IAPP Ch. 53

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Qin Ling gave Gu Anxin an unclear look, and then said to Xiao Zhang, “Don’t worry, we will definitely go when the time comes!”

Xiao Zhang happily waved at Gu Anxin and left.

Gu Anxin looked confused, “I haven’t received a salary since, and I’m not very familiar with her. Can I go?”

Qin Ling smiled, “She came here specially to give it to you. She told you about her invitation this morning. Apart from the manager, you are the only one of our colleagues who has an invitation!”

Seeing Qin Ling winking, Gu Anxin laughed, and the worry in her heart finally dissipated, “You…, don’t think I’m too fierce?”

“How can women of our era get along without being fierce? They must be able to beat gangsters. You just beat up a scumbag, and your skills still needs to be improved!” Qin Ling raised her hand and patted her shoulder encouragingly.

Gu Anxin was speechless.

However, Gu Anxin still didn’t understand why Xiao Zhang made her status so high, but she didn’t want to ask more, she just felt that she had become famous in one battle!

However, when Gu Anxin sat down and opened the invitation, she discovered a problem. It clearly stated that she was bringing her family members. Her family members…, wasn’t that her third brother?

Gu Anxin lowered her head and smiled shyly. This seemed to be the first time they would be attending a party of each other’s friends and colleagues after she and her third brother became boyfriend and girlfriend.

It seemed to be a very important and formal occasion!

Gu Anxin thought for a while, and her third brother’s clothes seemed to be more formal, with various suits and shirts.

Thinking about it this way, Gu Anxin realized that her third brother’s clothes seemed to be very delicate, even the cuffs of his shirts were shiny, and his clothes were all taken to the laundry by Alice and had never been washed at home.

Gu Anxin suddenly felt that she was too shabby in front of her third brother, so she decided to buy some high-end clothes after get off work to coordinate the atmosphere between the two of them.

At noon, Gu Anxin’s meal was still from Qin Ji’s private kitchen. The difference was that this time there were no different voices in the company.

Time passed in Gu Anxin’s random thoughts.

When she was about to get off work, Gu Anxin called Ling Yue and asked him not to pick her up because she and her colleagues were going shopping.

After work, Gu Anxin followed Qin Ling.

Qin Ling was not a particularly rich person, but she was good at dressing up. Many of her clothes were bought on sale at a certain store.

Gu Anxin originally wanted to search for a few items online, but she had to wear them tomorrow and didn’t want to rush, so she decided to buy some good products even if she spent more money.

It was around eleven o’clock in the evening.

Gu Anxin not only bought several skirts, but also changed her hairstyle, and her bank card was almost cleared.

Although the balance made her life worse than death, when she saw the person in the mirror who had changed her clothes and hairstyle, Gu Anxin smiled shyly. How long had it been since she had dressed herself up like this?

“Miss, your hair is of very good quality. It’s already very beautiful just by thinning it and trimming it. If you change the color and get a pear perm, it would be really fascinating,” the little girl said enthusiastically. She took the brochure and introduced, “Look at this hairstyle, it suits you very well!”

Gu Anxin looked at herself in the mirror with black hair and clear and bright eyes. She was slightly in a trance and couldn’t help but reach out and touch her hair.

She used to like beautiful things, like buying different styles of clothes and exquisite accessories, but…

A mocking smile flashed across Gu Anxin’s lips.

Qin Ling was so sleepy that she fell asleep on the sofa. Gu Anxin refused the little girl’s introduction, and the two went home together.

The third brother seemed to have not come back yet, so she opened the door and was greeted by darkness in the room.

After being so excited all night, her heart slowly cooled down. Gu Anxin stood at the door in a daze. Since she was released from prison, her life had been difficult, but because she drew good comics, she always had good materials, and there was no shortage of food. But she was never willing to dress herself up, and even made herself look ugly.

She was not suitable for wearing plaid shirts, but she had two black and white plaid shirts in her wardrobe, one for spring, autumn and summer, and one for winter. This seemed to be her entire youth.

Today was the first time she had dressed up like this since she was released from prison.

It turned out that the third brother had already had such a great influence on her.

Did she still like him simply now?

Gu Anxin lowered her head and smiled. She couldn’t tell him and let him think that she liked him more and would be proud!


Suddenly, the lights in the room turned on, and Ling Yue was sitting on the sofa, looking straight at her.

Gu Anxin was startled, “You are at home! Then why didn’t you turn on the light? You scared me!”

Ling Yue looked at Gu Anxin, his eyes darkened, and Gu Anxin trembled. In the dark night, Ling Yue’s eyes shone with light, and then began to become hazy, with a temptation that made her enchanted.

“Come over!”

Gu Anxin put down the bag in her hand and walked to Ling Yue. Seeing his serious expression, she asked, “What’s wrong? Did something bad happen to you?”

Ling Yue reached out and pulled her, then turned over and pressed her on the sofa, saying in a low voice, “You bought new clothes and got a new hairstyle. Are you planning to please me?”

Gu Anxin’s heart trembled, and she looked at Ling Yue with some fear, “Third brother, it’s because…well…”

Ling Yue no longer wanted to give her a chance to speak. Then some things were done.

Ling Yue now understood why women always kept changing their looks. Because women’s slight changes gave men a sense of freshness, and men would serve them like queens, and they were willing to do so even if they were not trying hard enough.

Gu Anxin didn’t expect that she just changed her hairstyle and skirt, and third brother didn’t get off her until three in the morning as if he had taken stimulants.

Gu Anxin was too tired to talk. She thought she would tell him the business tomorrow morning!

When she woke up the next morning, Gu Anxin was still so fascinated that she couldn’t open her eyes. Ling Yue had already laid out breakfast, “Go and wash your hands!”

Sitting at the table, Gu Anxin couldn’t help but nod. Ling Yue couldn’t help laughing and personally brought bread and milk to feed her, “Don’t go to work today!”

After all, Gu Anxin did not forget about the business, “Third brother, I have a colleague who is getting married today. Please come with me!”

Ling Yue paused his hand and said calmly, “I don’t have time today.”

“It won’t take long. We just have dinner together in the evening. If you don’t have enough time, we won’t go singing with them in the evening!” Gu Anxin explained that for the first time, she wanted to introduce her third brother to her colleagues, her friends.

Ling Yue frowned slightly, “Anxin, don’t make trouble, I really don’t have time today.”

Gu Anxin paused while drinking milk, “Then are you free tomorrow?”


The excitement of the crazy shopping the day before and the joy of the two of them having sex in the evening were not worth the sadness at this moment.

“Third brother, when will you have time? My colleagues…, they want to meet you!”

Ling Yue put down the bread and milk and looked at Gu Anxin casually, “Just colleagues from Dachuan Comics Company? Are they worthy?”

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