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The second half of the semester started soon, and the atmosphere in the class became more and more tense. After the mid-term exams finished, the textbooks for a few courses had basically ended, and they had begun to enter the final review of the third year.

Chi Fang was no longer attending classes like he used to. The school issued countless papers every day, plus the practice questions that Chi Fang bought himself. Chi Fang had to do countless questions every day. In classes, the teachers were talking about the things they needed to pick up and pay attention to.

He didn’t need to spend too much time on English now, and his scores in language and biology were also very stable. Only the scores in physics and mathematics were relatively floating. It was pure luck. If there were more function questions, his score would be higher, but if there were more geometric questions, then Chi Fang would be miserable…

So now he had to bite the bullet and fight with geometry every day.

His crazy behavior naturally attracted the attention of the teachers, but the teachers also knew about Chi Fang’s situation, and they didn’t say anything to him when he was distracted in class, but they still preferred him to answer questions.

The effect of doing these questions was remarkable. Now when Chi Fang saw the question, one, two, three, or four steps will appear in his mind instantly, and he could even think of where to score points.

Reading books every day, Chi Fang felt that his eyesight was dropping sharply. Yu Mo even began to limit Chi Fang’s reading time. He would always take Chi Fang down for ten minutes when class got over.

As a result, they ran into Wang Pengyu.

Chi Fang looked at him with a look of surprise. The current Wang Pengyu was not the same as what he was in his first year of high school. He was not arrogant and domineering at all. On the contrary, he looked haggard, but his gaze at Chi Fang was still fierce.

Yu Mo frowned slightly, blocking Chi Fang behind him. This class had a big break, almost 20-minutes in between, so he took Chi Fang to the small road behind the school to relax, but Wang Pengyu was there, unexpectedly.

There was a cigarette butt on the ground, and Wang Pengyu’s body was also full of smoke. Chi Fang couldn’t help but frown and step back, but this action suddenly angered Wang Pengyu.

He stepped forward and tried to grab Chi Fang’s collar but was kicked back by Yu Mo and fell directly to the ground. Yu Mo didn’t save his strength, Wang Pengyu lay on the ground for a long time and didn’t get up.

Yu Mo squinted slightly. He remembered that Wang Pengyu kidnapped Chi Fang. Because Mother Yu did not allow him to involve in this matter anymore, Yu Mo just gave the Wang family’s tax evasion evidence to Mother Yu, so he didn’t care about these things anymore.

This person actually dared to appear in front of Chi Fang.

Wang Pengyu clutched his stomach and took two breaths on the ground before holding back the sharp pain in his abdomen. He raised his head slightly and stared at Chi Fang, as if to bite off a piece of meat from him, “Chi Fang, you are too vicious!”

Chi Fang was confused. He was the victim of a kidnapping by Wang Pengyu. Shouldn’t he say this? Just looking at Wang Pengyu’s true feelings, Chi Fang thought about it for a while, and asked, “Do you think that the state of your house is to be blamed on me?”

Wang Pengyu squinted his eyes, it was obvious that he was thinking that way in his heart.

Chi Fang was speechless. He looked at Wang Pengyu like he was looking at a fool. Wang Liang obviously did this. What was up with him?

“If it weren’t for you…” Wang Pengyu said viciously, “I could still regard Brother Liang as a lifesaver!”

Instead of having a complete break like now.

Wang Pengyu had been closest to Wang Liang since he was a child. Because Wang Liang rescued him, although Wang Liang was only an adopted son, his status in the Wang family was not low. He also begged his father to let Wang Liang join his company.

However, only now did he know that Wang Liang directed and acted all of this.

Now that Wang Liang and the Wang family were breaking apart, he had no face to face the people in the family. At first, his father did remind him to pay attention to Wang Liang, but he didn’t believe it. He wanted to repay his favor, and even helped Wang Liang steal his father’s document!

Chi Fang simply doubted whether he had any brains: “…Are you a fool?”

Would he rather be deceived than know the truth?

Chi Fang looked at Wang Pengyu who was slowly standing up, and shook his head helplessly, “Wang Liang ran a scam to save you. It was not because of me. Is it possible that you are willing to live with other people’s lies?”

Wang Pengyu didn’t want to hear it. So, he interrupted Chi Fang’s words, and quickly retorted: “No, Brother Liang is sincere to me…”

“Is he sincere to you?” Chi Fang raised his tone and snatched his words, “It must be clear to you in your heart. If he really did not know anything because he was young, he would not lie to you for so long, and he even broke off all contact with the Wang family after he was discovered.”

Wang Pengyu was speechless.

“Those items he threw to you are all problematic, right?” Chi Fang asked lightly.

Because of this, once the Wang family started investigating, Wang Liang couldn’t hide it at all.

Wang Pengyu’s face was gloomy, and he stared at the ground blankly. He knew in his heart that even if it was him, in front of the piles of evidence, there was no way in his heart to explain for Wang Liang. He was just unwilling. The person he had believed so much was just lying to him, so he wanted to blame Chi Fang for all these things.

Seeing Yu Mo standing indifferently in front of Chi Fang, although his expression did not change, the sense of protection was obvious. He looked at Chi Fang jealously, “Why?”

Chi Fang was checking whether Yu Mo was hurt. Hearing the words, “What?”

“Why is it your turn for good things?! Why can you rely on Yu Mo, why can you climb on Yu family’s thigh?!” Wang Pengyu looked as if he might faint when he got up.

Chi Fang frowned, and spit out certain words coldly, “It’s none of your business.”

After finishing speaking, he didn’t care about Wang Pengyu behind him, pulling Yu Mo’s wrist with one hand, and walked to the other side of the path. Yu Mo followed Chi Fang, turned his head slightly, and looked at Wang Pengyu with cold eyes.

Wang Pengyu was suddenly startled when he saw him, only then did he realize that he had completely offended Yu Mo this time.

Chi Fang didn’t know that Yu Mo even threatened Wang Pengyu before he left. After walking out of the woods, he let go of his hand. After all, the two of them were still students, and they usually paid more attention to their behavior in the school.

Yu Mo looked at his suddenly empty wrist, his eyes flashed with dissatisfaction, but he still withdrew his hand silently.

Seeing his unhappy expression, Chi Fang looked left and right helplessly. Seeing that there was no one around, he thought that Wang Pengyu should have gone from the other side, so he took Yu Mo to hide behind a tree, and then gently kissed Yu Mo on the cheek.

Yu Mo’s eyes lit up suddenly, looking at Chi Fang with full expectation.

Chi Fang silently knocked Yu Mo’s head back, and said helplessly: “No, this is at school.”

Yu Mo was lost again, and the ears and tail that had just been pricked up silently fell back. The frown of the beauty was really harmful. What’s more, this beauty was in Chi Fang’s heart. Chi Fang almost did what Yu Mo wanted, but the sudden ringing of the class bell interrupted his attention, and Chi Fang instantly thanked God.

Seeing that the beauty trap had failed, Yu Mo curled his lips and was unwillingly pulled by Chi Fang and ran to the classroom.

At the corner of the small road behind the two people, Wang Pengyu covered his mouth and hid in the shadow in horror.

Chi Fang and Yu Mo turned out to be in…that kind of relationship?!

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