LGHIHW Ch. 11.2: Arc 1.7

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“How can there be abilities in the world that can be mastered without learning.” Zhuang Li sneered disapprovingly: “In the final analysis, these abilities are deprived from others by you through consciousness projection technology, and then directly input into the host’s mind through consciousness projection technology. Projection will disappear without the support of a projector.”

“The system is a projector, which keeps turning on the projection for the host, which represents continuous energy consumption, and your program does not allow it. You came to this world and your main purpose is to plunder energy, not waste resources, so these skills will fail one day, and the points spent will be in vain.”

Xuan Ming’s high-hanging heart slowly fell to the ground, and his thin lips pursed, unexpectedly smiling. He knew that the curly-haired youth had begun to skin the system again.

Zhuang Li really showed no mercy: “This mall of yours is completely a fraudulent means, and all the products are traps.”

7480 was like an angry little daughter-in-law, who dare not speak out.

Zhuang Li said again: “The Lord God sent you here to plunder other people’s luck, so luck is a kind of energy that you rely on for a living, right? Then the vitality and spiritual power that have the same source as luck can also be used by you to take advantage of it?”

The system didn’t dare to say anything, fearing that it might accidentally say the wrong thing.

But Zhuang Li’s speculation did not need it to provide clues at all, just comb it up and down according to the logical line: “Although it is the energy of the same source, the vitality and spiritual power contain much less energy than the energy contained in the luck. This kind of thing includes the luck of fortune, people, country, and even heaven.”

“The main god has the highest status, so he will naturally take away the luck with the most energy, and the remaining vitality and spiritual power belong as your food, right? My brainwaves can activate you, which is enough to confirm my speculation. Brainwaves are also a kind of spiritual power, which can recharge you.”

“The way you replenish energy is to plunder vitality and spiritual power. It is said that things of a kind flock together. What kind of good things can the main god who makes a living by plundering other people’s luck create?”

“The points that hosts use to buy goods are actually the vitality or spiritual power they plundered from others by completing various tasks?”

Zhuang Li’s lazy tone suddenly became cold: “I was wrong before, you are not industrious worker bees, but ferocious hyenas.”

“When you first bound the host, your energy was exhausted and you were unable to kill anyone, but you used these seemingly magical commodities to lure the host step by step to complete the task, and this process is used to replenish energy for you.”

“Those hosts who have been obliterated will never know that not doing the tasks was their only way to save themselves.”

“So,” Zhuang Li smashed the panel with his mind, and sneered: “Don’t bring out these inferior methods, I won’t be fooled.”

The system whose underwear was stripped off burst into tears again.

Xuan Ming quickly supported his forehead, covering the corners of his upturned mouth. Hearing this now, his fear of the systems was gone.

7480 was a very tenacious system. After being silent for a while, he began to bewitch again: “My level is very low, and I really can’t bring you much benefit, but I can report your existence to the Lord God and let him personally reward you. As long as you are willing to assist me in completing the task, I can take you to our world and make you a high-dimensional being. Do you know what a high-dimensional being represents?”

“What does it represent?” Zhuang Li raised his slender eyebrows.

“High-dimensional beings are not bound by time and space. They can freely travel between the past and the future, travel in parallel time and space, and even live forever. In low-dimensional space, you will be a God.”

7480 highlighted two words —Eternal life, God.

The corners of Xuan Ming’s raised lips straightened slowly, and his heart also sank. The allure of this hole card far exceeded all previous ones.

May I ask who in the world does not want to live forever, who does not want to become a god? Fame, wealth, power, status, these precious things were all inferior to endless life, because with the latter, the former was all in the bag.

Xuan Ming resisted the urge to look at the curly-haired youth, but his brows were deeply creased because of worry. He didn’t want to see such a miraculous person fall in desire.

Zhuang Li was silent for a while before laughing mockingly: “Your main god can grant me eternal life? Are you sure?”

7480 said firmly: “I’m sure! This is the highest reward that the main god prepared for taskers. But the reward is only this one, only the best missionaries can get it.”

“I must admit, this pie looks very tempting.” Zhuang Li pulled the meeting minutes to his eyes and tapped the unfinished technology tree with his fingertips and said: “Do you remember this tree?”

7480 nodded hesitantly: “Yes.”

Zhuang Li picked up the pen, added five branches above the biological robot, and wrote in order from bottom to top: Beyond the speed of light, time travel, breaking through parallel universes, predicting the future, perpetual motion machines.

He clicked on these branches with the tip of his pen and said in a casual tone: “The main god who created you can send you to this world, and has naturally mastered the four technologies of surpassing the speed of light, time travel, breaking through parallel universes, and predicting the future. And did you know why he sent you to this world? What is the real purpose of your visit?”

“Isn’t it to collect luck? What’s the point of asking?” 7480 felt that this question was a bit silly.

“Since the Lord God can grant me eternal life, shouldn’t he himself be eternal?” Zhuang Li asked back.

7480: “Of course!”

“Since he can exist forever, he should be at the top of this technology tree.” Zhuang Li clicked on the word “perpetual motion machine” and asked: “Do you know the principle of perpetual motion machine??”

7480: “A machine that can generate unlimited energy without consuming any energy.”

“So you see, the principle of perpetual motion machine is actually the same as that of eternal life. They can run forever without any loss. Since the Lord God can live forever, why does he need luck? For him, luck is equivalent to food or energy. Right? Eating is a process of increasing entropy, and the increase of entropy will inevitably lead to disorder, chaos and destruction.”

7480 was stunned.

Zhuang Li followed the tree and ticked one by one from bottom to top, “All the technologies I wrote down will become reality sooner or later, except for this one.”

He crossed out the perpetual motion machine, shook his head and said: “What we have in the existing universe will one day perish in a big freeze, just as it was suddenly created in a big bang. Multiverses cannot escape the same fate. Rebirth and death are the eternal themes in the world.”

“Your main god depends on the universe. How can he live alone without the universe. The universe is going to be destroyed, so he can’t escape. Just simply sort out the basic laws of life and the development of the universe, and you will find that the reward promised by the Lord God is just a lie. Motivation and immortality are technologies that can never be realized.”

“System, you and your main god are a scam group, and the methods are really not very clever.” Zhuang Li threw away his pen and shook his head contemptuously.

7480: …This man, this man even took off the underpants of Lord God!

Xuan Ming: I want to applaud, but I have to hold back.

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