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STV TV headquarters building.

A black nanny car approached like a swimming shark and stopped steadily under the high porch.

The car door opened slowly, a red high-heeled shoe gently touched the ground, the slender calf was straight but curved, the red skirt that appeared was touching a round and white knee, and it felt that at the next second, a bright and decisive figure would definitely step out from the car.

Three or four people rushed down from the car behind, one of them was holding an umbrella, and a path was opened up automatically for the person. The security guard at the door hurriedly pushed open the glass door, and the atmosphere instantly became anxious.

The high-heeled shoes stepped on the marble surface in a hurry, and the originally busy flow of people in the building quickly retreated three meters away with the sound of clattering.

The staff hurriedly opened the VIP gate and bowed to welcome the person.

Jiang Zheng pursed her red lips tightly, her face was blank, her beautiful and clean chin was slightly raised, and she walked straight into the elevator.

There happened to be a boy standing inside holding a document. He was startled by the visitor. Without thinking, he rushed out sideways and stood against the elevator wall. He didn’t forget to apologize with a trembling voice, “I’m sorry, Teacher Jiang.”

Jiang Zheng turned around, raised her hand to adjust her hair, and pressed the close button of the elevator expressionlessly.

Her agent quickly got into the elevator next door.

The elevator rushed to the 33rd floor.

There were people waiting at the elevator entrance. When they saw the elevator door open, they immediately followed and said with a smile, “Ms. Jiang, VIP room 3303 is your dressing room. Our head will be here soon.”

Jiang Zheng stopped and glanced sideways to Han Yi, the agent who had come from another elevator.

Han Yi smiled and said: “I’m really sorry. Zhengzheng is a little tired. Can the director come in half an hour?”

The man didn’t feel wronged at all, and laughed repeatedly: “Yes, of course. I will inform the director.”

Walking into 3303, Jiang Zheng immediately took off her sunglasses, the tip of her beautiful nose was slightly wrinkled, and there was a hint of resentment in her tone, “Didn’t you say that Ji Muye is also recording a show here, why didn’t I see anyone?”

Han Yi hurriedly closed the door, but said helplessly, “Can we not chase stars at some other time?” Fortunately, we didn’t run into him, otherwise it would be a big trouble.

Jiang Zheng has been sticking to Ji Muye’s wall for many years, refusing all red apricots[1] in her infatuation. Only Han Yi knew about this. The key was that to be liked by a hated but popular person like Jiang Zheng, she was afraid not many people would be willing. Once this secret was revealed, the consequences were unimaginable.

Jiang Zheng sat paralyzed on the sofa, and the domineering aura she had just condensed quickly disappeared. She shook her beautiful calf and muttered, “It’s too tiring. I can’t even like my brother Mu.”

My brother Mu…

Han Yi was speechless and choked, “If you meet Ji Muye later, you can’t stare at him, and don’t smile at him.”

Jiang Zheng’s brows and eyes were smirking, and the light in her eyes was soft like water, “I can’t think. The key is that my brother Mu is so good-looking, I’m afraid I can’t control it.”

Han Yi: “…”

At this moment, someone knocked on the door, it was a makeup artist. They thought she had come to prepare Jiang Zheng for her makeup photos. Next month, Jiang Zheng would participate in a TV series which had been invested in by STV TV station. Today, in addition to discussing cooperation matters with the director of the station, she would also try makeup, hair and clothes of the character. However, she had said before that the makeup artist should come back in two hours.

Jiang Zheng immediately lowered her lazy legs, her expression became restrained, and she lowered her eyes and rubbed the tips of her fingers lightly.

The makeup artist was apologetic as soon as she came in, “I’m sorry, Teacher Jiang. Teacher Ji Muye wants to borrow your dressing room…”

Before she could finish her words, she saw Jiang Zheng raise her head suddenly, her brows and eyes very indifferent.

Han Yi: “…” The acting was really good.

The makeup artist was originally afraid of Jiang Zheng’s anger, this woman was notoriously cold-hearted and black-mouthed. If she accidentally touched her bottom line, she would be banned. But the light tube in the dressing room next door suddenly broke. Ji Muye was going to participate in an interview program on the stage in half an hour. She didn’t have time to change the place, so she dared to come over and ask Jiang Zheng… Now it seemed that she came here because she was out of her mind.

Just when the make-up artist was regretting everything, Jiang Zheng sent out a vague hmm from her nose, lowered her head and picked up the script set on the coffee table.

Makeup artist: “?”

Han Yi immediately smiled and said, “Yes, why not? Please come in, please come in!” Hastily! Security Risk one!

The makeup artist breathed a sigh of relief and thought to herself: I don’t know why Han Yi, who has such a good temper, can’t think better of it, and is willing to be an agent under the command of the big devil Jiang? Wasn’t he afraid of being dissed to death?!

Jiang Zheng rolled her eyes in her heart: She was tired of playing the villainess! However, this setting could not collapse, as this was how she protected herself.

She didn’t dare to look up, so she pretended to be very involved in the script.

But the tall and slender legs on the opposite side just squeezed into her line of sight, disturbing her heart.

A gentle and magnetic voice sounded in her ear, “Thank you, Teacher Jiang Zheng!”

Han Yi instantly became nervous. Jiang Zheng’s favorite was Ji Muye’s voice. She said she could get pregnant just by listening to his voice. If Ji Muye called her name on the spot, she would immediately perform a 360-degree rolling top for him. He had thought it was just a face-to-face borrowing and use of the dressing room, but he didn’t calculate that Ji Muye would call her that. Auntie, you can’t collapse.

