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Time flew quickly, and Chi Fang’s 18th birthday was in less than half a month. Chi Fang himself did not respond much, after all, before his eighteenth birthday, he had to take the final exam.

That’s right, this final exam was very important for Chi Fang, and it was two days ahead of his birthday this time. In other words, after finishing the exam the day before, Chi Fang could have his birthday happily the next day.

But this time the classmates did not receive a birthday invitation from Chi Fang, because the Chi family planned to hold a birthday party for Chi Fang.

Chi Fang knew that it was because of what he had said before, so the family had to announce their attitude towards this young son, so he didn’t refuse, but if this were the case, then he could not celebrate his birthday alone with Yu Mo.

Chi Fang was a little lost, and even the math problems he was doing were unable to attract his attention.

Yu Mo reached out and touched Chi Fang’s hair. He was also a little disappointed in his heart, but he had no objection to the Chi family’s decision.

Usually, Chi Fang played well with Yu Mo, so they often had some close actions between them. The classmates were not surprised, but today Yu Mo’s hand just touched Chi Fang’s hair and they heard someone in front make a gasping noise.

Chi Fang couldn’t help but look over and found that the person was Yuan Yun.

Yuan Yun’s eyes widened, staring at Chi Fang and Yu Mo constantly, her eyes full of grievances as if she had been deceived.

Chi Fang frowned slightly and glanced at the other classmates in the class. Although they were not as blatant as Yuan Yun, they were also quietly looking at him and Yu Mo. Chi Fang felt a little uneasy, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

What happened?

Chi Fang was a little dazed and saw Zeng Xiaoying in front of him secretly handing over her mobile phone. On the phone page was the school’s forum. Except for the previous time when during the school grass and school flower polls, Chi Fang was mistakenly assigned to the school flowers, he had not read the forum much.

He took the phone and turned over the posts displayed on the page and his face slowly darkened.

The person who posted that post was anonymous, and it seemed to be a small account that hadn’t appeared on the forum much. The whole post did not directly mention the names of Chi Fang and Yu Mo. It just said that there were two boys in the second year of high school who had a good relationship, but it all tied together to them.

However, when Chi Fang continued to scroll down, he saw that the host was slowly controlling the replies, and the number one in the grade used in the post directly pointed to Yu Mo. The post did not say that their relationship was not normal, but some students also posted pictures of two people walking or eating together.

When it started, everything was normal, but the following topics started to be wrong.

First, someone raised the question, saying that even if the relationship is good, the two boys should not be so close, and then someone showed up and said that the two went to school and after school together, as if they were living together, and then it became more and more excessive. Until the end, the host sent a photo.

This photo seemed to have been taken from surveillance. It was not very clear. One could only vaguely see Chi Fang standing behind the tree. From this angle, he seemed to be leaning forward, but one couldn’t see the situation behind the tree.

Many people below were questioning the meaning of this photo of the host. It was so noisy that it had reached more than two hundred floors, when the host sent another photo.

It was a photo of Chi Fang and Yu Mo standing not far from the tree. The monitoring time was one or two minutes earlier than the first photo. In the first photo, where Yu Mo was standing became clear.

The following comment pool just talked about it casually. He quietly returned the phone to Zeng Xiaoying, looking helpless, “It’s just that I accidentally tripped over the root of the tree, but how could they make up such a story… hey.”

Yu Mo also saw the post; his face was overwhelmingly angry. It was not pretty.

Chi Fang rubbed Yu Mo’s hair amidst the gaze of the classmates, and coaxed: “What’s the matter? Don’t be angry.”

Yu Mo looked at Chi Fang with anger in his eyes, “Those people are not qualified to talk about you.”

Chi Fang was helpless. He had no response to the remarks in the post. What he was more worried about was the reaction from school and home. This was such big trouble. In addition, Yu Mo was the number one in the school year, the school was 80% sure to look for their parents, and maybe the parents would even want to transfer him out to another class… He didn’t know if acting like a baby with his mother would work this time…

Sure enough, in the afternoon, in the self-study class, Chi Fang and Yu Mo were called out by Teacher Fan and brought to the principal’s office.

There was another student in the principal’s office. Chi Fang glanced at him but didn’t speak.

The student didn’t notice someone coming in, but said with an anxious crying expression, “Principal, I really don’t know what’s going on. I just registered for the forum in the first year of high school and never went to the forum again. That post was really not made by me.”

The principal glanced at him and waved his hand to let him go out.

Only Chi Fang, Yu Mo, Teacher Fan, and the principal were left in the office. The principal pushed a stack of photos in front of the few people, sighed deeply, and said nothing.

Chi Fang and Yu Mo looked at each other. Chi Fang stretched out his hand and took the photos. It was all of him with Yu Mo, but there was no intimate behavior. At most, he was holding hands or Yu Mo was touching his head. It was just that at this time, anyone with a discerning eye would know what it meant to receive these photos.

“This was received in the anonymous report box this morning.” The principal looked at the two students, frowning, “Aren’t you going to say something?”

Chi Fang looked at all the photos again and knew in his heart. Then he raised his head and smiled at the principal, “What’s wrong with these photos?”

