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“The candy this time is really too sweet. It’s so sweet that I can eat two bowls of white rice with it.”

“Oh my god, I’m so excited. I’m going to run two laps. I’m so excited right now.”

“Everything is fine. I can’t control my blushing and heartbeat. It doesn’t feel like they are in love, it feels like I am in love.”

“I have said before that Qingchi will definitely not snatch Mr. Jiang’s wooden sign. He saved Jiang. How can he be willing to eliminate Mr. Jiang.”

“Sisters! I rewatched the part when he threw himself into his arms five times! I’m sure that Qingchi kissed Mr. Jiang’s chin!!! Otherwise, I won’t be able to do it in the future. I’m stuck wherever I go, I can’t eat anything, everything is going wrong!”

“Ah ah ah ah, throwing himself into his arms, I’m really dead, Mr. Jiang’s voice is so sexy, and the point is, he even molested Qingchi, I thought Mr. Jiang would never tease other people, but I was wrong [face covering].”

“Then his wrist was grabbed by Qingchi, hahahahahaha, Mr. Jiang himself was confused.”

“The candies in this issue are really too sweet. When I saw that Qingchi and Mr. Jiang were not assigned to the same team, I thought there would be no candies in the city CP this time. But it turned out to be like this! Fortunately, they were not assigned to the same team! As long as you stand on the right CP, does it matter whether they are in the same team or not? Valentine’s Day is celebrated every day!”

Yan Qingchi was browsing Weibo when someone dropped a link, “I’ve been working on it all night, and finally finished it. “The Truth Is True”, alas, Qingchi and Mochen still shot too few scenes together and I had too little material.”

Yan Qingchi followed the link and looked at the clips of him and Jiang Mochen in the video. For some reason, he just felt extremely ashamed. He was about to exit when in the video, the soundtrack had already started playing, “The world speculates whether it is true or not, and does not believe in fate, but I have arranged for him to be there for the rest of his life.” On the screen, he happened to run into Jiang Mochen’s arms, and Jiang Mochen unconsciously reached out to protect him.

Yan Qingchi suddenly felt that his face was a little hot, so he quickly turned off the video and exhaled to hide his guilt.

However, this lyric was quite appropriate. He thought that he and Jiang Mochen, no matter what CP fans guessed, they had already arranged for each other to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Yan Qingchi looked at the date on his phone. There were still six days until Jiang Mochen’s birthday.

Since Jiang Mochen entered the entertainment industry, he had basically spent his birthdays on the set. Sometimes if he happened to catch a break and was not filming, he would spend time with Yu Xi and them. When he was a child, Jiang Mochen’s parents always liked to have big events, so when Jiang Mochen grew up, he was somewhat repelled by holding birthday parties and doing social things in the name of celebrating birthdays. Instead, he preferred to spend time with his relatives and friends and enjoy a simple birthday.

Yan Qingchi had long thought about how to celebrate his birthday. In order to complete his idea, he specifically asked the director if he could shoot his scenes of December 5th and 6th in advance. He wanted to shoot them on December 5th. And ask for two days off from the 6th. If that didn’t work, a day and a half would do.

He had always been a very law-abiding person on the set, and since he was close to Wei Lan, the director also has a good impression of him, so he didn’t make things difficult for him and allowed him a day and a half leave, saying that he could leave after filming on the morning of December 5th.

Yan Qingchi quickly thanked him and said that he would definitely come back on the afternoon of December 6th and would never delay the filming of the film.

He asked for leave with the crew and bought a gift for Jiang Mochen, and then he waited for Jiang Mochen’s birthday with peace of mind.

The filming of “Lost” had entered the advanced stage. As the male protagonist, Jiang Mochen’s role was getting more and more important. When he heard Ren Xu ask what birthday gift he wanted, Jiang Mochen realized that his birthday was coming soon.

He thought for a moment and said, “Whatever.”

Ren Xu was not surprised at all by the answer. “It’s the same answer every year, so I’ll just buy it.”

“Yeah.” Jiang Mochen responded. To be honest, he really didn’t have anything he wanted. When he was young, his parents would control him. Whatever he wanted, he couldn’t have it because of his parents. When he grew up and had independent financial ability, he was never one to wrong himself, so he bought everything he wanted on a regular basis, but there was nothing left that he could want for his birthday.

However, Jiang Mochen looked at his mobile phone. This was his first birthday after he and Yan Qingchi got married, and they were actually separated. Jiang Mochen felt a little regretful and sent Yan Qingchi a WeChat message to ask if he had any plans for December 5th? Do you want to celebrate my birthday with me? After thinking for a while, he deleted the edited text one by one.

It was not that Jiang Mochen was being pretentious. He didn’t think Yan Qingchi should take the initiative to remember his birthday instead of needing him to remind him. After all, an actor’s schedule was very confusing. It was normal to remember the wrong time or not remember the date. He was just afraid that if he said it, it would put Yan Qingchi in a difficult position.

Yan Qingchi was different from him. It was simple and easy for him to ask for leave from the director. Even because he had a good reputation in the industry, the director would not be dissatisfied with him just because he took a leave.

