RNMG Ch. 64.2

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An unexpected guest came to the house early the next morning.

“Xiao Huanghuang!”

Si Huang heard this call as soon as she got downstairs, so she was startled, and looked down to see Grandma Yu in the living room. At this time, she was standing looking up to his side, and her kind face was full of smiles.

Standing beside Grandma Yu, Tie Lao stared at her with dissatisfaction, but there was no real anger in it.

“Grandma, why are you here?” Si Huang walked downstairs, never expecting that Grandma Yu would come in person.

Grandma Yu snorted: “Grandma misses you, so I came to see you, can’t I?”

Si Huang laughed, “Of course!” Walking to the side of the two old people, “But you can call me in the future. I’ll just go and see you, so you don’t need to come.”

She said this softly, with the sensuality she felt for Grandma Yu in her heart. The warm effect easily touched people’s hearts.

Grandma Yu was extremely sensitive to sensuality, she was startled for a while, and then suddenly stepped forward to hold Si Huang’s hand tightly.

Si Huang looked up in surprise, and asked with his eyes: What’s wrong?

Grandma Yu looked serious, “Speak again!”

Si Huang understood what Grandma Yu meant as soon as she turned her thoughts. She didn’t deliberately hide it, and smiled and said, “Huh?”

With an excited and puzzled face, she said, “Have you practiced your voice recently? Grandma used to think your voice is good, but now it’s even better!”

Si Huang said jokingly, “It has upgraded after the voice-changing period.”

Grandma Yu burst into laughter.

After Si Huang waited for her to let go of her hand, she continued to make tea for the two old people.

Her technique of brewing tea was skillful and smooth, and Grandma Yu and Tie Lao were amazed to see her, and Grandma Yu praised her without hesitation.

After a while, Si Huang took a total of six cups, poured cups of brewed fragrant tea over, and greeted Yu Xi’s family of three, “Come and sit, too.”

Zhao Limei’s family of three heard her and came to sit down.

Grandma Yu took the teacup brought to her by Tie Lao, took a sip and then sighed: “Who did Xiao Huang learn from?”

Si Huang replied: “When I was learning calligraphy, I read some tea ceremony books, and I learned it by myself.”

“As expected of my grandson, he is so awesome!” Grandma Yu’s girlish heart burst out again.

The six people drank tea in one sip, and the atmosphere was warm. After drinking a cup and putting it down, Old Tie said, “Your grandma came here this time not only because she missed you, but mainly because she was worried about your safety, so she came here to support you. With us two old fellows here, we don’t believe there are still juniors who will dare to do something to you in the dark again.”

Grandma Yu was stunned for a moment, and then slammed into him dissatisfied, “How do you talk?” The next second she turned her head to look at Si Huang, with a loving and happy face, “Xiao Huang, don’t listen to you Grandpa, he is talking nonsense, grandma just misses you, and there is something else I want to ask you for help! So this… If I want to chatter with you for a few days, you won’t despise grandma, right?”

Si Huang knew that since Grandma Yu had come, and if she had made up her mind to do this, she would really break her heart if she really drove her away.

“Of course not. I’m very happy that grandma can come.”

Grandma Yu immediately cheered up, “It’s enough to have your words! You don’t know how boring it is to stay at home with this old iron rod every day! Grandma said that if you have something to ask, you will surely help. You’re going to film later, right? Grandma will go and see with you!”

Both Si Huang and other people present could tell that she was very interested, and there was no way to stop her.

Just then the doorbell rang suddenly.

Zhao Limei stood up, “I’ll go and have a look.” Then she walked towards the door.

About two minutes later, Zhao Limei yelled in this direction: “Young Master Si, it is said that there is your courier.”

Si Huang was puzzled for a second. She didn’t buy anything online recently. Suddenly, a flash of inspiration flashed through her mind, and a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, “Well, let someone send it in.”

“Yo! Look, you smile so sweetly!” Grandma Yu joked: “Could it be something from your little girlfriend?”

Si Huang couldn’t laugh or cry, “It’s just… a netizen.”

This answer actually made the people present even more curious: Xiao Fenghuang (Si Huang) has such a character, how could he still make online friends? Not only make friends, but he also gave his address to others, and received gifts from them?

The several people waited for the courier to arrive with all kinds of curiosity, and after a while Zhao Limei came over with the courier box.

Si Huang had no choice but to open the courier box in front of a few pairs of eyes staring at her.

After the package of the courier was removed, a simple wooden box was revealed. The box was unlocked, and when it was opened, a pair of black gloves appeared in front of everyone.

The corners of Si Huang’s mouth lightly raised, she really didn’t think wrong, the only package she could receive now was the gift promised by the owner of the ID, “the Indus tree waiting for you to inhabit”.

Taking out the glove inside, she was also a little surprised as the workmanship of this glove was exquisite, the black material was not like ordinary cloth, and the exquisite details made it look high-end and cool.

She tried to put it on her hand, and found that the size fit just right, and a strange emotion appeared in her heart. In the past, she also received a gift from “The Indus Tree, Waiting for You to Inhabit” and felt his care, but she was not so careful. The gloves were obviously specially made for her, and they were deliberately made to suit a young man’s preferences, as if they had been prepared with all their heart, rather than something she just asked for.

Although Si Huang has passed the mentality of a teenager, she also liked this pair of well-made gloves in front of her more than a pair of ordinary and plain gloves.

“Huh?” Tie Lao suddenly said, “Xiaohuang, show me the gloves.”

Si Huang heard the words and took them off for him, “What’s wrong?”

Tie Lao was not in a hurry to speak, he took the glove in his hand and looked at it carefully. Immediately afterwards, he picked up the fruit knife on the coffee table and stabbed it hard into the glove.

