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Ji Muye put on a thin white silk robe, with his long hair untied and a shawl over his shoulders. His beautiful collarbone was exposed, and his strong back muscles were faintly visible.

Jiang Zheng also put on a set of golden silk robes as thin as cicada wings, with a bun behind her head, two strands of hair hung down at her temples, and even her makeup was deliberately traced to the corners of her eyes, making it extraordinarily charming and seductive.

The lighting team made the indoor lighting soft and moving. Two thick and large happy candles, carved with dragons and phoenixes, were burning.

Jiang Zheng was not nervous at first, but when she saw Ji Muye dressed like this, she immediately began to hiccup nervously. One after another, she couldn’t even hide it.

Han Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he quickly brought her warm water to drink.

This was the first time Jiang Zheng was doing such a scene, and she had no experience at all. No, she didn’t even have that kind of life experience. As for the kiss scene, it was easy to do after some psychological construction, but she couldn’t even imagine this kind of thing.

Because of the status of the queen, today’s scene required her to take the initiative to “start”… Take the initiative to be a ghost! She didn’t dare, she didn’t dare!

Han Yi coaxed, “Otherwise, let’s use a substitute!”

Jiang Zheng pouted and shook her head. If in this scene she used a substitute, what about the later parts?

Ji Muye’s side wasn’t much better. He was so red that he started to pat his earlobes. Jing Meini spoke to him, but he didn’t hear a word. The sound of his heartbeat was amplified infinitely, and the figure in front of him swayed in slow motion.

Jiang Zheng caught a glimpse of the wine glass on the table next to her, picked it up and drank it, only to find that it was water.

“Bring the wine!”

Everyone: “…”

Han Yi was taken aback, “Zhengzheng, what are you doing?”

Jiang Zheng gritted his teeth, “Drinking will make me more courageous!”

The staff brought the wine, Jiang Zheng gulped down three sips, and Han Yi couldn’t stop her.

Xing Weimin smiled when he saw this scene but did not speak. Anyway, Her Majesty the Queen was still slightly drunk. Some actors could perform well when drunk, while others needed to drink a little to get into the state. Everyone had their own way of acting. So, it was not surprising.

After a few sips of wine, her stomach felt warm. Jiang Zheng turned her head and saw Ji Muye. She shook the jug across the crowd, “Teacher Ji?”

Muye shook his head like a frightened fried chicken. It was almost like a rattle.

Jiang Zheng shrugged, thinking that Brother Mu was still very powerful. In this case, it could be put away freely.

As a result, when Jiang Zheng leaned against the golden embroidered cushion and smiled at him, Ji Muye blinked and suddenly reached out and shouted: “Bring the wine!”

Jiang Zheng: “…”

The male and female lead became a little drunk together, and the night play began.

Cui Ling changed into the white robes and held a book in his hand. When he lifted his foot and came in, he saw Her Majesty leaning on the soft slump, and she looked at him and smiled.

He lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, “Your Majesty, I went to find a book.” He just grabbed a book on the next shelf and held it in his hand. Although he didn’t know what to do, he always felt that it won’t be so embarrassing if he held something in his hand.

Tang Qinlan sat up straight, got up and walked over, took the book from Cui Ling’s hand, and threw it aside.

Cui Ling: “…”

“You must know a lot of interesting things since you have travelled from the south to the north. Come and tell me? Huh?”

As she said the last word, um, she swayed around gently, making people’s souls fascinated, and it made Cui Ling’s face red again.

He paused, “The official will follow the order.”

Tang Qinlan seemed to feel a lot of helplessness, and she didn’t know how to make him put aside his many concerns, so that he could see the free and easy, the way he had when she first met him.

She was sitting, Cui Ling was standing, and the two were acting as polite as strangers.

Tang Qinlan frowned, got up and walked in front of him, she was just a short distance away, and could hear his heartbeat.

She waved her sleeves, and the candle light went out. The inside of the hall was dark, and only the two ten thousand year candles were left swaying, acting as the last light.

Tang Qinlan reached out and caressed Cui Ling’s wrist, shook it down, and grabbed his hand.

The joints of the hand were distinct, and the hand calluses were a little rough.

She turned around without hesitation, pulled him, and walked to the bed step by step.

At this time, the camera zoomed out, the red curtain was rolled up, and the two figures were sitting on the bed together.

Tang Qinlan caressed Cui Ling’s shoulder with a slender hand, and hooked his chin with the other hand, making him turn around.

The fingertips ran across his cheek and across his earlobe, Tang Qinlan chuckled, “Cui Ling, are you shy?”

Cui Ling lowered his eyes, daring not to move, nor to admit it.

Tang Qinlan pinched his earlobe, and finally let him go, caressing him on the neck, and just like that, her red lips pressed against it.

The lens was zoomed out again, and the silhouette was graceful and charming.

The slender figure slowly leaned back down, raised her slender arms, and hooked her fingers on the man’s clothes on the opposite side… The two figures finally overlapped.

Ups and downs, slightly bowing, swaying, lingering, the curtain swayed with layers of ripples…

Everyone held their breath. Xing Weimin even forgot to shout cut.

The thin shirt slipped off Jiang Zheng’s shoulder, and Jiang Zheng’s fair complexion made Ji Muye lose his mind for a moment.

Her jaw lifted slightly, her arms were hooked around his neck, Ji Muye couldn’t hold back any longer, he lowered his head and kissed her fiercely…

The author has something to say: Ji Muye: I can’t bear to ride on a horse!

Jiang Zheng: I finally pinched Brother Mu’s ruby earlobe while the show was playing. Awesome!

Call the Civil Affairs Bureau (matchmaker) to come out and get the red envelope, that’s it. In order to celebrate Brother Ji’s wish, the little angels who commented on this piece all gave out red envelopes.

T/N: This was such a suggestive chapter… I’m feeling hot under the collar, I think I also need some wine!!!!

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