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The bridge of his nose was a bit high, but not as straight as those of celebrities, but the shape was very good-looking. She heard that the height of the bridge of the nose was related to a man’s sexual ability. Now it seemed that it did not seem to be consistent with the survey results. If the length was based on ability, than her third brother’s nose must be like Pinocchio.

Thinking of this, Gu Anxin couldn’t help laughing and quickly covered her mouth.

His lips were a little thin. She heard that men with thin lips were also unkind. Gu Anxin was a little dissatisfied with his thin lips. How could he be unkind?

“Are you satisfied?”


Ling Yue did not open his eyes, but the corners of his lips raised slightly, “Are you satisfied with my appearance? You have been looking at it for a long time!”

Gu Anxin’s face suddenly turned red. It was really embarrassing to be caught while seeing someone. “You…you pretended to be asleep!”

Ling Yue then opened his eyes and hugged her into his arms. “Your eyes are like those of a little wolf, with a green light. Can I not wake up?” He said, holding her hand and taking it down.

Gu Anxin was startled when she encountered something hot and hard.

Ling Yue didn’t take it seriously, “You’ve made me…hard!”

“You’re dirty and shameless!”

“Yes! I plead guilty!” Ling Yue smiled, “I just don’t think it’s enough for a sentence. I have to work hard!”

With that said, he turned over and pressed her under him, “Are you busy today? I’m not going to work!”


Gu Anxin wanted to curse, but she couldn’t eat meat every day even if it was free, “I have to go to work!”

Ling Yue nodded, “It’s not a big deal. I’ll ask someone to ask for leave for you. Let’s continue!”

Gu Anxin’s whole body trembled under his caress, and even her voice began to waver, “Third brother, I’m going to be angry if you do this again!”

“What’s wrong? You don’t like it!” But he liked it so much. The fatal feeling of white light in his head made him unable to put it down.

Gu Anxin pretended to have a serious face, “Third brother, dating can’t delay work. Don’t we have to eat or drink from now on?”

Ling Yue wanted to say that even if she never went to work, he could make her eat and drink without worries, but looking at her serious look, she looked so cute, well, not getting out of bed every day was indeed a bit too much, “Then let’s do it now, then go to work!”

Gu Anxin immediately frowned. How long did it take for him to finish? When it was late, it would be time for him to go along and ask for leave for her.

In fact, Ling Yue wanted her not to go to work and just wait for him at home, but because he knew Gu Anxin’s experience, knew that she was insecure with anyone, and knew her independent character, he was willing to give her proper freedoms and rights.

Ling Yue didn’t look at her face and went straight to the battle with his gun in hand. Gu Anxin originally wanted to make breakfast for him, but now she had no energy to even lift her hand.

It was already half past seven when the two of them finished their entanglement, and Gu Anxin was so angry that she wanted to kill someone.

However, Ling Yue gradually lost the sense of her murderous gaze.

Alice arrived at Gu Anxin’s house at 7:35, bringing breakfast with her. Alice’s meaningful eyes and smile made Gu Anxin want to wipe her neck directly.

As a result, Alice reminded Ling Yue before pushing her out, “Miss Gu, it’s cold today, so wear a scarf!”

Gu Anxin was stunned. She ran to the mirror and took a look. Her face suddenly turned red like a crayfish. The third brother was so disgusting. There was no good place on her neck!

When they got in the car, Ling Yue handed her the breakfast, “Just eat it and someone will bring it to you when the time comes!”

Gu Anxin didn’t have a good face for him. He dragged her to do it in the morning and left a mark on her neck. If Alice hadn’t reminded her, wouldn’t she have been laughed at to death if she had gone out with a strawberry on her neck?

Ling Yue saw her angry look and looked down at the documents to hide the smile on his lips. He did it on purpose.

Ling Yue remembered the scene that day when the man had a look of love and held an armful of flowers to confess his love to her.

He couldn’t send any of his flowers out, so of course it was impossible for others to send flowers to Gu Anxin. More importantly, it was to stop others from coveting her.

Ling Yue didn’t say anything until he parked the car and Gu Anxin slammed the car door angrily.

Alice was a little worried, “Sir, aren’t you going to comfort Miss Gu?” She seemed really angry!

Ling Yue looked up from the document, “She looks so angry that no one in the company would dare to provoke her!”

So he made Miss Gu angry just to make others stay away?

Alice’s eyes were really opened. She was suddenly worried about the daily relationship between her boss and Miss Gu, and felt a little sympathy for Miss Gu.

Gu Anxin deserved sympathy because she noticed something was wrong as soon as she entered the company.

Qin Ling secretly winked at her, and Gu Anxin frowned, “What’s going on? Why is it so weird?” Everyone seemed to be looking at her!

Before she went out today, because of Alice’s reminder, she checked to see if her clothes fit.

Qin Ling lowered her voice and said, “Anxin, you…rejected Du Ming again?”

So that’s what happened!

Gu Anxin nodded, “It was impossible for me and him to be together!”

Qin Ling sighed slightly, “Isn’t possible? But didn’t you say you broke up with your boyfriend before and you still took Du Ming car to get off work every day?”

How come everyone knew this?

Seeing that Gu Anxin still didn’t understand, Qin Ling said directly, “Now the company is saying that you are playing with Du Ming’s feelings and treating Du Ming as a fool’s spare tire!”


Gu Anxin was anxious. She really didn’t mean it. At that time…, she just wanted to “force” third brother to show up, so she took his car…

Thinking about it this way, it seemed that she was indeed using Du Ming, which was a bit unreasonable.

However, it didn’t seem that serious to the extent that this topic was played online!

“What did Du Ming say?”

Qin Ling raised her eyebrows, “That’s what he said. He posted a long blog post, and now you are being scolded. They say he is a peerless good man. Forget it, you can read the details yourself. There are many unpleasant things I’m embarrassed to say!”

Gu Anxin frowned, quickly turned on the computer, found the blog post according to the URL given by Qin Ling, and couldn’t help but get furious.

Du Ming, this bastard!

The whole article was an extreme exaggeration of the facts, describing her as a top-notch woman who cheated him out of food and drink, and she wanted everything because he loved her. It was simply…

Gu Anxin didn’t make any comments at all, and went directly to Du Ming’s office, “Can you explain what the situation is now?”

Du Ming didn’t look good when he saw her, “What’s going on? I don’t know what you mean!”

“Isn’t that blog post you wrote a reflection of me? When did I cheat you of food and drink? Did you buy me clothes and bags?” Gu Anxin’s eyes turned red with anger.

She suspected that her luck had been used up when she met her third brother, so everyone she met after him was a scumbag. There was Chen Longfei before, and now Du Ming, they were all really top-notch scumbags, and they all had such skills!

Du Ming sneered. His originally delicate face now felt gloomy. What could be more painful than disappointing someone?

He had already lost his mind, but she gave him hope, and soon made him despair, it was not only despair but also humiliation.

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