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When she arrived at the playground, Shen Qinglan looked at the crowd of onlookers and couldn’t help but feel a little confused. She originally chose this place because there were few people at this time, but now…

Zhao Wei didn’t care how many people were watching, “Now can we start?”

“Okay.” Shen Qinglan stood in the middle of the playground, her posture was very casual, but an expert could tell at a glance that there was no flaw in her seemingly casual posture, and her whole person was in a kind of war preparation state.

The experts who originally came just to watch the excitement had noticed this, and the light in their eyes changed instantly. Now they looked at Shen Qinglan with scrutiny and interest.

Zhao Wei also had a solemn expression, as he clenched his hands into fists, and took the most direct approach to attack Shen Qinglan’s face. Shen Qinglan turned slightly sideways to avoid his attack, one hand instantly grabbed his wrist, and the other made a fist with one hand and hit Zhao Wei hard in the lower abdomen.

Zhao Wei subconsciously took two steps back and coughed a few times. Shen Qinglan’s hand was very heavy. At that moment, he felt that the organs in his abdomen had shifted.

But Zhao Wei’s eyes became brighter and brighter, and he looked at Shen Qinglan excitedly. There were very few people who could put him at a disadvantage with just one move, but this definitely did not include a seemingly weak woman like Shen Qinglan.

That boy Gu Yang really didn’t lie to him, this woman was very strong.

Zhao Wei once again clenched his fist and rushed towards Shen Qinglan, but this time, the attack was not on Shen Qinglan’s face, but on her shoulder. If this punch had landed, Shen Qinglan’s shoulder would have been broken.

Everyone thought Shen Qinglan would hide away, but she stood there motionless.

“Sister-in-law, be careful.” Gu Yang exclaimed, clenching his hands tightly into fists at his sides, fearing that Shen Qinglan would make a mistake.

Shen Qinglan stretched out a hand and grabbed Zhao Wei’s fist. It was such a slender palm, but it was full of amazing power. Zhao Wei couldn’t make any progress.

Shen Qinglan held Zhao Wei’s fist, pulled it, and then threw him beautifully over her shoulder. Zhao Wei was lying on the ground. There was a bang when he landed. Even the onlookers felt painful for him. This woman was so tough.

The way everyone looked at Shen Qinglan changed. She was not a weak woman. She was simply more powerful than the overlord female soldiers next door.

“Are you coming again?” Shen Qinglan asked lightly.

Zhao Wei straightened up from the ground, stood up, and said excitedly, “Come again.”

Everyone was speechless. This was obviously one-sided abuse. This woman actually hit him harder and harder. Sure enough, the world of a madman was incomprehensible to normal people.

Shen Qinglan didn’t care. She shrugged, her eyes changed, and she took the initiative to attack for the first time. She clenched her slender hands into a fist and attacked Zhao Wei’s face. Zhao Wei subconsciously stretched out his hand to block it, but saw that the fist turned halfway. It turned and headed towards Zhao Wei’s abdomen.

“Come again.”

Zhao Wei gritted his teeth. The punch she had just hit caused his internal organs to shift. Naturally, he couldn’t just stand there and get beaten this time. He stepped back repeatedly. The two of them quickly passed by for more than ten seconds. Shen Qinglan found the right opportunity and struck a blow. With a quick sweep of her legs, Zhao Wei lay on the ground again after letting out a scream.

“Are you coming again?” Shen Qinglan looked at him condescendingly, her cold face expressionless.

Zhao Wei got up and gritted his teeth, “Come again.”

At some point, more and more people were watching around, even attracting some officers. They originally wanted to stop them from gathering to watch, but when they saw the situation clearly, they stopped talking and stood aside like everyone else to watch.

Zhao Wei was still being abused by Shen Qinglan, but everyone could see that she was not using her full strength at all. Even when fighting Zhao Wei, she seemed to be mostly treating him as a sparring partner.

Some officers knew Shen Qinglan. After all, Shen Qinglan often appeared in the cafeteria with Fu Hengyi during this period. Many people had seen her and knew her identity.

“I didn’t expect Captain Fu to be so powerful himself and also marry such a strong wife.” A young man sighed.

“Only Captain Fu can handle such a woman.” Another soldier sighed to his companions in a low voice. If he married someone with such strong skills, and there was a physical conflict in the family, the man would definitely be the one who was the victim of domestic violence.

Gu Yang and Gu Kai looked at Shen Qinglan who unilaterally abused Zhao Wei on the court. They were excited and proud at the same time. Especially Gu Kai, who looked at Shen Qinglan like a fanboy.

While someone was talking in a low voice here, the game over there was over. Zhao Wei was lying on the ground, covering his chest, coughing violently. The last kick hurt him very much. He had not recovered yet. His head, and his body was covered in sweat, and all the strength in his body seemed to have been drained away.

On the other hand, Shen Qinglan’s body was still clean and fresh, and even her breath had not changed.

