ACFBL Ch. 14.1

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Ji Juechuan couldn’t see what Yan Yan was thinking.

He stared at the fish in the bowl for a while, picked out the bones one by one with his chopsticks, and placed the fish back under Yan Yan’s astonished gaze.

“Don’t be picky about food.”

Yan Yan was exposed but he wasn’t embarrassed, he just lowered his head obediently and ate the fish after blinking.

“I’ll let Lu Ji take you around the company later, then I’ll take you to dinner in the evening.”

“Yeah.” Yan Yan had no objection, if he couldn’t go home, it didn’t matter where he stayed, he might as well walk around.

“Don’t run around and don’t talk to others casually.” The tone seemed to be talking to a child.

Yan Yan thought that he was afraid that he would tell people about the marriage contract, so he nodded vigorously immediately.

Ji Juechuan glanced at him. Fortunately, today was the weekend and there were not many people in the company. Otherwise, it was estimated that they would have seen the crazy discussions of those employees in the company group soon.

After lunch, Lu Ji showed up at the office on time.

Hearing Ji Juechuan’s order, his long and narrow eyes raised slightly, and then he patted his chest to reassure: “President Ji, don’t worry, I will definitely bring back an intact Master Yan.”

Yan Yan blinked, could he not come back intact as well?

The lunch box on the table was put away by Lu Ji in a bag, and after the coffee table was cleaned up, he made a gesture of invitation to Yan Yan.

When Yan Yan walked to the door, he turned his head again, pursed his ruddy and soft lips into a smile and said: “Husband, then I’ll come to you at night.”

Ji Juechuan was dazzled by that smile, his eyes flickered, and he nodded.

After walking out of the office, Yan Yan followed Lu Ji into the elevator.

Looking at the well-behaved boy who was looking up at the floor numbers, Lu Ji put up with his gossiping heart, and silently said “jobs are important” several times in his heart, such that in the end he was able to not ask any strange questions.

Not long after getting out of the elevator, they came to a small garden, and there was a building next to the garden.

“Over there is a place for employees to have fun and rest, do you want to go and have a look?” Yan Yan nodded and looked around.

The building next to the small garden was connected to the building they were in just now. There were several corridors in the middle, so that the employees could go directly through the corridors when they were resting.

Lu Ji walked in with Yan Yan. The first floor was a cafe, where employees in twos and threes sat on the sofa chatting and discussing work.

Seeing that Yan Yan was not interested in coffee, Lu Ji led him directly to the second floor.

The corridor on the second floor connected the office building. When they went up, two employees happened to be coming from the office building. They were frowning, as if they were talking about some serious topics.

Seeing Lu Ji, the eyes of the two employees lit up, and they waved in their direction: “Lu Zhu, are you free now? We have something to ask you.”

After speaking, afraid of being rejected by Lu Ji, they quickly added a sentence: “It’s the project I was looking for you last time, something went wrong.”

Lu Ji turned to look at Yan Yan, Yan Yan smiled at him, and pointed to the sofa not far away: “I’ll wait for you over there.”

The sofa was not far away, so Lu Ji hesitated, and then nodded: “Okay, I’ll come to you as soon as possible.”

Yan Yan sat down on the sofa, took out his mobile phone and opened the live broadcast software to take a look.

After yesterday’s live broadcast, his fans had increased by a lot. Although it was nothing compared to other anchors, there were still thousands of people.

He clicked on his personal homepage and took a look. After changing his avatar and name, the whole homepage looked much more pleasing to the eye.

He glanced at his fan count with satisfaction and was about to close the software when he suddenly found a small red dot on the message bar.

Could it be a message from a fan?

Yan Yan clicked on the message bar, saw the name of the person who sent him the message, and immediately remembered it.

Wasn’t this the person who sent him a message on WeChat yesterday?

Yesterday, it was too late and he was afraid of disturbing Ji Juechuan from going to sleep, so he didn’t reply to the person’s subsequent messages, and today he completely forgot.

He glanced at the message interface, and the man was still saying something inexplicable.

Live Broadcast- Father Luo: [Why aren’t you replying to my WeChat messages?]

Live Broadcast- Father Luo: [Are you trying to disassociate yourself from me?]

Live Broadcast- Father Luo: [Speak.jpg]

Yan Yan bit his lip and finished reading the message, frowning, not knowing how to reply.

Just as he was a little worried, a few employees suddenly passed by, and the conversation distracted him, so he looked up.

The few employees seemed to be talking about work. The one in front was a slender man with a polite smile on his face, but his brows and eyes were full of alienation. His cold demeanor made Yan Yan take a second look.

Just as he was about to look away, the words “the protagonist shou” popped up in his mind.

Yan Yan was startled for a moment, then looked over again, and happened to meet the man’s eyes.

The man was also slightly taken aback, then said something to the other employees, and after the other employees had left, he strode straight towards Yan Yan’s direction.

Yan Yan didn’t forget that he was cannon fodder in the book, so he suddenly became nervous.

He knew that he had done a lot of disgusting things in front of Ji Juechuan in order to break off the engagement, but he hadn’t done anything to the protagonist Shou. Why did the protagonist Shou suddenly approach him?

Although he knew that he hadn’t done anything, his status as cannon fodder still made him feel unconsciously guilty, so as he was nervously looking at the protagonist Shou who was walking towards him, his lower lip was about to bleed from being bitten by himself.

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