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Yuan Ye put on the swimming goggles for Fu Yuanzhou but did not immediately retract his hand. Instead, he slid his hand down all the way, gently stroked Fu Yuanzhou’s face, wiped off the drops of water on his cheeks, leaving an ambiguous temperature on his fingertips.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know what kind of thoughts Yuan Ye had at the moment. He just felt a little itchy, so he stepped back slightly to avoid Yuan Ye’s fingers and said with a smile: “It’s too late to regret now. Let’s start after you swim 200 meters.”


Yuan Ye gave him a deep look, stretched out his hand, and put on his swimming goggles. Fu Yuanzhou went to the edge of the pool first and watched him swim 200 meters to warm up.

Because it was just a practice, Yuan Ye didn’t use his full strength, but he swam very fast, not slower than Fu Yuanzhou from before.

Comparable opponents also excited Fu Yuanzhou, so he briefly moved his joints. He talked to the teacher about the competition. The teacher found it very interesting. He agreed to their request and even acted as a referee himself. The other students also stood by the pool watching with particular interest.

After warming up, the two adjusted for a while, and then both boarded the platform by the pool. They also had to swim two hundred meters in the competition. There was no limit to the swimming style. Whoever swam faster over the distance would win.


As the teacher blew the whistle, the two jumped into the pool at the same time, and they rushed farther into the water with their strength.

Fu Yuanzhou was best at freestyle swimming. When he surfaced to take a breath and his face turned to Yuan Ye’s side, through the swimming goggles covered with water droplets, he could see that Yuan Ye was half a length ahead of him, so he immediately hastened his movements. His speed of swinging both feet up and down had also become faster.

“Come on, Brother Yuan!”

“Come on, Yuan Ye!”

The classmates stood on the shore and cheered for the two of them. At the same time, they were secretly surprised thinking that the two of them were swimming too fast. They also knew how to swim, but if those two were fish in the water, then they were just a group of drowning chickens, not even ducks that could swim.

Finally, at the last turn back, Fu Yuanzhou, who had been slightly behind, finally accelerated past Yuan Ye. The two continued to make the final sprint almost at the same time, but Fu Yuanzhou touched the edge of the pool first.

“Brother Yuan is mighty!!”

As the two of them emerged from the water, everyone immediately burst into applause. Fu Yuanzhou gasped for breath, smiled at them, but couldn’t speak. It was like his lungs were on fire, and there was a hot feeling there. In the end, he didn’t have time to breathe, so he rushed to the shore and almost fainted.

“Yes, you two.” The teacher glanced at the stopwatch and squatted by the pool and asked them with interest: “Would you like to join the swimming team to learn with me? If you are rated as a professional athlete, the college entrance examination will give you extra points.

“Thank you, teacher, but I will still avoid it, otherwise I will definitely escape the training.”

Yuan Ye pushed the swimming goggles away and said with a smile. He was panting, but he was much better than Fu Yuanzhou, even if he had lost. How sad, on the contrary, he looked very happy and seemed very happy.

“You won, congratulations.”

Across the buoy line of the swimming lane, he smiled and approached Fu Yuanzhou, who had bowed his head and was panting: “What are your requirements for me, why not let me listen?”

“You…” Fu Yuanzhou said while panting. “Come here.”

Yuan Ye raised his eyebrows: “It’s that simple?”

“It’s not…” Fu Yuanzhou raised his head with a painful expression on his face. Although he felt embarrassed, he honestly admitted, “My legs are cramping, you support me and help me up.”

Yuan Ye was taken aback, and the corners of his lips curled up, but when Fu Yuanzhou saw him about to laugh, he immediately showed a murderous gaze and stared at him.

“Okay, I won’t laugh.” Yuan Ye raised the buoy line and drilled over. Fu Yuanzhou supported himself against the pool with a harder effort. Yuan Ye supported his legs and helped him get out of the pool, and then he also supported him to walk.

“You two are really strong!”

A group of classmates gathered around and praised them. Fu Yuanzhou wanted to laugh with them, but his leg hurt so badly that he couldn’t laugh, and he couldn’t even stand firmly.

“Want to be as good as us? Why don’t you hurry up and swim around?” Yuan Ye quickly walked over, drove the group of people into the pool, held Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, and helped him sit on the wooden deck chair by the pool. He held his calf and lay his leg flat.

“What’s the matter?” The teacher came over and asked, Yuan Ye told him with a smile: “It’s okay, he has a cramp in his leg and needs a rest.”

“Okay, you guys go to rest first. You must have gotten very tired just now. Pay attention next time. Do more warm-up activities and you won’t get cramps.”

The teacher nodded and looked at the other students. Yuan Ye walked back, stood next to the recliner, leaned over him, laughing and asked Fu Yuanzhou: “Should I press your leg for you?”

“Come on. Come, you help me!”

Of course, it was best for someone to help him. Fu Yuanzhou gasped a little and nodded in agreement immediately.

He held his two ankles, raised his legs, and sat down on the recliner, then he put Fu Yuanzhou’s calf on his thigh, and gently rested his hand on it: “Which leg?”

“Right leg… “

Fu Yuanzhou reluctantly finished speaking, and he felt Yuan Ye holding his calf. Yuan Ye was tall, with very slender hands, and warm palms. He wrapped his cool calf skin in large areas and gently rubbed his stiff hamstrings. It immediately alleviated the cramping feeling, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help sighing softly, and his tight back also relaxed and he leaned on the recliner.

After Yuan Ye rubbed his legs, he pressed the soles of his feet again. Fu Yuanzhou’s legs were very beautiful, straight and long, and his feet were also very beautiful. His toes showed a faint pink powder, which was held by Yuan Ye in his hand, and it showed a shining whiteness in the sun.

His Adam’s apple rolled, and he asked Fu Yuanzhou in a low voice, “Is it comfortable?”


How could Fu Yuanzhou feel uncomfortable when someone was waiting on him so hard. There was no need to mention it. He regained his feeling that he was the eldest brother of Yuan Ye like in his previous life. At that time, Yuan Ye didn’t even listen to him like now.

“Just now you asked me what I want you to do, and I’m thinking about it.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“Huh?” Yuan Ye lowered his eyes and pressed his feet and replied absently.

“You will call me brother in the future and listen to me, do you accept it?” When Fu Yuanzhou saw that he seemed to be distracted, he lifted his feet and swayed, placing his toes on his palms, causing the eyes of Yuan Ye to darken, and he turned the feet held in his hands again.

He seemed to be a little thirsty, so he licked his lips unconsciously, and finally raised his head to look at Fu Yuanzhou: “Call you brother?” He curled up his lips and laughed, but he was not angry. On the contrary, he was a little bit conniving, “How old are you? To let me call you brother?”

“My birthday on April 20.” Fu Yuanzhou tilted his head and smiled, calmly, “What about you?”

“…” Yuan Ye was silent for a moment, and Fu Yuanzhou shook his feet again to make him speak, then he responded, “April 21st, but my mother’s expected delivery date was originally the 19th.”

“Why did you have to toss Auntie for two more days?” Fu Yuanzhou was triumphant. He had known Yuan Ye’s birthday from a long time ago. He also knew that he was one day older than Yuan Ye, “Quickly, you have lost the bet, so call me brother.”

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