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Although he was prepared in his heart, he did not expect Lin Jianlu to be such a straightforward person!

So what did he see?

Shocked in the same fashion but still able to stabilize his emotions, Yan Han smiled and asked, “What did you see?”

Unexpectedly, Lin Jianlu said, “I basically know all the children in that orphanage. It happened because I didn’t think about it well. No one will bully them in the future.”

“…” Yan Han felt suffocated because he was too nervous, and almost fainted, but he had no expression on his face: “Oh.”

“Student Lin, what do you mean?”

“I just told you that if any other bad boys go to the orphanage to make trouble, someone will take care of it. And don’t worry about your fight. That little gangster has no strength and no evidence and can’t move you.”

“Huh? Ah…”

Yan Han tried to analyze Lin Jianlu’s words. He knew that this person had a good family background, but he hadn’t been in contact with the nobles before, so if Lin Jianlu took care of this matter, there was really nothing to worry about.

He said, “Thank you, Student Lin.”

“But fighting is not a good thing after all.” Lin Jianlu said again, “You see that you are all injured. It is best to think about whether there is any other better way to deal with it before fighting.”

Yan Han: “Oh.”

“Are you seriously injured?” Lin Jianlu asked again.

“It’s okay.” He subconsciously said that it was okay. But looking back, he felt that his answer was too strong. So, Yan Han forced himself to pretend to be pitiful with a stiff expression: “It should have been scratched but there is a bit of bleeding. I just don’t know if it will leave any scars, ah! Peep peep peep.”

He pretended to grunt twice, and at the same time deeply thanked Xiao Wu for reminding him of scars.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have a direction to pretend.

Yan Han consciously acted very naturally, but he didn’t expect his actions would cause Lin Jianlu to show such a great reaction.

“Where did you get such good skills?”

Unlike Ji Changdong’s worship, Lin Jianlu’s current words were full of inquiry.

Yan Han…his cold sweat was almost dripping down, and he couldn’t that since he was a child, he had naturally practiced a kung fu.

The reality was that it was okay to have him fight, but he couldn’t do it if he wanted him to make up nonsense stories.

Being exposed to Lin Jianlu’s unblinking gaze staring at him, Yan Han had no choice but to calm himself down.

He calmly analyzed the current situation. Even if Lin Jianlu thought he was strange, ordinary people shouldn’t think that this strangeness was strange in terms of gender, right?

But apart from the issue of gender that could not be exposed, other speculations were harmless to him.

Even if he was skeptical after 10,000 steps, could Lin Jianlu’s suspicion fall on him? As long as he didn’t show his feet, he didn’t believe that the other party could see through his identity.

Yan Han cleared up his guilty conscience and said cleanly: “I did learn some kung fu when I was a child, but I never used it in actual combat. I was too anxious just now. I was afraid that they would hurt the children in the orphanage. I didn’t expect I could beat them…”

Lin Jianlu: “Yeah.”

Yes, who the **** stipulated that girls must not be able to fight, and that they must be weak?

In Yan Han’s opinion, it was normal for girls to know how to work hard, and it was normal to have a few moments, and they were completely normal even if they had an aggressive personality and rough behavior. In the past, the second person who worshipped the handle with him was a woman, and the insiders did not dare to provoke her even more than Yan Han.

Speaking of his second sister, she also happened to have the surname Sun, so they all jokingly called her Sun Erniang.

As soon as he thought of this Sun Erniang, Yan Han felt as if he had a backing in his heart, and his heart stabilized.

At least from the current point of view, he had passed this level.

Seeing his relaxed demeanor, Lin Jianlu didn’t speak any more, and Yan Han exhaled, subconsciously trying to pat his chest with his hands to comfort himself.

Later when he thought about it, Lin Jianlu seemed to suspect that he had no chest.

Wasn’t it all exposed in this film?

When this was sensitive, you couldn’t give the other party a little hint!

Stopping his movements, Yan Han leaned back in his chair, pretending that he didn’t want to talk anymore, and made a posture of looking up at the sky at a 45-degree angle, trying to present his most beautiful side to Lin Jianlu.

In any case, Yan Han still had confidence in his appearance.

He didn’t believe that when he saw his face, there were still people who would be free to think about other things!

Seeing that Lin Jianlu was looking at his profile, he did not speak anymore.

The large off-road vehicle shuttled all the way through the busy traffic. The driver in front was very skilled, and the two quickly returned to school.

What was amazing was that this car turned out to be a registered car, and it could enter the school gate directly, driving smoothly all the way, and finally arrived at the school infirmary.

Yan Han opened the door with one hand, and Lin Jianlu got out of the car shortly thereafter, and said to the driver, “You go back first.”

