5BKCM Ch. 19

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In this greeting of shit, Camille snorted while sipping the coffee, her slender thighs, sexy little suspenders and miniskirt already had taupe marks, and coffee had reached even to her hair.

Gu Yuan looked at the embarrassed Camille in amazement, and was suddenly thankful that she sat beside her and was still not affected.

She went up to show concern in confusion: “Camille, are you all right?”

After saying that, she hurriedly handed over some tissues to her.

Camille had always been elegant, sexy and calm. How could she have been so embarrassed in front of others, looking down at her miserable appearance, and then looking at Gu Yuan, who was calm and concerned about her, she felt really angry.

What kind of bitch was this, white lotus bitch or green tea bitch?

She always made others do bad things, or made them say bad things, Camille had always been the undefeated invincible player in the world, but she didn’t expect to capsize in the gutter!

Camille gritted her teeth and snorted coldly: “Miss Gu, I didn’t offend you, why do you treat me like this?”

Gu Yuan felt so innocent and helpless: “…What’s wrong with me?”

She said she liked cat shit, so by the way she asked if she liked eating shit, was it wrong?

Camille’s trembling fingers pointed at Gu Yuan: “You are too scheming! Just pretending to be good!”

After speaking, she ran back to her room with that embarrassed look.

She reached upstairs, just as Ji Zhentian and Ji Qisen were coming out from the upstairs study, and Camille’s embarrassment naturally caught the eyes of the father and son.

Ji Qisen’s face was expressionless. In fact, he had absolutely no idea about these women around his father, and he didn’t care what they looked like. Anyway, this month may be this, next month may be that, in his eyes Camille was just a head with the “Dad’s Girlfriend” flag on it.

As for this paper man, what did it have to do with him?

But Ji Zhentian was naturally concerned, his girlfriend who had always been elegant and decent, why was she so unkempt now?

Camille felt aggrieved and uncomfortable. Originally, she was embarrassed and wanted to sneak back to the room to clean up before she ran to find a way to avenge herself, but now that she was seen by Ji Zhentian, she couldn’t hold back her grievance and couldn’t help covering her mouth and start to cry.

The beauty was so charming and pitiful when she cried, then she pulled Ji Zhentian’s sleeve: “Zhentian, I, I feel so bad, I, I have never been humiliated like this…”

Ji Zhentian usually changed his girlfriend every three months, he went through the process of “eager-beloved-bland-boring-breakup” in three months. Now he and Camille had only known each other for a month. They were in the middle stage of “eager” and “beloved”. Seeing her crying so much, he hurriedly asked, “Camille, what’s the matter, who dared to humiliate you?”

Camille blinked and deliberately let the tears fall from her eyelashes. As a beauty pageant champion, she certainly knew which angle was the most beautiful and lovable when crying, this scene definitely made Ji Zhentian feel distressed.

Sure enough, Camille’s unwillingness to speak made Ji Zhentian feel pity, and his voice became even lower and gentler: “Camille, what’s the matter?”

Camille glanced carefully at Ji Qisen, who was as indifferent as a stone, and lowered her head, Wiping away her tears, she burst into a pretentious smile: “It’s nothing, it’s nothing, it’s my own fault…”

Ji Zhentian was really fooled, and asked in a deep voice: “What’s the matter, just say it! Who dares to bully my, Ji Zhentian’s woman!”

After all, he was the founder of AK Group, who had been in the business world for many years, this was indeed a domineering statement.

Camille was slightly startled and said helplessly: “Actually, in fact—”

While talking, she couldn’t hold it any longer, and her tears of grievance were about to fall again. She complained about Gu Yuan’s actions just now, and finally cried and said, “I originally thought that she was Qisen’s mother, so I, I hoped to have a good relationship with her, but I didn’t expect her to say that to me? To humiliate me with such vulgar words?”

Ji Zhentian was also surprised, so it was Gu Yuan who bullied his girlfriend?

Camille tugged at Ji Zhentian’s arm and acted like a spoiled child: “Zhentian, Miss Gu must not mean it. She may be used to saying this, so she said it subconsciously-“

Hmm, taking advantage of the opportunity, Ji Zhentian would not like the woman who put shit in her mouth, right?

She dared to humiliate me like this, Gu Yuan, you have gone too far!

Ji Zhentian frowned, his face cold.

Ji Qisen was going to leave so as not to hurt his eyes, but he didn’t leave immediately, instead he raised his eyebrows, and stood there calmly, as if this matter had nothing to do with him.

Camille secretly looked at Ji Zhentian like this, full of anticipation.

