CFCS Ch. 214.2: Road to Immortality (3)

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The next morning, before Jing Yang woke up, Mu You came to his room to wake him up and started to help him pack up.

Jing Yang sleepily sat on the bed and said, “No need to pack, these things can’t be brought on Zhu Yang Island.”

Mu You stopped, stunned and said, “Can’t you even bring a few clothes?”

“Of course, disciples on the island cannot wear their own clothes, so I don’t need to bring anything else, and I don’t want to take anything that belongs here.” Jing Yang said.

Mu You said sadly, “I have only heard that Zhu Yang Island is the most powerful immortal island, there are many powerful immortals on it, but I can’t imagine what kind of place it is. I can’t go with the young master, so the young master must take care of yourself, the second young master is supported by his aunt on the island, young master you have no one to support you, if you are bullied, you must endure it, and after the young master becomes stronger then you can seek revenge from them.”

Jing Yang smiled. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of myself. After I leave, you can go home and take good care of your grandfather. If there is a chance in the future, I will come back to see you.”

Mu You’s grandfather was the housekeeper of the original owner’s mother’s family, but the original owner’s mother’s family had already withered, they had had only one daughter, the original owner’s mother. The daughter, who used to be loved like a treasure, died suddenly. They knew that she must have been killed, but they couldn’t avenge her. The original owner’s grandfather and grandmother felt distraught and died after a few years. Now only the housekeeper’s family was left to guard the big empty house.

Therefore, someone else’s child was not a parent’s treasure. City Lord Heming killed someone else’s daughter for the sake of his own daughter’s reputation and happiness. Perhaps in their hearts, it was just the death of a person who was irrelevant to them, but for the parents of the deceased person, it was more painful than digging the heart and cutting out the flesh.

Jing Yang thought that the original owner’s hatred of killing his mother, the original owner’s hatred of being killed, and the pain of the original owner’s grandparents’ loss of a daughter, he would make their Lan family pay back hundreds and thousands of times.

The four major families had a large population, and there were hundreds of people who came to see them off. This was still relatively close. If those who were a little more distant also come, there could have been thousands of people.

The other five were surrounded by the crowd. Their parents held their hands and explained something with tears. Jing Yang had no interest in such a farewell scene. Although he saw Xiao Liangqi looking at him, and he seemed to want to tell him what to act like, but he ignored it and turned to board the boat.

There were several waiting people standing at the bow of the boat. As soon as Jing Yang got up, one of them came over and asked him to show the jade pendant. After seeing the jade pendant in Jing Yang’s hand, he immediately led him to the room that had been prepared for him. Then the boat’s canvas was lowered.

The people below saw that they were about to set sail. Although they wondered why they were about to set off before noon, they hurriedly asked the other five people to get on the boat as soon as possible, and then waved goodbye to them.

As soon as Jing Yang entered his room, he smelled a warm fragrance that was blowing on his face. The fragrance was very strong, but it didn’t make people feel dull in the head and instead gave a comfortable feeling once it was inhaled into the lungs.

This room was decorated very elegantly and comfortably. An exquisite white jade incense burner was placed on the long table beside the wall. There was a painting with a beautiful scenery on the wall. After staring at it for a long time, it gave people an immersive feeling of realism.

Jing Yang walked to the edge of the bed and sat down, looking at all kinds of fresh fruits on the low table that he had never seen before, as well as all kinds of cute and delicious snacks. He couldn’t help sighing in his heart, this ship was worthy of being a thing from the immortal world, and Zhu Yang Island was worthy of being called the first immortal island in the sea, even a disciple who had not yet been on the island could live in such a good room, if it was placed in the human world, this was a treatment only the emperor could enjoy.

Jing Yang picked up a fairy fruit and took a bite. The sweet and refreshing juice exploded in his mouth. After swallowing it, he clearly felt the feeling of his spiritual power being improved, and this feeling made his whole body comfortable. He thought in his heart that even an emperor would not be able to eat such fairy fruits, but this may not be a big deal for Zhu Yang Island, because he heard that most immortal beasts and fairy fruits were found in Zhu Yang Island.

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