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Hearing such a “stinging” sentence, Ji Muye lowered his eyes to stabilize his mind, and coughed softly.

Jiang Zheng raised her head suddenly, her eyes were full of surprises, then flashed with clusters of light, as she rushed to the door, “Teacher Ji?”

Ji Muye: “?”

#Oh my God! With just a cough, Jiang Zheng recognized Ji Muye?

#Ah ah ah ah This cp fan exploded. What kind of fairy tacit understanding is this?

#It seems that the two have a very good relationship in private, and they are both familiar to this point.

#My mom could guess what my father was thinking. They already have the sense of being an old married couple.

#You have a taste the above person in the barrage.

Staring at the live broadcast screen in front of him, Han Yi turned his left leg to his right leg for a while, and his right leg to his sitting leg for a while, feeling as if he was sitting on a volcano that was about to erupt at any time. In the future, this kind of program should be seldom received, where there could be a revealing of the secret any minute.

Jing Meini was also muttering in her heart, why didn’t she realize that Jiang Zheng seemed to be very familiar with Ji Muye.

Ji Muye quickly took out the key and opened the cabin.

Two hours had passed since she was sent here by two strong women, and Jiang Zheng seemed to have been forgotten by the world. The soundproofing of the wooden house was excellent, she didn’t know where she was, what would happen, and also didn’t know the situation of Ji Muye and the five of them outside. Her whole heart went up and down, and the back was tense and sweaty.

At this moment, Ji Muye suddenly appeared in front of her from the sky, and she couldn’t help but feel a sore nose… so she quickly turned her face away.

Ji Muye walked over and the whole figure enveloped her.

Jiang Zheng had always looked like a strong woman in front of him, even facing the bloody zombies in the first episode, she had no fear. At this moment, her face was a little pale, and her forehead and temples were sweating, and she seemed to be quite frightened.

“It’s dangerous here. Let’s leave here first.” Ji Muye stretched out his hand.

The hands with distinct phalanges were so pretty, Jiang Zheng pursed her lower lip, raised her head and forced a smile, “Okay.”

#No. As long as the two of them are in the same frame, it looks like an idol drama.

#Sister Zheng can also be afraid?

#Ji Ge’s voice is so soft, my ears are pregnant.

As soon as Jiang Zheng finished speaking, she heard footsteps coming towards them.

Ji Muye immediately hid behind the door, looking through the crack of the door, it turned out to be the godman.

Jiang Zheng immediately locked the door from the inside, restored it to its original state, and pushed Ji Muye under the bed.

Ji Muye had no choice but to get in first. Fortunately, the bed in the wooden house was relatively high, which gave him enough space to hide.

Just as his feet retracted, the door opened, and a pair of white leather shoes walked in.

The bottom of the white robe almost wiped the floor, and he was just standing in front of Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng looked at the amiable pretentious criminal opposite with a blank face, “What’s the matter, my lord?”

The godman, “It seems that Ms. Jiang has entered the state very quickly. She is indeed the candidate chosen by the Lotus God.”

Jiang Zheng straightened her back and did not speak.

The godman looked around and said with a smile: “This wooden house has been looking for the most suitable owner since the beginning of the construction of the lotus pond.”

Jiang Zheng: “?”

“Bless the lotus god, I finally found it.”

Jiang Zheng frowned, “God Master is talking about me? What is different about this wooden house? How long will I have to meditate here?”

The godman said with a mysterious face: “I have worshiped the lotus god for thirty years, and I don’t know how many people have come and gone by the lotus pond, but only you are eligible to live in this wooden house.”

“This wooden house is the heart of the lotus pond. Only holy, pure, and innocent people are qualified to live here.”

“And you, with your holy light, pure love and innocent body are exactly what the Lotus God needs.”

The more he spoke, the more excited he became, in fact he started dancing, his face flushed, as if he was on the verge of madness.

Jiang Zheng’s face turned cold, “Speak in human terms.”

Godman: “…”

#HAHAHAHAHA God sees little meat.

#Divine Chapter This set of rhetoric is really disgusting. If a girl was restless, she would have been brainwashed into a fool long ago.