After a moment of silence, Ji Zhentian finally looked at his girlfriend, held Camille’s hand pitifully, and coaxed softly, “Camille, you have been wronged.”

Camille was instantly elated. It seemed that Ji Zhentian was really going to vent her anger for her?

She happily hugged Ji Zhentian’s arm, full of sweetness.

And amongst the sweetness, she heard Ji Zhentian say: “But she didn’t do it on purpose, and it’s not her fault, so you should just ignore it.”

Camille was petrified on the spot.


What are you saying? I do not understand!

Ji Zhentian patted Camille’s shoulder, his eyes were affectionate, his movements were gentle, but his tone was firm: “It’s a trivial matter that isn’t worth talking about here, why don’t you go back to the room to change clothes?”

Camille couldn’t believe it and felt wronged.

Ji Zhentian was impatient: “You aren’t going yet?”

Camille was angry: “She bullied me, why are you yelling at me? Am I your girlfriend or is she your girlfriend? Who are you targeting?”

Ji Zhentian: “Of course you are my girlfriend.”

Camille accused Ji Zhentian: “Then you have to support me, how can you not help me?”

Ji Zhentian sneered: “But that’s my son’s mother! Women are like clothes, and my son’s mother is only one!”

Camille stayed for a while, then went back to the house with a blushing face, angry. After returning, she was so angry that she threw all her clothes on the floor!

Sure enough, as expected, Ji Zhentian had that woman in his heart, and Ji Zhentian was even supporting that woman against her!

No, she must find a way to win Ji Zhentian’s heart and drive that woman out.

And at this time, Gu Yuan also hurried in from the outside, and happened to meet Ji Zhentian and her son.

Gu Yuan was a little embarrassed when she met her son’s father by surprise: “That, that… Where did Camille go just now? Why did she suddenly run back?”

Ji Zhentian, whose girlfriend had just run away from him, looked at Gu Yuan who had come in in a hurry. He didn’t understand why she would want to humiliate Camille, which made him have a strange illusion – although there was no reason for this illusion, after all, there was no maybe.

However, if he thought about it, it seemed possible. Although there was some age difference, he was only forty-five years old, and he was still very handsome and attractive. Wasn’t he rated as one of the top ten most watched diamond kings in the world in the previous issue?

Ji Zhentian, a veteran lover, thought of this possibility, and his face turned red for no apparent reason. He coughed and said solemnly: “It’s nothing, she has a lot of pretentious things, so don’t worry about it.”

Gu Yuan was even more puzzled, and she turned to her son for help: “What the hell is she in? What’s the matter?”

Ji Qisen felt his father’s strangeness, so he glanced at his father lightly, and then asked Gu Yuan: “Mom, what did you and Camille talk about?”

Gu Yuan was about to tell her son her confusion, when her son asked about it, she hurriedly said: “She is a good person, but she likes to eat cat poop. I really don’t understand, so I asked her if she likes to eat cat poop, and she-“

She spread her hands: “She suddenly changed her face, sprayed coffee and smothered herself, and then ran back.”

Originally, she wanted to have a good relationship with her, and ask the other party how to become the champion of a beauty contest. Unexpectedly, the boat of friendship, had overturned just like that.

Ji Qisen looked at her confused and look, and there was a rare smile in his eyes: “Mom, come with me.”

Cat shit coffee was indeed incredible for people twenty-five years ago.

It was necessary for him to give her some more lessons, to teach her things that she didn’t understand.

Seeing that Gu Yuan happily followed her son away but didn’t even give him any extra looks, Ji Zhentian was startled for a moment, then shook his head.

Fortunately, he had just started to think, if the little girl really wanted to be with him, should he abandon his beautiful and sexy girlfriend to try and overcome the huge age difference and get married with her and then enter the hall of marriage.

No way, as a father, everything was for his son!

It was because he thought too much.

After her son gave her some classes, Gu Yuan finally understood what cat shit coffee was.

Although it was still a bit incredible, Gu Yuan at least understood how impolite and reckless she was to mention dog shit from cat shit.

Thinking of Camille’s angry look at the time, she regretted a little: “She must think I did it on purpose, no, I have to apologize to her, I really didn’t know.”

Ji Qisen: “As you wish, if you feel that an apology will make you feel better, then so be it.”

In fact, in Ji Qisen’s eyes, if someone else did something wrong, of course it was wrong, but if it was his mother who did something wrong, then she must have been careless, it was caused by innocence and simplicity, and it must not have been on purpose.

If so, why apologize?

In short, mom didn’t need to apologize to anyone.

But she wanted to go, so he let her go.

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