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The Weibo belonging to Koi for 500 years ushered in a new batch of Han Tiantian fans. They were just like those people at the beginning, holding “Which little wave is the one that seduced our idol’s heart?” With a subtle mentality, they approached Koi’s Weibo in an upright manner.

Then…just like their predecessors, they unfortunately fell into the pit.

@Sweet is Sweet: I don’t want to talk, why didn’t anyone tell me that “Fashion Strategy” is still being serialized? Do you know what it feels like to want to scratch your heart and lungs?

@My Sweet Little Princess: Hey, Tiantian you, you… Hey, have you been under too much pressure recently? The fans will not be happy like this!

@Sugar Beet: I suspect that our sweet idol may be the first idol in history to dig such a pit for her fans… Yesterday, I was curious to read this “Fashion Strategy”, accidentally stayed up all night, and then this morning I was late for work… Curiosity killed the cat, friends!

Fans were crying and complaining about the “shameless behaviour” of their idol dragging people into the water under Han Tiantian’s Weibo, while rushing to the Koi for 500 years to splash and roll, asking her to update quickly, that the little food was not enough to feed them.

In this regard, people who were attracted by Siyu’s top confession before, including Ji Lin’s fans, expressed their love after hearing this, after all, they were also accidentally scammed, and now suddenly there were a large number of silly cute new fans jumping in the pit. It was just too refreshing!

@Red Bean Cake: Haha…, Why am I so happy when I see other people falling into the pit?

@The most beautiful European Fairy: From now on, you are also a member of the large army, sisters rushing to the ducks, our goal is to make the Koi 500 years update three times a day!

@Cat Dumplings: It’s impossible to retreat from the pit, and if you can’t do it, you can only deceive the simple and ignorant fans to maintain a life like this.

Editor Muyan looked at the various data that was soaring all the way and found that the name of Koi for 500 years and even “Fashion Strategy” were topping the hot searches, and she was already unable to believe it.

Suddenly she felt that her editor skills seemed useless. At first, she praised her and said that she would package Koi for 500 years as their most popular artist, but this series of publicity plans had not even been deployed yet, and Koi for 500 years first became popular, and there were always celebrities who will sell Amway for her… Muyan was lamenting that her author was so worry-free, and she just sold a wave of Amway’s through Han Tiantian on the Internet.

At this moment, Han Tiantian found Siyu, and complained to her: “You are too bad!”

Siyu: “…?”

Han Tiantian’s eyes were covered with black-green bruises, obviously she stayed up too late and needed to sleep. Only heavy make-up could cover the bruises on her face. There was a complex expression on her face, and she asked in a painful tone, “Siyu, come on, do you want to drag me into the pit because you have chased after the author too hard and are mentally imbalanced?”

After reading the comments of the fans, she immediately filled up a whole set of conspiracy theories in her mind, so she looked at Siyu with a trace of regret in her sadness: “I didn’t expect you to be such a person!”

Siyu: … she… she didn’t, don’t talk nonsense!

Ji Lin passed by unintentionally, his ears keenly caught the keyword “Koi for 500 years”, he stopped immediately, quietly listened at the corner for a while, and finally couldn’t help but grit his teeth: It’s this koi for 500 years again, why was the probability of her appearing around his sister so high? That was not good. This guy loved to paint his ugly photos. If Siyu saw them, then his reputation would be ruined!

Since then, Young Master Ji pretended to say casually, “You said this Koi for 500 years I know him, he seems to be just normal.”

Before Siyu could speak, Han Tiantian said first, “Brother Ji, you are wrong. Now, the person can paint well, and if only he can work harder, he won’t have any shortcomings.”

Han Tiantian, a new fan in the pit, sold Amway very enthusiastically and tried her best to sell to Ji Lin. Siyu heard it for a while, blushing, but after all she was the one who sold her own Amway, so she soon returned to normal. She gave Ji Lin a meaningful look and said, “I think the Koi for 500 years paintings are very cute.”

Especially the Q version of Ji Lin that she drew by herself, was now being used by the Ji Lin support group to be their avatar, becoming a mascot for fans.

However, Ji Lin didn’t think so. He wanted to be quiet every time he saw his fans appearing in the comments with the avatar he believed to be “victimizing him”.

Siyu glanced at Ji Lin and saw that he was depressed and made clear that he had objections, so she smiled and asked, “Then, what kind of painting do you like?”

Ji Lin muttered, “At least it must be true, in line with the objective situation.” Was he the kind of image drawn by Koi for 500 years?

Siyu: “Um… I probably understand.”

So that night, Siyu, in accordance with Ji Lin’s request, drew a sketch of what he looked like when he was eating crayfish. She also painted the colours very carefully and finally posted it under Koi for 500 years Weibo, and this time she also posted about him in an utterly unreliable way.

@Koi for 500 years: I remember in a talk show, Ji Ge revealed that his favourite food is crayfish, so I imagined the scene of Ji Ge eating midnight supper. The painting is not good, and I am ashamed. Ashamed. @Ji Lin

Ji Lin’s fans brushed this picture, and laughed and said, “Ji Ge was killed in the review”, and made various emoticons from it, anyway, Ji Lin saw it later, and felt that his heart couldn’t accept it.

Damn, this Koi for 500 years was really lingering!

At the same time, the editing of the first issue of the special one-year anniversary of “Unfathomable Challenge” had also been completed.

The entire program group was very surprised by the effect of the final film. Let’s not talk about Ji Lin, a popular superstar, but Siyu, who they thought was no different from a bonus, performed far beyond everyone’s imagination.

Judging from their experience, after this program was broadcast, Siyu would become popular! She really had a sense of variety, especially when she was partnering with Ji Lin, the two could always create a lot of topics.

Thinking of the many speculations about the relationship between the two people on the internet, the program group nodded and felt that it was very well. It seemed that those rumours were not all groundless.

“Unfathomable Challenge” was the main trump card program of Lvguo Channel. It had a huge audience. The previous vigorous Weibo confession incident had already created publicity for it. Countless viewers were very curious about what tricks the program team did. Did Ji Lin and Wen Yuan, two people with zero scandal physique, openly “confess” to a new actress?

So, as soon as the trailer aired, the eagerly awaiting fans immediately clicked on it.

The program crew was very good at cutting out the highlights. First, it showed Ji Lin standing under a bucket and confidently saying “It doesn’t matter”, the next second he was caught with a cool face shot; then the comparison between the cooking skills of Ji Lin and Wen Yuan’s five-star chef’s skills, and lastly Chu Shuangyan’s public statement that she should be in Ji Lin’s team…in just two minutes, there were bursts everywhere, and the appetite of fans was whetted.

@ Lychee fruit tea: Ah…, there are still two days before Saturday! The program group is too scheming, so I beg you to release a two-hour no-editing extended version! !

@Rock BBQ Chicken Drumsticks: Why do I think our brother Ji seems to be pitted very miserably… It’s just what I dream off! The miserable brother Ji is so tempting! It’s decided, I must watch this show!

@Almond biscuits: Am I the only one who thinks that the high-cold movie emperor seems to be particularly gentle in this issue?

@Tofu Balls: You are not alone upstairs! And I also think that Brother Ji is stupid and cute. His setting of the little prince doesn’t seem to be in line with the Amway product… False Amway?

@Milk Tea: Where is our little angel, Siyu? Why are there so few shots about her? The program group is eccentric!

After the trailer came out, there was a new wave of heated discussions, and under such expectations, the new issue of “Unfathomable Challenge” was finally broadcast.

T/N: Poor Ji Lin pitted by his own sister.

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