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After buying everything, Ji Juechuan pushed the shopping cart with one hand, and led Yan Yan with the other. Like other young couples who came to the supermarket to buy things, they walked to the cashier hand in hand.

The cashier secretly looked at the two high-value customers, and took out the products in the cart one by one.

After Ji Juechuan paid the money, he saw that Yan Yan had packed all the goods into the bag. The big bag was bulging and looked heavy.

He frowned slightly, and before Yan Yan could lift the bag, he walked over and took the bag first, with his other hand hanging by his side, as if he was waiting for something.

The bag in front of him was suddenly taken away, Yan Yan was stunned for a moment, then quickly realized, smiled at Ji Juechuan, and went to hold his hand again.

The familiar soft touch came from the palm of his hand, and Ji Juechuan moved his fingers, leading the person outside.

The driver, Uncle Zhao, was waiting outside the mall. When he saw the two people coming out, he stepped forward to take the bag from Ji Juechuan and put it on the passenger seat, and opened the rear door for them.

“President Ji, are we going back now?”

Ji Juechuan nodded, “Send him back first, and then send me to the company.”


Yan Yan was thinking about cleaning the bartending props after going back, and practicing making drinks again, so as not to make mistakes during the live broadcast. It so happened that if Ji Juechuan was not at home, it would be more convenient for him to operate.

Even so, he still leaned close to Ji Juechuan stickily, raised his moist eyes and said, “Honey, you have to go to the company later, don’t you want to go home?”

Uncle Zhao glanced happily in the rearview mirror. The two people in the back seat had wrinkles on their faces from smiling.

With such a well-behaved and beautiful lover at home, even a workaholic like Mr. Ji probably would want to stay at home all the time.

Ji Juechuan felt his fingers being gently pulled, but not too hard, as if he was reluctant to keep him.

He turned his head, met Yan Yan’s round and beautiful eyes, and his heart skipped a beat, then he turned his face away.


Seeing him turning his face away, the corners of Yan Yan’s lips curled up, and he wanted to stick to him again, when Ji Juechuan said:

“Aunt Zhang has returned to her hometown, and no one is cooking at home, then let’s you and I go to the company together.”

Yan Yan was dazed, and just about to say that he could order takeout, when he saw Ji Juechuan take out his mobile phone and make a call, asking the person on the phone to prepare an extra set for lunch at noon.

He flattened his mouth, knowing that he could not speak now.

When Uncle Zhao heard this, he quickly turned the car around and drove towards the company.

It seemed that Mr. Ji really liked Young Master Yan, and he had to take him with him even at work. The two of them were so sticky before they got married, they would definitely be fine after they get married.

The three people in the car had their own thoughts and reached the company in silence.

No one came to the company on weekends, and there was only the front desk on duty and a few employees in the lobby downstairs. When they saw Ji Juechuan, they all stopped to say hello, and looked curiously at Yan Yan behind him.

Yan Yan followed Ji Juechuan. In the company, he didn’t dare to hold Ji Juechuan’s hand, but Ji Juechuan took big steps and he had to trot to keep up.

He glanced at Ji Juechuan’s hand hanging by his side several times. Although he knew that Ji Juechuan would walk slower after he took it, he still didn’t dare to take it after seeing the eyes of those employees.

It was fine for other places, but this was in the company, and it was too blatant to hold hands.

Besides, he remembered that the protagonist Shou in the book worked in Ji Juechuan’s company. If he was seen, it might hinder the progress of their relationship.

After entering the elevator, the sight of others was finally cut off, and Yan Yan heaved a sigh of relief, took a step back calmly, and still kept a distance from Ji Juechuan.

Ji Juechuan naturally noticed his movements, his jaw line tightened, and his face was not good-looking.

Ever since he entered the company gate, Yan Yan had always acted as if he was not familiar with him. Outside, he was holding hands and hugging his arms. After entering, he followed him all the time, keeping a distance of one meter from him, it was like he was afraid that others would get to know that they knew each other.

Was it so embarrassing to have anything to do with him?

With a “ding”, the elevator door slowly opened.

Assistant Lu Ji was waiting outside the elevator. Today he wondered why Mr. Ji didn’t come to the company in the morning. You must know that Mr. Ji was a workaholic, and he would show up at the company early in the morning, even on weekends.

He just received that call, and he was even more surprised when he heard Mr. Ji say that he should prepare two set of lunches at noon.

