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Sure enough, as Li Qian said, after passing through bamboo forests, mountain streams, and flower forests, they reached the top of the mountain.

A blue lake appeared in front of the two, like the eyes of God, clear and beautiful, seemingly absorbing all the sky and clouds at the bottom of the lake.

There were dense jungles next to the lake, and dozens of cabins were built by the lake. If they didn’t know that this was the recording site of “Terror City”, they would have thought it was a high-end homestay area.

There were many hot springs around the cabin, emitting steam.

#Unexpectedly, there is such a big crater on Paradise Island.

#big production. The filming location for the second episode that the director found was too awesome.

#So this is the legendary lotus pond.

Perhaps this was the forbidden area of Paradise Island, so they did not encounter anyone along the way.

Ji Muye walked into the dense forest along the faintly visible forest path.

The cabin was apparently full of people, some singing, some weeping, some chanting poems against each other, and still others chanting the Lotus Book. More cabins were silent, not knowing what the people inside were doing.

Among them, the crying was particularly mournful, which was out of tune with the beautiful scenery here.

Liang Xiaoduan was stunned for a moment, then whispered, “This cry is a bit like the little girl who was arrested in the church and sent to meditate here before.”

Ji Muye heard it, it was really similar.

The two walked over quietly, walked around the cabin, and found that they had to have a key to get in.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, accompanied by crying, “Let me out. Let me out.”

Ji Muye knocked gently on the door. The crying inside suddenly stopped.

Ji Muye knocked again and said in a low voice, “It’s us. We’re new here today.”

Suddenly a key was thrown out from under the crack of the door.

When Liang Xiaoduan saw it, she was so excited that she quickly picked it up and opened the cabin.

The girl saw the two of them, her lips trembling, “Thank you.”

Ji Muye knew that this girl was the key person, and quickly asked three questions.

“Do you know where the other beautiful girl who came with us is locked up?”

“Why is that godman keeping so many women here for meditation?”

“Who are you? Why do you have a key?”

The girl shook her head, “I don’t know which house she was locked in. Only the dog leader knows.” She covered her face and cried as she spoke, “Everyone here is crazy. I was fooled by that person. I don’t even want my relatives anymore.”

“What bastard lotus god, bastard lotus pond, it’s all a deceitful trick.”

“The holy water bought with a lot of money is just made up of some symptomatic powder.”

She sneered when she said this, “As for this, this place is just a cover for the godman’s unspeakable selfish desires.”

Ji Muye: “!!!”

Liang Xiaoduan’s eyes widened, “I’ll kill him…”

#True! Like the Manson family, they lied and brainwashed young women.

#As a bystander watching this kind of cult horror story, I find it both ridiculous and terrifying. But the people trapped in it have already lost their way without knowing it, and this is the most terrifying thing.

“The first time I escaped, I was caught before reaching the dock. The second time I stole the boat and ran to the sea and was caught back. Today is the third time where I stole the key I gave you. I have the key, but no one dares or is willing to come and save me. Fortunately, I have you.”

At this moment, a voice came closer and closer.

The girl immediately silenced them and told them both to hide behind the wooden house.

Liang Xiaoduan grabbed her hand, “Come with us!”

The girl pulled her hand away with pain on her face, “If I run away, they will find you.”

During the conversation, two strong men had come over.

The girl immediately went into the cabin and locked herself again.

Ji Muye and Liang Xiaoduan hid behind the wooden house.

The two strong men directly opened the wooden house, the camera shook, the girl was forced to open her lips, and was fed an unknown liquid.

The next second she froze and lost consciousness.

#Ahhh the plot is too depressing.

#High energy bodyguard!

#too poor.

#Compliment the director is amazing!

When Liang Xiaoduan heard the sound of struggling in the wooden house, her face suddenly turned pale.

Losing the clue and the important person, all the previous efforts would be in vain. Sister Zheng was also in a lot of danger.

She stood up abruptly and stepped forward.

Ji Muye: “…”

#What the hell is Xiaoduan doing?

#She has become so courageous?

#jiangzheng has disappeared in front of the camera for two hours, and Liang Xiaoduan is anxious.

The two strong men were startled when they saw Liang Xiaoduan who suddenly appeared.

“I’m lost. I drank the holy water and felt dizzy. I walked around, and somehow I came here.” Liang Xiaoduan said pitifully.

Of course, the strong men knew the inside story. They were the thugs of the godman.

They thought that Liang Xiaoduan was a girl who had been detained here and drank hallucinogens and ran around. Seeing that she was obedient, she didn’t seem like someone who was going to cause trouble, so they followed her words and coaxed her to leave again. Then they made her enter the cabin next door.

Liang Xiaoduan staggered forward two steps and bumped into the body of one of the strong men…

#Godman Thief?

#Liang Xiaoduan How can you have such a skill?

#emmm I suddenly remembered that she once played a reformed female pickpocket in a play. Maybe it was learned for grinding skills at that time.

Liang Xiaoduan held the keychain tightly and walked into the wooden house next door. She threw the keys on the thick grass before walking in.

Everything was at peace.

Ji Muye walked out from the back of the wooden house, picked up the key, marked the wooden house where the girl and Liang Xiaoduan were, and then began to look for Jiang Zheng.

It was too dangerous here, and it was dangerous to stay even a little longer. Maybe the old godman would come.

The hot spring was smoky, and countless wooden houses surrounded them, like terrifying beasts, ready to devour.

Walking around, it was like a maze, the same wooden houses, the same size of hot springs, the same trees.

This was the test the director set for him.

He stood quietly, looked around, closed his eyes and thought for a while, then he suddenly opened his eyes, and walked straight to the wooden house closest to the lotus pond.

This wooden house seemed to be exactly the same as the other wooden houses, but it was closely guarded by the other wooden houses like the stars and the moon, and its status was obviously aloof.

He walked over quickly, stood in front of the wooden house, stretched out his hand and knocked three times first, it was quiet inside.

He knocked three more times, but still no one spoke.

At this time, the camera finally cut to Jiang Zheng’s frame.

Ji Muye took a step forward and was about to open his mouth to speak, but he heard a voice inside.

“Sir God, please tell my boyfriend that I have cut off my marriage line, I will never marry, and I will serve the Lotus God all my life… Let him die.”

The author has something to say: Brother Ji: You, you say it again, and I’ll cry to you.

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