Lord God took a deep breath, “Miss Jiang, in other words, you will become the Supreme Virgin of our Paradise Island.”    

Jiang Zheng blinked, “I am not the Supreme Virgin.”

The audience was amused.

#Our Virgin Lady This word is ruined, please use it with caution.

#My sister is right. She is not the Virgin Mary, she is a choking pepper.

Lord God choked, “I know that the outside world has other interpretations of the word Virgin Mary, but in Paradise Island, this word represents supreme glory and holiness, and no one should slander it. Miss Jiang, please speak carefully.”

“Oh.” Jiang Zheng lowered his eyes and paused, “If there is a virgin, there must be a holy father. This holy father can’t be you, my lord.”

The lord raised his jaw and said arrogantly: “Ms. Clever, guessed right.”

Jiang Zheng giggled, as if hearing a terrible joke, “I have a boyfriend.”

The director was super awesome and the scene cut to Ji Muye who was hiding under the bed.

#Someone wants to make you wear a “green hat”!

#Damn. I knew this bitch was greedy for my sister Zheng’s beauty.

#This mud horse doesn’t know his worth and is coveting my sister.

#I’m furious.

The godman waved his hand calmly, “When you come to Paradise Island, the so-called relatives, friends, colleagues, or enemies in the secular world will become a thing of the past, and it is nothing to mention. You can meditate here and realize the Tao, and you will become the Supreme Virgin of this Island after you learn the Tao. At that time, I will hold a grand initiation ceremony for you. As for your boyfriend in the secular world, I will treat his angina well…but I think you deserve better.”

Ji Muye: ” ……” After the recording of the show, he would have a good talk with the director.

Jiang Zheng took a step back and said seriously: “My boyfriend is handsome and kind-hearted, gentle and good-natured, reasonable in doing things, and a responsible person. He treats me very well, pampers me, loves me, and refuses to say a word of seriousness. I have never seen such a nice man.”

Ji Muye lowered his eyes, curled his fingers, and his earlobes turned red.

If you praise me so much, I will really take it seriously.

#HAHAHAHAHA is used as a way of poetry to praise people, and the effect is amazing.

#Oh yeah so sweet, so sweet.

#The implication is that you are too ugly, Sister Zheng despises you.

“His parents don’t agree with our marriage, but he still loves me without hesitation. As long as his angina is cured, we can be together for the rest of our lives without any worries. My lord, I don’t want to be a saint, I just want be with my boyfriend.”

His face darkened, and he waved his hand: “This is the decision of the lotus god, and even I can’t violate it. Jiang Zheng, you have to think clearly. You want him to live without worry, or do you disobey the order of the Lotus God so that neither of you can die well?!”

His threatening words exploded in the wooden house, and Jiang Zheng began to cry, and took two steps back, just blocking the bed.

The Lord God breathed a sigh of relief, “As long as you follow the guidance of the Lotus God and become the Supreme Virgin admired by everyone. I think your boyfriend will also be grateful to you. Everything is in your mind. Whether it is heaven or hell? It’s up to you to choose.”

He stretched out his hand, trying to touch Jiang Zheng’s shoulder, and Jiang Zheng sat back on the bed.

His pale hand was stuck in the air, grabbing the air.

#hahaha famous scene. Jiang Zheng sat on Ji Muye’s head.

#Killing me. Why did this screen appear.

#This old god stick has sharp eyes, and he kept looking at the bed just now.

At this moment, a woman’s cry suddenly came from outside, sobbing, not too big or too small, but it just entered Jiang Zheng’s ears.

Jiang Zheng: “Who is crying?”

When she came here, her face was covered, she didn’t see or hear anything. Just now she found out through the door of the wooden house that there was a huge lake outside. Before she had time to see the surrounding situation clearly, the old godman came.

It seemed that she was not alone here.

The godman looked calm, “Everyone who comes to the lotus pond will analyze themselves and confess under the call of the lotus god. Crying is just a sign, you don’t have to worry.” Excellent choice. It’s very good to play him in a serious manner.

He babbled a lot more, enumerating many benefits of being the Supreme Virgin. Jiang Zheng refused to enter, so he walked away in anger, leaving a copy of “Lotus Book” for her to memorize before he went out.

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