IHSB Ch. 86

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While muttering angrily, Bai Mohua covered Nuan Nuan with a quilt, and then got in by himself.

He just came back from the outside, and when he ran out, he was dressed a little thinly, so his hands and feet were cold.

His skin was very fair, and his body looked a little thin because of sitting indoors for a long time while drawing. Simply put, he looked weak, the kind that Gu Mingli could hit with one hand.

That’s why the red circle on his left wrist was a bit glaring.

In fact, Gu Mingli didn’t use much strength, but his skin was too white and fragile, and it was almost as warm as it was.

He still didn’t know how to swear, and if he couldn’t fight and swear, he would only suffer if he conflicted with others.

Of course, with his somewhat natural sunny personality, he would not easily conflict with others, unless that person had a serious mental illness!

Bai Mohua rubbed his wrist, on his milky white skin like Nuan Nuan, the circle of finger prints looked very conspicuous.

Nuan Nuan sat up with her short legs crossed, and her thin white fingers rubbed and pressed the circle of handprints.

“Does my cousin hurt?”

The soft and waxy voice of the little girl asked distressedly, she pouted her mouth and gave him a whimper, and decided to wait to see the fourth brother and tell him off about her cousin, her cousin looked too miserable.

“It doesn’t hurt.”

Bai Mohua rubbed Nuan Nuan’s little furry head.

It didn’t hurt, it really didn’t hurt, just thinking about it now made him very angry, he had never suffered such a big loss since he was a child.

“Let’s play less with your fourth brother in the future, he is too violent.”

If he couldn’t beat him, Bai Mohua secretly put eye drops[1] on Gu Mingli at Nuan Nuan.

It was already very late, Bai Mohua hugged the soft child for a while, then tucked her into the bed and hugged her to sleep.

Such a soft and fragrant little cousin, it was warm to sleep with her in his arms.

Bai Mohua was heartless and didn’t hold grudges, but he remembered the matter of Gu Mingli until the next morning, and the moment he saw him calling Nuan Nuan, his temper broke out again.

Nuan Nuan was still in bed and didn’t wake up, but the mobile phone on the bedside table was vibrating. Seeing the words of the fourth brother displayed on the note, he hung up boldly.

Then within five seconds there was another call.

This time, Bai Mohua was more courageous and put him into the blacklist.


He smiled triumphantly, feeling refreshed.

Raising his arms and stretching his waist, his mobile phone rang at this time, it was a call from a strange number.


“Bai Mohua.”

Gu Mingli’s gloomy voice came, followed by a sneer.

“Aren’t you cowardly?”

The gloomy voice seemed to wrap around his wrist through the phone, and he was so frightened that he threw the phone out.

“Gu Gu Gu…” He was scared to death!

“What’s wrong with cousin?”

A soft and milky voice came from the side, Nuan Nuan didn’t know when she woke up, she was rubbing her eyes and staring at him blankly.

“No…it’s nothing.”

Bai Mohua’s eyes drifted a little guiltily.

As soon as the voice fell, a video invitation came to Nuan Nuan’s phone.

It belonged to Gu Mingli.

Bai Mohua “…”, turned over and got out of bed and slipped away quickly.

“Bai Mohua.”

But Nuan Nuan’s hand was obviously faster. After the video was connected, Gu Mingli, who was dressed in black and looked so cool, could be seen leaning slightly on the balcony with his elbows, looking lazy like a big cat, with unruly brows, wild, and narrow eyes staring at someone on the opposite side who was about to run away, through the phone screen.

Like a wild and fierce black panther staring at a timid fawn trying to escape.

Bai Mohua felt the hairs all over his body stand on end when Gu Mingli called out his name in a cold voice.

Nuan Nuan “???”

She felt that the atmosphere between the fourth brother and the cousin was a little weird.

“Nuan Nuan, ask him to drag me out of your blacklist.”

Gu Mingli complained directly, and now Bai Mohua felt even more guilty, with a loud voice.

“Pull… Just pull it out, what a fierce thing.”

He took Nuan Nuan’s mobile phone with a whimper, and sat cross-legged on the bed. Full of anger, his slender and lustrous fingers poked even harder on the screen of the mobile phone.

Gu Mingli didn’t speak, just glanced at him with his dark eyes, and played with a silver lighter in his right hand. The lighter was turned between his knuckle fingers, and finally accompanied by a clear click, the flame which was clearly extinguished was reflected in his dark pupils.


Bai Mohua’s voice came, and he curled his lips to defend himself.

“Nuan Nuan was still sleeping just now, I blocked you because I was afraid of disturbing her.”

Gu Mingli chuckled, “So I have to thank you on behalf of Nuan Nuan?”

The clean and handsome young man pretended to be calm.

“Then there’s no need, you just need to be clear in your heart, cousin Nuan Nuan is going to brush his teeth first.”

After speaking, Bai Mohua ran away quickly.

Gu Mingli smiled, and turned his eyes back to the little girl with a dazed expression.

“Nuan Nuan…”

His voice softened a few degrees, and he personally taught Nuan Nuan how to come out to find him later, and finally asked her to take the phone to Bai Mohua.

“Cousin, cousin, fourth brother is looking for you.”

The little girl ran to Bai Mohua and pulled his clothes in little slippers, then raised her mobile phone and handed him her mobile phone on tiptoe.

Bai Mohua’s expression was always conflicted, and his mouth was pursed with an unhappy expression.

“Why are you looking for me? We don’t know each other well!”

Nuan Nuan looked at him pitifully, “Cousin, can you accompany Nuan Nuan to watch the fourth brother’s game?”

Bai Mohua felt too… so hateful! How could he resist Nuan Nuan acting like a baby!

He became entangled with a bitter expression, id he didn’t agree, Nuan Nuan looked so pitiful and wronged, could he be too cruel?

If he promised, wasn’t this following Gu Mingli’s way? He didn’t want to watch him play!

“Cousin, you can go and see if the fourth brother will lose.”

This was what the fourth brother taught her to say yesterday. Hearing this, Bai Mohua’s eyes lit up, yes, he could go and see if Gu Mingli lost. Then he could taunt him and watch him become a joke.

He didn’t immediately agree, “Ask him, how many times has he participated in the competition, is this the first time?”

Nuan Nuan held her mobile phone and dutifully acted as a microphone for the two of them, and her voice sounded milky in their ears.

“Fourth brother, my cousin asked you how many times you have participated in the competition.”

Gu Mingli “…childish, it’s the first time.”

He replied lazily.

Bai Mohua suddenly stood up, and thought he would definitely not win for the first time.

“Okay, then I agree.”

After speaking, he took the phone, and hung up after Gu Mingli made it clear where he should take Nuan Nuan to meet him.

After breakfast, Bai Mohua hugged her and left with the excuse of going out to play with Nuan Nuan.

Father Gu hurriedly shouted from behind, “Come back early, remember to call Dad if you don’t have enough money, Nuan Nuan!”

The little girl’s soft voice came, “Got it~”

When they arrived at the agreed place, Gu Mingli was already waiting, in the same black casual attire as in the morning, he seemed a little bored, leaning lazily on the railing of the road.

Wearing a mask on his face made it difficult to see his face clearly, but the exposed part was already very attractive, especially the slender and well-proportioned figure and those long legs, plus his lazy and wild temperament had added a lot of charm.

People passing by, regardless of gender, would always secretly or boldly set their sights on him.

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[1] Criticized.

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