YXBG Ch. 9: Parent-Teacher Meeting

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“Yin Xiaomei, come to my office.” Mao Ruiying said sternly at the class door.

Xiaomei’s calf softened, and she was very frightened. Song Yuanyuan’s eyes conveyed a “good luck” look, which made her wish she could just run away.

Before the semester was over, Song Yuanyuan had lost a lot of weight, but the owl had gained weight again. Seeing her struggling to sit on her desk, Xiaomei thought unkindly, it would be fine if she got stuck.

“Look! How many mistakes did you make in this dictation! You are the worst in the whole class!” She threw Xiaomei’s dictation book to her and spoke viciously.

Xiaomei looked at the paper and sighed sadly.

“Hit twice for each mistake! Stretch out your hand!” Mao Ruiying conjured a thick ruler from under the table.

“Huh? Are you going to hit me?” Xiaomei’s eyes widened in astonishment.

“How can I not? You little girl, don’t think this is funny, if I don’t hit you now in the future, you’ll grow into what! Give me your hand now! “

“No!” Xiaomei refused without thinking, she wrote wrong words but did not hit anyone, why should she be beaten. Whenever she used to make trouble in the orphanage, the dean just told her to think about it.

“What are you talking about?!” Mao Ruiying didn’t expect that she would dare to speak like this, and she almost got her nose crooked with anger, “You actually said no?!”

“I just won’t!” Xiaomei said confidently, “I made a mistake. I will just write it a few more times and remember it. If you hit me, will I remember it?”

Mao Ruiying smirked, “Can you remember it, I have to hit you before you know it!” She said and went to catch Xiaomei’s hand, and the ruler was also smashed down without thinking. Xiaomei was hit on the back of her hand, she went crazy and screamed: “You old witch, I’m fighting with you! Ah ah ah ah!” She slammed into the fat Mao Ruiying like a bull who fell to the ground. This was her revenge, and no one could stop it!

“Oh! You’re a little bastard!” Mao Ruiying struggled to get up from the ground, her glasses fell to one side and her hair fell apart.

There was a mess in the office, and other teachers immediately gathered around. Teacher Li held onto Xiaomei who was about to pounce on her and held her back, and said to Mao Ruiying: “Teacher Mao, if you have something to say, say it, children can’t understand if you beat them.”

The English teacher pretended not to see this mess. She plugged in the headphones and continued to watch the student’s homework.

Mao Ruiying stood up with the help of the teachers, and even her thick neck blushed: “I can’t teach students like you! You go home, and you are not allowed to come to class in the afternoon! Don’t stay in my class. If you dare to come, I will beat you!”

“Why don’t you let me go to class?! The law provides for nine years of compulsory education! Do you have common sense, or because you are an owl, you cannot read human language? Xiaomei arrogantly confronted her. Each of her books talked about nine years of compulsory education. Although she didn’t know if it was the law, she just had to say it with momentum!

Her words were too rude, and even Teacher Li sternly said: “Xiaomei, Teacher Mao is your teacher, you can’t talk to her like this.”

Mao Ruiying almost fainted with anger and shouted: “Call your parents, I can’t control you! I can’t control you!”

The English teacher on the side listened calmly to the music, with a gleeful smile on her lips. When Teacher Li looked over, he was facing her playful eyes and his face couldn’t help but blush.


Yin Ruoji had a headache. Yesterday, he felt extremely warm because of being a father. Today, he was invited to have tea with the teacher. He almost suspected that this was Yin Xiaomei’s early plan. He hurriedly stopped the meeting halfway through and gave his subordinates the shameful reason with a little difficulty: “I have been invited by the child’s teacher. I have to go.”

When Yin Ruoji walked into the teacher’s office in a silver-gray suit, he immediately attracted a lot of attention, and even the always a little cold English teacher looked at this man with some surprise. Originally it was a very formal suit, but there was a hint of laziness added when worn on him, he looked like a noble son, not to mention his handsome appearance and tall figure. The teachers were all stunned. This father, could he be an actor hired by the child!

But Yin Xiaomei was a very pretty little girl, so it seemed that they should be a real father and daughter!

“Who is Xiaomei’s head teacher?” His voice was like a magnet, which could cause confusing feelings. Mao Ruiying almost jumped out of the narrow slit of the table with a peach heart in her eyes, raking her thin hair, trying to make herself look better: “I…it’s me…”

“I’m sorry, Xiaomei caused you trouble.” He stared at the owl-like woman in front of him and apologized. A pair of long and narrow eyes contained a hundred thousand volts. However, Yin Ruoji couldn’t help cursing in his heart: Damn, next time this kind of shameful thing happens, we must let Uncle Zhang come.

Facing his affectionate expression, Mao Ruiying almost fainted with a nosebleed. She barely maintained a serious look: “Xiaomei’s grades are not good, you parents should care more about it! Don’t always be busy with work.”