Jing Meini stood beside Ji Muye, her face getting more and more ugly. After working in the brokerage industry for so many years, she had never seen such an arrogant female star as Jiang Zheng. She acted as if everyone should kneel and lick the ground in front of her. After all, Ji Muye was five years older than her, and calling her a teacher was just flattering her, yet she dared to keep her head down and ignore others. It was really too much.

Jiang Zheng’s fingertips were curled up, and the words “Teacher Jiang Zheng” almost broke through her defenses. It was really nice to hear her name in his voice. Her whole heart seemed to have been flattened by a clothes iron, and she felt very comfortable. She really wanted to lie down and ask him to continue calling her.

She resisted the impulse, slowly raised her head, and directly slammed into his gaze. Although she was prepared, she still fell into it.

Ah ah ah ah, your eyes are like a sea of stars, people really don’t lie!

Ji Muye smiled and said, “Long time no see, sorry to bother you!”

Jiang Zheng’s back was tight, and she forcibly pulled her eyes back from Ji Muye’s body. She lowered her eyes and said lightly, “Oh.”

Ji Muye was not angry, he walked to the dressing table and sat down. The makeup artist hurriedly ran over to continue the transformation and sighed while doing so: Ji Muye himself was too gentle, he could smile so warmly despite being snubbed, he was a good gentleman with a warm heart, and he deserved to be the most popular in the circle.

Jing Meini gave Jiang Zheng a deep look and walked over.

The atmosphere had turned solid.

Han Yi handed Jiang Zheng a glass of water and winked at her.

Jiang Zheng took a sip, put down the water glass, and suddenly said, “When you get older, you need to rest more.”

Ji Muye: “!!!”

Jing Meini was almost half-dead from anger, what did Jiang Zheng mean? Was it because she disliked Ji Muye’s age? Or did she dislike Ji Muye because of his old age and seniority, and still occupying good resources?

The makeup artist shuddered. Damn, she’s here, she’s here. As expected of the queen of poisonous tongues, whoever she sees, she scorns.

Jiang Zheng looked indifferent, then she adjusted her sitting position and continued to read the script. Hehe. Brother Mu’s dark circles were visible to the naked eye, could Jing Meini be blind? A ruthless woman who only knew how to squeeze him desperately.

Ji Muye’s expression remained unchanged, looking at himself in the mirror, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, his face indeed showed the vicissitudes of life. However, he still smiled calmly: “Thank you, Teacher Jiang, for your concern.”

Jiang Zheng didn’t answer, taking him as air. Han Yi quietly wiped away his sweat.

Ji Muye quickly put on makeup and said goodbye.

Back in the rest room, Jing Meini lowered her voice, “Jiang Zheng said that when you have grown older, you should rest more. Was she implying that you’ve been getting older?”

Ji Muye paused, “Don’t give me any more work for the time being. Jiang Zheng is right, I have been squeezed dry like this by you.”

Jing Meini choked, “…she said before that your acting is bullshit, why aren’t you angry?”

Ji Muye looked indifferent: “I was really blind that time. The book was good, but not suitable for me. Sure enough, after the broadcast, the response was mediocre, and I lost a lot of my favorability. Besides, the word “bullshit” was written up by the media, and what she said was that I have bad eyesight.”

Was there a difference?

Jing Meini said angrily, “Do you like her, is that why you are speaking for her like this?”

Ji Muye put his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes, “I also hope that one day, I can be like her.

“Stubborn, unbridled and free.”

Emmmmm Jing Mini frowned instantly. Since his debut, Ji Muye had formed a fixed impression among fans and audiences, from a good younger brother to a warm boy to a gentle older brother. If he suddenly became like Jiang Zheng, the sky would fall.

“Why frown? Even though it sounds refreshing, I just envy it.” Ji Muye said with a faint smile, “Jiang Zheng can at most be a good friend, my wife can only be a cute little sweetheart.”

Jing Meini: “…”

After Ji Muye left, Jiang Zheng immediately collapsed and stomped her feet, and her tears of grievance were about to fall, “Han Yi, I really wanted Brother Mu to rest more. Look at his face. So haggard.”

Han Yi sighed.

When Jiang Zheng was interviewed by the media for the first time, the reporter asked her: Miss Jiang, there are rumors that you paid for the album yourself?

Jiang Zheng told the truth: I have money, I wanted to come up with it, so I paid for it.

The result was written by the media as: the eldest lady of the music circle who brought money to enter the industry.

Jiang Zheng was so angry that she attacked the reporter and showed no mercy. From then on, Jiang Zheng started the history of being hacked.

Who knew that the more she hated on people, the more fans would love her? She simply created three shining personas for herself: vicious tongue without mercy, sincerity without pretense, strong and not afraid of the dark. As a result, she was considered one of the best actresses, and her popularity was inexplicable.

In view of this, even if Jiang Zheng said some caring words, it was always thought of as inappropriate.

Han Yi comforted her: “Ji Muye is such a good person, he won’t be angry with you. He may have even… felt your kindness.”

Jiang Zheng suddenly smiled, her eyebrows curved like the fine willows in early spring, “That’s right. When he called me Teacher Jiang Zheng just now, he was so warm and soft. I really regret not recording it.”

Han Yi: “…”

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[1] Attractive people, generally used for women, but maybe used for men here.

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