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In the lounge.

Si Huang sat alone on the single sofa, opposite Director Liu and a middle-aged lawyer.

Director Liu took the initiative to speak: “Call your agent to come here.”

Si Huang shook his head and remained silent for two seconds, as if organizing his words, and then said, “Director Liu, I didn’t sign a contract with Fenghua Entertainment.”

Director Liu was startled. He was clearly the prince of Fenghua Entertainment, and he had a passion for acting, so why didn’t he sign a contract with his own company?

Si Huang showed a harmless big boy smile, “I won’t hide it from Director Liu, I plan to register a company by myself, and then sign myself under the name of my own company.”

Director Liu still had no expression, but the expression of the middle-aged lawyer next to him became active, with a few big characters written on his face: You are driving well! Laugh!

“So…” Si Huang’s expression became more sincere, “I want to sign the contract in my own name first.”

Director Liu frowned, “Assistant, makeup artist, packaging, etc., what are you going to do with these?” He was a smart man, only From Si Huang’s few words, he had a realization: Si Huang did not intend to use Fenghua Entertainment’s resources. What was the reason? However, Director Liu was not so curious to dig out other people’s matters.

“I can do it myself.”

“You’re not popular yet. How much is your guarantee worth?”

“I trust Director Liu.” Si Huang kicked the ball back to Director Liu.

Director Liu’s face twitched, and his eyes stared at Si Huang’s smiling face strangely and unpredictably for a few seconds. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, “I will reduce your salary.”

“Thank you.” Si Huang knew that he had won.

She knew Liu Shu, this man.

He had a persistent passion for directing film and television, but he was paranoid, however he also knew how to advance and retreat, and had his own set of rules and bottom lines. He pursued perfection, but when reality could not reach perfection, he would also take a step back. For example, he couldn’t find the perfect image for Young Master Qianji in his mind in the previous life, so he took a step back and chose Si Hua, instead of giving up the whole drama just because one character didn’t meet the standard.

But once he met the perfection in his mind, he would try his best to solve all the big problems and would dare to compete with anyone.

Si Huang did not say that she was the incarnation of the perfect Young Master Qianji, but she was 200% confident that she could outperform Si Hua and the others.

In her previous life, she won more than one award for Best Actor and was also known as a natural actor. In addition to ten years of acting career and experience, let alone this group of young fresh meat still in art school, even the superstars who were already famous now might not be her opponents.

As the most perfect ‘Young Master Qianji’, Director Liu would definitely be reluctant to let her go.


In the underground garage of Huaxing Art School, Si Huang personally sent Director Liu out of the elevator and all the way to the car door.

With a smile on his face, Director Liu walked in through the car door that Si Huang had opened for him, “The kid still knows how to respect the elderly.” The next second, the smile froze, “Why are you coming in?”

Si Huang smiled shyly, “Take a seat. I’m hitchhiking. I forgot to bring money when I went out.”

Director Liu’s eyelids twitched, but he didn’t drive Si Huang out of the car in the end.

Although it was no longer rare to see handsome men and beauties, this child’s appearance was really going against the sky, and his temperament was the most difficult to not appreciate. Even if they were 80% sure that this embarrassed expression was a performance, few people could really bear to refuse.

Sitting next to Director Liu, Si Huang smiled at the driver in front: “Trouble you to go to the Jinglan Villa District on Shanhu Road.”

The driver waited for a while for Director Liu to speak, then he started the car and drove to the address that Si Huang had said.

The Jinglan Villa District was on a large patch of land in H City, with good greenery and security measures. Many celebrities and rich people had real estate in it.

The reason why Si Huang came here was because there was a small villa that belonged to her here, which was left to her by her dead mother Li Lisi.

The name Li Lisi was not unfamiliar in H City, or even in the whole country. A superstar in the music world more than ten years ago, proficient in five languages, she was called a woman with an elf-like beauty and singing voice. If it wasn’t for her early death, no one would doubt that she would be able to go out of country Z, her stardom path would have been broader, and she would become a myth in the music world.

Even today, more than ten years later, from the era when Li Lisi existed, there were still many people who regarded her as a goddess in their hearts. And the famous songs she sang were still making money for Fenghua Entertainment, and also gilding Fenghua Entertainment.

She died when she was one year old.

The outside world’s claims and rumors were that Li Lisi died of drug addiction and degeneration. Si Huang in the previous life had also heard of it, but she didn’t know the truth until much later. Her own mother did indeed die of drug addiction, but she was forcibly drugged because she took Si Huang to the old man of the Si family at that time and asked him to give Si Huang a proper identity.