Xiaomei probed her head from the door and saw the tall dark gray figure and rushed over immediately: “Dad!”

Yin Ruoji leaned over and touched the little guy’s head, turned to Mao Ruiying and said, “You will still need to take care of Xiaomei in the future. She is young and inevitably can’t keep up with school. I also hope that the teacher will not mind her stubbornness.”

Mao Ruiying still promised, but Xiaomei was not happy at all.

Although she had very little contact with her father, she knew that her father was a very proud person. She was afraid that he had never had to plead with others like this. Today, for her…Xiaomei’s brows fell, and she felt really guilty. At that time, it would have been better if she apologized and did not make so much noise, how could she have such a big temper, that she even pulled her father into it. Originally, the teacher at the orphanage scolded her but she was not smart enough to understand the point. She was already doing things like this now, her skill for making trouble had gone too far ah!

Walking out of the office, Xiaomei said to Yin Ruoji sadly: “Dad, I’m sorry, it’s all Xiaomei’s bad…”

“En?” Yin Ruoji was a little surprised, and immediately laughed, “So you, little demon. There will also be times when you admit your mistakes.” He was joking, knowing that the little girl must be guilty, it was rare for her to be so considerate.

“Dad, I’m sorry…” She squatted, hugging Yin Ruoji’s legs and cried. “Dad must think that Xiaomei is not good! Does Dad think Xiaomei is useless?”

Yin Ruoji found it a little bit ridiculous. He never thought she was bad. He gently hugged his daughter and wiped her nose and tears away from her face: “Don’t cry! Dad always thinks you are a smart child, so I believe you can learn well. So Xiaomei, don’t let Dad down, okay? “

“Well,” the little head nodded, and Xiaomei hugged his neck, “Dad, Xiaomei will work hard!”

Although the relationship between the father and daughter was very harmonious at this time, but then Yin Ruoji’s glance fell on the examination paper.

“What’s this?” He stared at the 70 points and was stunned by the huge greasy stain on the paper, and he was a little short of breath.

“Xiaomei dare not show it to her mother. Will father sign for Xiaomei?” She blinked longingly, and then took out a bunch of crumpled papers. “The teacher said, all of these must be signed!” Oh, mother is so weak, she would faint with anger when she saw it! She had collected a lot of papers, and the teachers of various subjects seemed to have made an appointment, forcing her to hand them in before the final exam, otherwise she would not be allowed to take the exam.

Each of the papers was so dirty, not to mention, the grades above were so low that her father wanted to vomit blood.

Yin Ruoji looked at these horrible test papers, and felt the feeling of collapse for the first time in his life.


At dinner, Chang Mei got a mixed blessing. Zhefei just returned from the National Youth Speech Contest, and Xiaomei’s messy low-scoring papers were piled up over in front of her. Ugh! She held her head and sighed. Originally, today was to celebrate Zhefei. Why did her daughter choose this time to tell the truth? It made her so worried! She used to sign autographs for movie fans, but the autograph now was really not a glorious thing.

Yin Zhefei picked up Xiaomei’s paper with two fingers with a look of disgust and said mercilessly: “Is your brain filled with tofu!”

“Then your head is full of soup dumplings!” Yin Xiaomei didn’t wait to say anything. She flinched and spit out even more vicious words.

Chang Mei hurriedly stopped the personal attacks of the two, and said, “Zhefei has good grades, so help your younger sister with tuition!”

“I don’t want to!” Two hedgehogs, one large and one small, yelled at the same time.

Chang Mei’s face sank, and she said, “Yin Xiaomei, you have no room for objection! Yin Zhefei, if you disagree, I will tell the Lu family to send Xianxian to your school! Let you cultivate your feelings! What do you think? ” Yin Ruoji, who was feasting, heard the words and raised his eyebrows. His wife was really determined! One shot hit.

Yin Zhefei’s face paled, and after a long time he said softly and dumbly: “I’ll do it!”

Xiaomei asked in surprise: “Who is Xianxian?” Wow, this person was so good, she might be able to unite with her to deal with Yin Zhefei.

Regardless of her son’s ugly expression, Chang Mei said with a grin, “It’s Zhefei’s fiancee.”

Huh huh huh? Xiaomei looked at her horrified brother in surprise: Fiancee?!

Yin Zhefei glared fiercely at Yin Xiaomei, who was eager to ask questions: “Don’t ask!”

He was really pissed off. He could have made his mother happy and improved his image today, but it was all disturbed by this dead child Yin Xiaomei! Were there amoeba protozoa in her mind, she could actually get such a low score in the exam? You had to know how easy the homework for the first grade was, and it took a very low level to get such a score! However, thinking about Lu Xianxian again, he shivered again. Okay, it was easier to give Yin Xiaomei tutoring.

T/N: Fiancee? WTF, what’s going on? Why is YZ’s character setting going awry?

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