“Do you want to continue?” Shen Qinglan asked again.

Zhao Wei wanted to continue, but he couldn’t stand up anymore. He was tired, but his eyes were shining. He looked at Shen Qinglan like looking at a treasure, “I lost today.”

Zhao Wei struggled to get up from the ground, he knew that Shen Qinglan did not use her full strength. He guessed that if this woman tried her best, he might not even be able to hit her with a single move.

“Can I come to you for discussion again in the future?” Zhao Wei’s face finally showed an expression of excitement, and he looked at Shen Qinglan with anticipation in his eyes.

Everyone was speechless. Are you addicted to torture?

“I don’t have time, and I will leave here soon.” Shen Qinglan stated the facts. She was not a soldier here. She was just here to see Fu Hengyi, so naturally she would not stay long.

Zhao Wei was very sorry. Although he was tortured throughout the fight with Shen Qinglan, it was very enjoyable. She was ruthless but very measured, and from her, Zhao Wei discovered many loopholes in himself. This was what excited him the most.

“Thank you for today.” Zhao Wei thanked her sincerely.

A smile flashed in Shen Qinglan’s eyes. This man didn’t look stupid. She did have some training of her own today. It was because Zhao Wei’s stubbornness was very similar to that of someone. Unfortunately, that person…

Thinking of that person, Shen Qinglan’s eyes showed a trace of sadness.

“Sister, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful.” Sister-in-law Zhang had not yet recovered from the shock of Shen Qinglan unilaterally torturing a strong man who was over 1.8 meters tall.

Shen Qinglan curled her lips slightly, “My grandpa taught me self-defence skills for a period of time when I was at home.” She used Mr. Shen as an excuse.

Sister-in-law Zhang sighed, “Hengyi is so lucky to have married such an excellent wife like you.”

Shen Qinglan was slightly embarrassed. She didn’t know how to receive such a compliment.

The news that Zhao Wei challenged Shen Qinglan and was unilaterally abused quickly spread throughout the military camp. Fu Hengyi naturally knew about it, and so he asked this question when he came back.

Shen Qinglan realized what he was referring to and defended in a low voice, “He came to me first.” She did not say that it was Gu Yang who caused the trouble.

But if she didn’t say it, wouldn’t Fu Hengyi know? He snorted coldly in his heart, that Gu Yang, he would settle the debt with him later.

“I know, but are you feeling okay?” Fu Hengyi was slightly worried. He remembered that her period was not over yet.

“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Qinglan explained that this issue was not a problem at all for her.

“You, you still have to be careful. If those people come to bother you again in the future, just tell me and I will teach them what fighting is.” Fu Hengyi said calmly.

Shen Qinglan smiled slightly and said, “Don’t take revenge on the public for private matters.”

Fu Hengyi smiled and said nothing. He went back to the room and changed his clothes, and then left. He had a lot of things to do these days, and he had squeezed out the chance to come back and see Shen Qinglan this time.

After Fu Hengyi left, the door of his home was knocked again. Shen Qinglan walked over to open the door and saw Gu Yang and Gu Kai standing outside the door.

Shen Qinglan raised his eyebrows, “What’s the matter?”

Gu Yang chuckled, “Sister-in-law, can we come in and sit down?”

Shen Qinglan turned sideways and let the two brothers in to sit on the sofa. Shen Qinglan looked at them, “Tell me, why are you looking for me?”

“Hey, sister-in-law, how do you know we are here to find you, not big brother.”

This was no need to ask, if you came to see Fu Hengyi, it would not be at this time.

“Sister-in-law, we want you to teach us how to fight.” Gu Kai went straight to the point.

Shen Qinglan raised her eyebrows.

Gu Kai continued, “Gu Yang and I are very poor in fighting skills. We want you to teach us.”

“Yes, sister-in-law, you also know what grandpa requires of us. If our results are not satisfactory after half a year, we can’t choose to leave or stay.”

“I remember that you have a fighting instructor, and your skills were trained by grandpa himself.”

Shen Qinglan said calmly, Gu Yang was severely disciplined by Mr. Fu for a period of time when he was a child. Gu Kai and Gu Yang had always been inseparable. Mr. Fu also regarded Gu Kai as his grandson. While disciplining Gu Yang, he did not forget Gu Kai.

Gu Yang smiled awkwardly, so what? His skills were better than ordinary people, but when he met the veterans in the army, he was completely inadequate. He really lacked actual combat experience.

“You will gain experience after being beaten a few times.” Shen Qinglan said calmly, and Gu Yang’s face froze, thinking of Zhao Wei who was beaten so badly in the afternoon.

“Sister-in-law, is this the only way?”

“This is the fastest way.”

Gu Yang instantly looked as dejected as an eggplant beaten by frost.

“Sister-in-law, even if this is the case, I still hope you will teach us how to fight.” Gu Kai said seriously. He really admired Shen Qinglan for her good fighting skills and driving skills, especially her fighting skills.

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