This stupid woman never knew that Si Zhihan was using her value in the name of love to create Fenghua Entertainment and was secretly having a romantic relationship with the eldest lady of the Bai family. What’s more, she didn’t expect that when she temporarily retired because of her pregnancy and went to the villa to recuperate, Bai Qinglan was also pregnant, and announced her relationship with Si Zhihan, and they quickly married, then she gave birth to twins.

Li Lisi only found out about this three months after giving birth to Si Huang. She was deliberately suppressed by Si Zhihan. When Si Huang was one year old, she found the opportunity to find the old man of the Si family and asked him to give her the identity of Si Huang.

The old man was old, and he loved his children and grandchildren very much. After confirming that Li Lisi would not enter the Si family, he promised to save Si Huang. But Si Zhihan didn’t want to have an illegitimate child… Especially since if the illegitimate child with Li Lisi was known to the outside world, it would affect his reputation, so he thought of a way to let Si Huang replace Si Huang who was the same age but had died of weakness not long ago. The identities of the twin brothers had already been exposed to the outside world.

That was, half a month after Si Huang entered Si’s house, Li Lisi was killed.


After Si Huang got out of the car, she walked for more than ten minutes before arriving at a small villa. She glanced at it deeply and squatted down to dig into the corner of the wall she was looking at.

Without digging too deep, a small copper box appeared in sight.

Si Huang pursed her lips and smiled, not knowing whether she was playing or was worried that she would be confused, Li Lisi would bury a door card and key outside. Even after more than ten years, the contents of the copper box had not changed at all.

The real estate owners of the Jinglan Villa District generally paid the full amount at one time, and the water and electricity supply would not stop for decades, even if the house was unoccupied. As for the door card key, unless the real estate owner found the property administration, it would not change.

Entering the villa with the key card that he had just gotten, Si Huang lifted the dustproof covers that wrapped the furniture in the house one by one, and the dust filled the sky for a moment.

“Cough cough.” Si Huang helplessly laughed, moving faster.

After an hour.

Si Huang inserted the USB flash drive he had just found into the TV, then sat lazily on the sofa, squinting at the woman appearing on the huge high-definition screen.

She was a superb beauty, with green eyes and black hair, her facial features were a little more three-dimensional than those of the East, but not too three-dimensional that she would be seen as a mixed race. She was fiddling with the camera, causing the picture to shake a little bit. When the picture was correct, she smiled like a pure and noble princess. Especially when she opened her mouth, the sound penetrated into the human ear through the good audio equipment, and it instantly disappeared. It was a voice that could purify the soul and was worthy of being called an elf hymn.

Si Huang listened quietly to the woman’s narration of her identity and experience, without the anger, sadness and bewilderment that she had heard in her previous life. There was nothing there except for being calm and still, until the woman finally said in a gentle and firm tone: “I’m sorry, my child, you had to follow me along, you don’t even have an identity. You are Si Zhihan’s child, you should have your own identity and the fatherly love you deserve. Mom can’t accompany you, otherwise it will only cause you trouble, but mom will be watching you and watching your growth.”

The video ended.

Si Huang sat on the sofa, motionless.

In her previous life, when she was sent to this villa and found this video, it was also the most tragic time when she had nowhere to escape. At that time, this video only brought another scar to her bruised body and mind, and she even hated this woman, why did she throw her into the fire pit of the Si family’s house and leave by herself.

Until she experienced more, more… The woman’s warm and clear green eyes in the video became one of the few comforts in her later life.

This woman loved her deeply.

It’s just that her educational ideas should belong to a foreign country.

When she said that she was deceived by Si Zhihan, she did not have hatred in her tone, but dared to take the responsibility. She mentioned identity several times, indicating that identity was a very noble and important thing in her ideological education. And she also had no doubt that, as Si Zhihan’s bloodline, she would definitely get fatherly love – a man may not love a woman, but he will definitely love his bloodline.

For this reason, Li Lisi was willing to leave by herself, without being greedy and disturbing the Si family.

From beginning to end, Li Lisi’s eyes were clear and firm.


Si Huang shook her head, her half-squinted eyes opened little by little, and the color became more and more intense. Instead of being dark, it revealed a dark green color, which was so intense that it enticed the soul.

Fenghua Entertainment was founded by Li Lisi and Si Zhihan together, but to be honest, Li Lisi should be the real hero. When Fenghua Entertainment was at its most difficult time, Li Lisi alone drove it forward with her fame and performance. Not only that, Li Lisi also invested all her remuneration into Fenghua Entertainment.

“Mom, you said that you let me go back to the Si’s house to give me the identity and the right I deserve. You also think that Fenghua Entertainment should be mine, right?”

“Although I don’t like it, it should be mine. What I want, no one can take it away.”

“Even if it is destroyed.”

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