“Old Tie!” Grandma Yu shouted angrily, “Don’t damage Xiao Huang’s gift…” Before she could finish speaking, she stopped when she saw the intact glove under the knife and opened her eyes in surprise.

“Is there a lighter?” Tie Lao asked several people.

Zhao Limei went to the cabinet to find the lighter and handed it to Tie Lao.

Tie Lao ignited the lighter and put it under the glove.

This time, everyone was a little enlightened and didn’t have a big reaction. They watched the gloves persist under the fire for three minutes without any damage.

Tie Lao put down the lighter, touched the surface of the glove that was still not warm after being burned, and confirmed: “CK material is correct.”

Grandma Yu recognized the word he said, “Military material?”

“S-grade military material.” Tie Lao put down the gloves.

Grandma Yu immediately laughed, turned to Si Huang and said with a smile: “You lied to grandma that it was a gift from a netizen, this gift is from Xiao Qilin, so what are you embarrassed to say?”

Si Huang: “…”

Xiao Qilin? Xiao Qilin? Qin Fan?

Si Huang was also a little confused at the moment.

The memories of the past life and the present life were mixed in her mind, and she smiled calmly on her face: “It is indeed a netizen.”

Grandma Yu: “Ah? But S-grade military materials, ordinary people can’t get them at all.”

Tie Lao glanced at Si Huang, took Grandma Yu’s hand and said, “Young people’s affairs are nothing to worry about.”

Grandma Yu laughed when she heard that, “Yes, yes.”

After eating breakfast together today, Grandma Yu went to the shooting site of Huaxing Art School with Si Huang and the others.

In the car, Si Huang sent a private message to ‘Indus Tree, waiting for you to Inhabit V’ on Weibo, telling him that he had received his gift, but there was no response after a few minutes.

Si Huang put down the phone, reached into the pocket of her trousers and touched the gloves inside, and Grandma Yu’s words involuntarily came to mind.

When she was at home, she heard Grandma Yu say that the gloves were given by Qin Fan, and her first reaction was that it was impossible. This reaction stemmed from her past life memory, the experience of seeing Qin Fan for the first time and how the ID number ‘Indus Tree, waiting for you to inhabit’ couldn’t be contacted at all, okay? The impression left on her by the former was brutal and crazy, and after that, only hearsay was left, and she never met again. The latter was not good at speaking but still insisted on speaking, sometimes clumsily and sometimes smartly, and could always give her the greatest help and support at critical moments. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was also a teacher, a friend, and a gleam in her heart.

The difference between the two was so great but she had never been in touch with Indus.

It was just that she had calmed down now, and she remembered that after meeting Qin Fan in this life, everything developed in an unexpected direction, the two of them got along easily and Qin Fan’s actions.

Along the way, her eyes were not calm. It wasn’t until they reached their destination Huaxing Art School that Si Huang calmed down all her thoughts and concentrated on the work in front of her.


Demon Yue and Ding Hong have reached an agreement, he would follow his instinct to protect her safety, she couldn’t order him about, until one day Yue understood the reason of all this.

Since Ding Hong still had to go to school, Yue cut his long hair short and put on modern clothes in order to adapt to modern life. As Yue’s actor, Si Huang walked out of the changing room, returning to her usual short hair, still wearing underwear and a windbreaker that were thinner than normal people, she looked neater and more capable than when she had long hair, with a noble and glamorous aura. But even though she looked slightly less cool, handsome and evil but people were still hooked.

While Si Huang and Jiang Yajing filmed the campus scene and tracked down the murderer who came to assassinate her for the first time. Grandma Yu and his wife went to the vice principal’s office and sat with the vice principal.

“What kind of wind brought you two masters here?” the vice-principal said with his legs crossed.

Grandma Yu snorted, “Stop talking nonsense, you know what happened to Xiao Huang yesterday, right? Is this how you protect the students?”

The vice-principal shook his head, “You can’t blame me for this. It was unexpected.” He knew that the enemy that Si Huang provoked was Fenghua Entertainment, and he originally thought that no matter how big the enmity was, it was still family, and President of Fenghua would not foolishly try to kill his son. Who knew that man was not as good as heaven, his brother did what he said, and an underage child actually bought a murdered to kill his own brother! Thinking of this, the vice-principal’s face also turned cold, with a look of puzzlement and sarcasm in his eyes: “I don’t even know what this family thinks, they don’t want their outstanding eldest son, but insist on protecting a murderer and arsonist. But they handled this matter very cleanly, Si Hua has already gone abroad, and there is no evidence to convict him.”

“If he goes abroad, we can’t do anything to him? Dare to touch my grandson and make him bleed, I’m not happy!” Grandma Yu said in a nasty voice. Tie Lao next to her immediately patted her back to calm her down, “Weren’t you fine when you were with Xiao Huang just now? Why are you angry again now?”

Grandma Yu: “The saddest and most frightened one must be Xiao Huang. Can I still show it in front of him?”

Tie Lao: “Yes, yes, yes. You are right, just let it out if you have any anger, don’t hold yourself back.”

“Wife slave.” The vice principal muttered secretly and Tie Lao gave him a cold stare. He was neither surprised nor afraid, and continued: “Si Huang is your grandson, even I treat him as half a grandson, of course it is impossible to watch him being bullied and stay still. But this is so simple as I thought. When Si Hua left, I found that not only is he protected by Fenghua Entertainment, but a mysterious power is also protecting him.”

“Mysterious power?”

“I don’t know which side it is, but judging by the means, it should not be from the white way.”

Not the white way meant the underworld.

Why on earth was Si Hua being protected by this force?

“Let’s not talk about this first, let’s take a look at this.” The vice principal stood up and turned on the indoor projection screen.

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