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Jiang Zheng was stunned by the sudden kiss, and the heat on her lips made her back crisp and itchy, as if her soul had been swept away, leaving only her body. The touch of lips and teeth filled her heart.

She opened her eyes, and Ji Muye’s eyelashes trembled slightly, like butterfly wings brushing the bottom of her heart little by little.

At this moment, Ji Muye slowly opened his eyes, the corners of his eyes were curved, and the stars were shining in his eyes. He smiled like the first time he saw the Queen in the streets. He even reached out to kiss Jiang Zheng’s temple, “Your Majesty… won’t blame this minister?”

Jiang Zheng: “…” Did they have this line?

Xing Weimin did not dare to interrupt and signaled to let all departments continue.

Ji Muye smiled like a bright moon, but his eyes were red. After many days of suffering, he was disarmed and had surrendered today.

“Even if your majesty blames the minister, the minister…will die without regret.”

Jiang Zheng’s heart was soft and sad because of his words. Although there were no such lines in the script, these two sentences moved her and moved her heart, she even wanted to cry. The sweet part was over, followed by the moment of abuse. Before that, there was nothing to worry about, no matter how difficult the mountains and rivers were, and the unpredictable people’s hearts, at least at this moment, the two of them only saw each other. He had no regrets, and neither did she.

Jiang Zheng choked, “I gave you the courage. I won’t blame you.”

Ji Muye pursed his lips and smiled, then leaned over and kissed her again.

Xing Weimin shouted ‘cut’ softly.

Ji Muye’s jaw rested on Jiang Zheng’s shoulder, and he was so embarrassed that he didn’t dare to look up. Just now, he kissed her unexpectedly, but fortunately, he added two lines in a hurry. Would Jiang Zheng kick him down?

Xing Weimin walked over with a smile, “Aiya, Teacher Jiang, the little movement you made of pinching Muye’s earlobe just now was so cute, it was a stroke of genius.”

Jiang Zheng: “…” Boom! Was discovered.

She coughed twice, Ji Muye quickly got up, and even reached out and pulled her up.

“As Her Majesty the Queen, you are majestic and dignified outside, but you can inadvertently show a little girl’s heart in front of your husband, which will make the Queen’s character more defined and complicated.”

Xing Weimin was full of praise, but Jiang Zheng was confused, she really hadn’t been able to help it, she didn’t think so much.

Teacher Yu Juan also came over and praised Ji Muye, “Muye, the moment you kissed her suddenly touched me.”

Ji Muye: “…”

“Cui Ling is such a contradictory body. The audience can see that he has fallen in love with the queen, but he hasn’t realized it yet. He doesn’t dare to be emotional because of the reality, but who can resist the charm of the heroine. The queen is high above others, but she only favors one person. With a heart of real gold, who wouldn’t accept it? If Cui Ling kept resisting, it would not be in line with human nature, and the solitary expression of you as a person who struggled with pain and sacrificed just now is perfect.” Teacher Yu Juan repeatedly praised.

Ji Muye: “………………”

Everyone was having a heated discussion.

“Yeah. Teacher Ji’s two lines just now made my heart tremble.”    

“The big guy is the big guy. He’s really good in figuring out the character’s mood.”

“The ratings would explode again.”

Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye glanced at each other guiltily and laughed at each other.

Probably the only two sober people in the audience were Han Yi and Jing Meini. For some reason, the two of them had a tacit understanding and wanted to go out to take a breath. One after the other, Jing Meini took out a cigarette, lit it, and threw one to Han Yi amongst the smoke.

In the distance, the mountains were covered with clouds, and the sound of the river was faint.

Jing Meini suddenly sighed and said, “It’s not easy to lead an actor.”

Han Yi was quite touched, “Yeah.”

After a pause, Jing Meini clicked, “You don’t need to worry about anything in your family, what are you complaining about?”

Han Yi smiled meaningfully, “Isn’t the one from your family too carefree as well?”

The two looked at each other and closed their mouths with mixed feelings.

After episodes 7 and 8 aired this weekend, the ratings hit a new high. The fans of the Dongnu Country had finally waited for the bridal room scene. They did not miss any frame or any second, and it finally turned into the world’s largest and most sour lemon essence, as they sighed and braved through the sour water.

Her Majesty’s subtle and chic ways of showing love immediately aroused heated discussions online. Nowadays, people’s expressions of love always seemed so casual and perfunctory, and intentional boyfriends would even choose carefully on shopping websites. Some people directly threw WeChat red envelopes and let their girlfriends buy anything they wanted. Of course, some people said that the gifts that the boyfriend chose would always be blind, so it was better to dump cash on her directly, the more the better. But why did so many girls feel moved when they saw Her Majesty’s carefully folded flower branches, the poems she wrote when looking at the distant mountains and clouds, and the crystal clear dew collected in the early morning for Cui Ling, and shouted for a dozen men like Her Majesty? Netizens had a heated discussion about these two ways of showing love.

The play on the night of the bridal chamber was even sweeter with little stars in the sky. Everyone sent congratulatory messages to the official blog of “Dongnu Country” to congratulate Her Majesty the Queen and Her Royal Highness on their wedding. Although they didn’t know what the follow-up plot would be, they had a lot of words about the early birth of a royal daughter and even the inexhaustible descendants.

Jiang Zheng’s fans were full of honor, their sister Zheng’s acting skills were at a higher level, and she would surely be scheduled for an award for next year.

A large part of Ji Muye’s fans hated Jiang Zheng. When “Dongnu Country” first released the posters of the male and female protagonists, they quarreled on Weibo, but Ji Muye did not come forward to comfort them. A short video about the cut part of Ji Muye in “Dongnu Kingdom” was then released. Later, the discussion about “Dongnu Country” was too intense and extensive. These people couldn’t hold it any longer. They watched the main drama secretly, and then lied. It was said that many of Ji Muye’s large fan groups had turned from only Ji Muye fans to CP fans of the two.

At the same time, on the weekends two nights, mother Chen Jinjiao and aunt Chen Meiting also watched the latest episodes in front of the TV.

Chen Jinjiao called Jiang Ran to come and watch together. Jiang Ran went to the kitchen with a cold face and brought a cup of water. He turned his back to the TV to collect and drink water. He used his back to explain one thing: Brother Ran has no interest in this matter.

Chen Jinjiao was too lazy to talk with him, so she hugged a pillow with her sister, and cried while watching.

“My mother! My little girl’s heart is just around the corner. Suddenly I really want to fall in love.”

“Sister, me too. I have watched the scene of husband selection many times, and the looks of many boys are my favorite. If I was twenty years younger, I would definitely start chasing stars.”

Jiang Ran: “?”

“Oh, little girl, look at it, Ji Muye looks good in a red dress. It’s a good match for him!”

“Yes, sister. From the first episode, I watched him and liked him everywhere.”

Jiang Ran:”?”    

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…She’s so cute, when she closed her eyes, she looked so innocent.”

Jiang Ran: “.”

Chen Jinjiao turned her head and saw Jiang Ran staring at the TV with a glass of water, his brows furrowed.

She laughed uncontrollably, “It’s a slap in the face. Who just said so firmly that he didn’t even want to look at it?”

Jiang Ran gritted his teeth, “Is a guy who doesn’t live up to his name worthy of your screaming? How cute are people who NG so much? Where is the pure love?”

Aunt Chen Meiting was stunned for a moment, raised two fingers to touch, “Oh, when the kiss scene was filmed, wouldn’t the two of them keep kissing if there were many NGs?”

Jiang Ran: “… …” This was chicken and duck talk! Chicken? Ji Muye? Why was he everywhere!

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