But Yan Qingchi was different. He was still a newcomer and had just become popular. If the director didn’t mind and was willing to approve it, it would be best if he asked for leave at this time. But if the director minded or was unwilling to approve it, with Yan Qingchi’s delicate mind, he would probably feel very sorry for him – after all, this was something related to his birthday that he said personally.

So Jiang Mochen didn’t ask him this question, or even sent him a WeChat message. Instead, he made a video call to Qi Qi and chatted with Qi Qi for a while.

Qi Qi recently fell in love with kneading plasticine and would play with it for a while every day when he got home. When Jiang Mochen made a video call to him, he had already finished playing and was about to go to bed. When he saw Jiang Mochen, he became happy again and took out the plasticine he had kneaded.

“I pinched these,” he said with some pride, “This is a turtle, this is a bird, and this is a cat. Isn’t it cute?”

Jiang Mochen looked at the figurines in his hand and nodded, “Qi Qi is very awesome.”

“But I don’t know how to pinch people yet.” Qi Qi was a little worried, “I also want to pinch a person.”

“Don’t be in a hurry, take your time, Qi Qi is so smart, he will definitely learn it soon. I learned it.”

Qi Qi was encouraged and nodded, “When I learn how to do it, I can pinch my father and me.”


Qi Qi became happy instantly, “When I finish it, I will show it to dad again.”

“Okay.” Jiang Mochen said warmly.

Soon, December 5th arrived, and Yan Qingchi sent him a happy birthday at 0 o’clock, and even sent a dedicated voice message.

Jiang Mochen called him, and Yan Qingchi was a little surprised, “Are you still awake?”

“Well, not asleep yet.”

“Then, happy birthday.”

“Thank you.”

“I sent you a gift, you remember to collect it.”

“What is it?”

“You will know then.”

“Okay, I’ll wait and see tomorrow.”

“Then you can rest, good night.”

“Good night.”

Yan Qingchi hung up the phone, logged into his Weibo and posted a Weibo message.

Yan Qingchi V: @Jiang Mochen Happy birthday, everything will go well, and this year will go well [cake] [cake] [cake]

There was a selfie of the two of them on the set at the bottom.

Soon, Little House and Oats rushed to the bottom of this Weibo, one expressing thank you and the other expressing blessings.

Jiang Mochen heard his Weibo notification sound, clicked on it and saw Yan Qingchi’s Weibo, so he forwarded it with the caption: Thank you, Jiayou with the new drama, I hope to see a better version of you in it.

Immediately afterwards, other artists sent him blessings one after another. Jiang Mochen did not retweet or comment. After all, replying one by one was too troublesome. He could just wait until the evening to post a unified Weibo of thanks. As for why he forwarded Yan Qingchi’s Weibo alone? That’s naturally because Yan Qingchi, as the first person to send blessings, deserved special treatment.

After getting up from sleep, Jiang Mochen continued filming. Because today was his birthday, the crew notified all relevant personnel in advance. The work would end at 7 pm, and everyone would have dinner in the hotel to celebrate his birthday.

In order to support their idol, Little House did charity work, including airport advertising, subway and high-speed rail advertising, LEDs in major iconic squares, etc., in an orderly and powerful manner.

During his break, Jiang Mochen watched the birthday celebration video recorded by his fans, liked it on Weibo, and then continued to devote himself to the intense shooting.

When it got dark, the crew officially called it a day and returned to the hotel.

Everyone took a short rest and went to the restaurant to eat.

As the birthday boy, Jiang Mochen was forced to the stage by the director to say a few words. Everyone gave him face and applauded, and some even shouted “Okay.” Then he cut the cake on the spot.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Jiang Mochen’s cell phone rang. He looked down and found that it was Yan Qingchi, so he went out and answered the call.


“Hey, are you still in the hotel? Didn’t you say that today the crew will celebrate your birthday and you will have dinner in the hotel.”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“The gift I sent you arrived, but the delivery person said he couldn’t get through to you. So he called me. You go out and sign for it.”


“Then go quickly. I have something else to do, so I’ll hang up first, he’s at the side door.”


Jiang Mochen finished speaking. He heard the sound of hanging up from the other side of the phone. Tsk, you are so anxious, can’t you just say happy birthday to me? He reluctantly put his phone in his pocket and walked out.

The side entrance of the hotel was relatively hidden, and few people went there. Jiang Mochen didn’t understand why the courier wanted to deliver the package at the side entrance, but he soon thought that with so many celebrities staying in the hotel, there were always some fans who wanted to sneak in and take a look. Even if they couldn’t sneak in, it wouldn’t be good to meet him outside the hotel. Thinking about it this way, Yan Qingchi probably gave him this special advice for the sake of his identity.

He was very careful, Jiang Mochen thought, it was really in line with Yan Qingchi’s character.

He walked over and opened the door. It was very dark, and the moon in the sky was not round. In the dark night, not even the stars could be seen. Because it was hidden here, there were no green plants or pedestrians. There was only a bare wall and a dim street lamp, which elongated the figure of the person under the lamp in a cold and desolate way.

Jiang Mochen was stunned. His footsteps paused the moment he opened the door. He looked at the person in front of him in disbelief.

Then, he heard Yan Qingchi say, “Happy birthday.”

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