Just as he was standing outside the elevator, thinking about it, the elevator door opened.

The low air pressure inside surrounded him for a moment, and he keenly felt that the atmosphere was not right, and the next second he saw Ji Juechuan walking out with a dark face.

After a few seconds, another person walked out of the elevator. The person’s steps were light and slow, as if deliberately lagging behind.

With just one glance, he recognized the man.

Wasn’t this the young master Yan he saw on the live broadcast a few days ago?

A smile appeared on Lu Ji’s face. Just as he was about to speak, he heard the man walking in front say coldly: “Lu Ji.”

He quickly put away his smile and followed Ji Juechuan’s footsteps.

Seeing that there was no one else on this floor, Yan Yan relaxed and looked around.

The floor-to-ceiling windows on the right side of the corridor were wide and bright, allowing you to have a panoramic view of City A, and the night view was probably even more beautiful from here.

Ji Juechuan’s office was at the end of the corridor.

There was no one else around, so Yan Yan no longer pretended not to be familiar with him. He sat down on the sofa in the office and looked at Ji Juechuan with bright eyes.

“Husband, what shall we have for lunch?”

Lu Ji, who just poured a glass of water and was about to serve it to Yan Yan, shook his hand. It had only been a few days since they started living together, had they both developed to this point?

He looked at Ji Juechuan’s face again and found that he was still sullen and didn’t lift his eyes.

Good guy, with this attitude, it was not surprising if your wife ran away someday.

Lu Ji brought the water to Yan Yan, and when he saw the young man, who was aggrieved by Ji Juechuan’s neglect just now, blinking and showing him a sweet smile, he couldn’t help but choke on his breath.

When he was watching the live broadcast that day, he thought that Yan Yan was good-looking, but now that he saw the real person in front of him, he just thought he was even more beautiful and exquisite.

He silently glanced at his boss again, if he didn’t cherish such a beauty, it was better to leave it to those in need.

“President Ji, the lunch is ready, shall I bring it here now?”


After Lu Ji went out, Yan Yan’s eyes scanned the office a few times, and then landed on Ji Juechuan who was working.

He walked over lightly and stood behind Ji Juechuan’s office chair.

Ji Juechuan noticed it the moment he stood up, but he didn’t look up, wanting to see what he was going to do.

He felt the man standing behind him, breathing lightly, and then his shoulders were gently pinched a few times by soft hands.

The strength was a bit less, so it would be exaggerated to say that it was a massage, but it was like feeling a cat’s paws on your body.

“Husband, why don’t you take a break?”

After pinching for a while, his shoulders suddenly became heavier, a pair of soft and boneless hands hooked his neck, that beautiful face leaned against his shoulders, and when he spoke, his shallow breath sprayed on his face and his neck.

He turned his head, his thin lips almost brushing against the tip of the boy’s nose, and the familiar fragrance lingered in his nose.

Yan Yan blinked, his ears turned red, but he still didn’t let go of him, so his white chin still rubbed against his shoulder.

“I’m so bored by myself, can you come and accompany me?”

Ji Juechuan fell silent, the unhappiness caused by Yan Yan’s alienation just now had dissipated, he glanced at the document he had opened less than five minutes ago, his lips pursing tightly.

Yan Yan hung half of his body on Ji Juechuan, still wondering why he hadn’t been pushed away before Lu Ji came in with two lunches.

After seeing the scene in the office clearly, he almost bumped into the glass door beside him.

After silently saying “see no evil” a few times in his heart, he put the lunches on the coffee table with his eyes and nose averted carefully.

Before leaving, he still thoughtfully said: “Mr. Ji, I’m going out first, so I won’t disturb you.”

Yan Yan blushed from the neck to the face, quickly got up from Ji Juechuan’s body, sat down on the sofa obediently, and stopped moving.

Lu Ji inexplicably felt a chill on his back, rubbed the back of his neck, muttered “strange” in a low voice, closed the door and walked out.

After the door was closed, Yan Yan opened the two boxes of lunch on the coffee table. The dishes inside were quite delicate and looked very appetizing.

Ji Juechuan sat down next to him. Just as he picked up the lunch box, a slender white hand stretched out in front of him, holding a large piece of fish for him.

When he looked over, Yan Yan’s shallow eyes were bent, as if a puddle of water filled them, looking innocent and lovable.

“Husband, eat more fish to nourish your body.”

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