will also be a big star.!”

“I agree, Mrs. Chang Mei is an insurmountable classic! The goddess in my mind!”

Only Wen Xuan, looked towards the child full of anger. This stinky kid actually caused her to lose face in front of Mr. Yin, but he must look good in the future. She heard her colleagues admiring Chang Mei there again, and her heart was even more angry, but she had to act like she agreed.

At the end everyone concluded: “President Yin is really a good man who is rare to appear even in a century!”

Yes, he was indeed a good man, and she was bound to win this good man!

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