Looked like he still wanted to accompany him to the infirmary?!

Yan Han said, “I can go in by myself, please go on with your work, classmate Lin.”

“It’s okay.” Lin Jianlu said, “You are injured. It’s the weekend again. Let me go in with you.”

Yan Han: “…”

He actually didn’t want Lin Jianlu to accompany him in at all.

Anyway, Li Hongqing was the only person on this campus who knew his identity, so he could take a breath of anger, at least he wouldn’t always have to think that he was wearing women’s clothing in front of him.

Pushing open the door of the school infirmary, Li Hongqing blew out like a gust of wind: “Here you are! Let me see you quickly…”

The sound stopped abruptly when he saw two people appear.

Yan Han didn’t have time to see Lin Jianlu’s reaction, so he could only wink at him desperately.

Li Hongqing reacted quickly, his expression quickly recovering its calm, as he asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Injured.” Yan Han said very cooperatively.

“Where is it hurt, come and sit down.” Li Hongqing in a white coat instantly entered the role.

“My arm was cut by a knife.” Yan Han sat down. He was injured on his forearm. The wound should not be deep. He covered it in the car for a long time and it was no longer bleeding, but he still didn’t dare to struggle.

“How did this happen?” Li Hongqing asked while checking Yan Han’s…sleeves.

He was wearing a sweater with tight cuffs. Although his sleeves were loose, his arm was hurt, and he obviously couldn’t push up his sleeves.

…It was not even possible to take it off.

He saw that Lin Jianlu was still watching, but he wasn’t wearing anything inside!

Yan Han blinked again desperately to wink at Li Hongqing. Li Hongqing pretended to ask, “Are you wearing clothes inside? It will be more convenient if you take off the clothes.”

Next to him, Lin Jianlu stood motionless, his eyes fixed in Yan Han’s direction, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

After Lin Jianlu entered the infirmary, he only stood and did not sit. He didn’t know if it was due to his cleanliness obsession. Li Hongqing didn’t care about him either.

But Lin Jianlu who stood like this gave people a sense of oppression for no reason.

It was normal for people who were not speaking to seem to be in a daze, but looking at Lin Jianlu’s eyes and expressions, when he was not talking, he was definitely not in a daze, but more like thinking.

Now the other party stared at him condescendingly, causing Yan Han’s hair on the back of his neck to straighten.

Yan Han didn’t dare to delay and shook his head violently to cooperate with Li Hongqing in acting: “I didn’t wear it, I didn’t wear anything inside. Or I should just push the sleeve up, it doesn’t matter that my arms are thin…”

“Can’t you just cut off her sleeves?” said Lin Jianlu, who had been silent for a long time next to him.

“Yes, we can!” Li Hongqing almost clapped his hands and applauded, “This method is okay!”

Yan Han: “…”

It can be a fart! Lao Tzu is poor, except for school uniforms, there are only two **** clothes that are not skirts.

But even if this dress was not torn, there was also a lot of blood on the sleeves, so it was really not suitable for wearing again.

Yan Han had no choice but to let Li Hongqing cut off his sleeves.

When a piece of white jade-like arm was exposed, even Li Hongqing couldn’t help exclaiming when he saw the injury.

The wound was long, not deep, and it was not hideous to look at.

But when this blood clotted wound appeared on such a piece of fragrant muscle and jade-skinned arm, the feeling that the visual impact brought to people was truly extraordinary.

Not to mention Li Hongqing, even Yan Han thought he couldn’t blame Xiao Wu for coming out to beat him before. If there were so many scars on such an arm, it would be like a blemish on a naturally carved jade. Yes, it would really hurt.

Yan Han said, “You can’t leave scars.”

Li Hongqing gave him a look and then asked, “How did this happen?”

I accidentally scratched myself…Yan Han wanted to say so, but Lin Jianlu next to him had already spoken: “Being brave for righteousness.”

“…Okay.” Li Hongqing took the disinfectant and smeared it on him. After checking it carefully, he said, “The wound is not deep and no stitches are needed. I’ll wrap it up for you. If you recover well, no scars will be left.”

Yan Han gritted his teeth with pain and trembling under the stimulation of the disinfectant: “Okay.”

The pungent smell of disinfectant permeated the infirmary. After packing, because there was Lin Jianlu between the two, there was no way to communicate too much. Li Hongqing told him to come to change the dressing the next day, and then asked him to pay attention and the matter was let go.

Li Hongqing’s technique was very good, and the medicine used was also very good. After the wound was wrapped, it did not hurt anymore.

Seeing that Lin Jianlu was there, the two dared not communicate more.

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