The principal snorted coldly. He didn’t have a good face for Chi Fang, as Yu Mo was the student who could win the school honor in his eyes. “It’s not just photos. There is also a report letter! You are now students, and I don’t care what is going on with you, anyway, it has to stop, and then I will transfer Yu Mo to another class, and that’s it.”

Chi Fang had a smile on his face. The intention gradually disappeared, and he didn’t expect the principal to transfer Yu Mo away directly. He wanted to refute, but he felt that there was only one year left, even if he was not in the same class, it should be fine.

Yu Mo didn’t agree, “I refuse.” He didn’t give the principal any face.

The principal was stripped of face, and his face became a bit ugly, “This is the case, and I have already notified your parents, and they will be here soon!”

Chi Fang felt a little bit hesitant in his heart and couldn’t help thinking that if Mother Chi knew that he was with Yu Mo… It was over, everything was about to flood him.

He could only rejoice in his heart now that Mother Yu was mentally prepared during the holidays, at least today it won’t be a double beating.

Mother Yu came very quickly, and it was probably the first time she felt the feeling of being asked to school as a parent. As soon as she walked in, she saw her son standing aside with a cold face, plus Chi Fang, she knew everything instantly in her heart. When the principal saw Mother Yu, he was still stunned. He naturally knew Mother Yu, but it was from the news. He couldn’t help but glance at Yu Mo. He didn’t expect this student came from such a good family background.

The Yu family certainly wouldn’t allow a person who had an intention on their son to follow him.

The principal had some confidence in his heart. He smiled at Mother Yu. Before he spoke, he saw Mother Yu approaching Chi Fang with a smile on her face and ignoring Yu Mo who was standing beside him. The principal was at a loss. He had met Chi Fang’s mother, so… whose parent was this after all.

Yu Mo helplessly stretched out his hand to block Mother Yu from rubbing Chi Fang’s head, and shielded his little stupid fish, “Mom.”

Mother Yu didn’t want to bother with him.

Someone knocked on the door, and after the door opened, it was Mother Chi. At this time, the two parents gathered together. The two mothers looked at each other, and then at their poor sons who were standing aside, and they knew what had happened in their hearts. The two mothers looked at each other weirdly for two seconds and realized that the other party already knew about it, and instantly relaxed in their hearts.

The principal said: “It’s the parents of the two students, please…”

“No, I’m in a hurry.” Mother Yu, interrupted, “It should be about Chi Fang and Yu Mo.”

The principal was stunned.

Chi Fang looked at his mother nervously, but found that Mother Chi was calm, as if she had discovered it a long time ago.

“Do you have any objections to the relationship between the two children?” Mother Yu asked.

The principal paused, “You, do you know? They are still students now; this kind of relationship will affect their studies!”

Mother Yu shook her head, “Xiao Fang’s grades have been rising steadily, and Xiao Mo has always been number one. I don’t understand what evidence you have for saying that it would affect their studies.” She looked down at her watch and said, “If you think this relationship is not allowed by your school, I will transfer the two children to another school. That would solve the problems. Won’t it?”

The principal turned black and looked at Mother Chi who had been silent. “Aren’t you against it?”

Mother Chi smiled gently and said to Mother Yu, “I think 19th Middle School is pretty good.”

“Yes.” Actually, they had already begun to decide where they wanted their children to transfer to.

The principal’s face turned dark, but he managed to squeeze out a smile, “No need…you two can go back first.”

How could he let the two transfer them to another school, if nothing else, Yu Mo was 80% likely to get the provincial champion. If such a good publicity opportunity were given to other schools, he wouldn’t have to continue to be the principal.

Yu Mo nodded towards his mother and Mother Chi before leaving the office with Chi Fang who was a little confused. Both of them went down two floors before Chi Fang returned to his senses and looked at Yu Mo, “My mother… why doesn’t she seem to be surprised at all?”

“She must have known.” Yu Mo said.

Chi Fang was puzzled, “How did she know?” He hadn’t mentioned it to his mother, and Mother Chi had only seen Yu Mo a few times, so she shouldn’t know it. Of the things he didn’t understand, Yu Mo naturally didn’t know.

He didn’t know what the two parents said in the principal’s office. Anyway, the incident finally passed through without any thunder and rain. Even the matter of transferring Yu Mo to another class was gone. Recently, it happened to be the end of the term, and Chi Fang didn’t have time to go home. When he called Mother Chi, he just said that she would have to wait until the exam got over.

Chi Fang had kept the matter in his heart. He found someone to check the post privately, but it was a pity that the IP was fake at first glance, and the boy in the office that day also checked out. Although the account belonged to him, when the post was posted, he was in school, and he couldn’t find the person behind the scenes.

Although he doubted Wang Pengyu, he could only give up.


On the other side…

Wang Pengyu waited for several days for the school’s punishment for Chi Fang and Yu Mo. However, even the post was quickly deleted. If the proxy used was a foreign IP, he was afraid that he would already have been found. Swearing, Wang Pengyu just wanted to turn off the computer when he saw that he received an email in his mailbox.

He clicked on it in confusion, nothing was written in the email, it just had an attachment. After the attachment was opened, it was a series of photos. Wang Pengyu’s face became whiter as he watched, and in the end, he felt as if he had just come out of cold water, with cold sweat on his head.

Those photos were actually all the things he had done, including this post and the last time Chi Fang was kidnapped, and even a photo of that incident a few years ago.

Who was it?!

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