TCYEC Ch. 63

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Xu Mumu went to the scene, but today there was no shooting for him. He took off his makeup in the dressing room and put on his own clothes. After talking to the deputy director, he left the set.

In order to reach from the studio rented by the crew to the All-Star Entertainment Building, he needed to transfer from the bus to the subway and then change the line to get there. Xu Mumu couldn’t even count as a fresh meat, so the company would naturally not give him a nanny car.

Xu Mumu walked to the bus stop sign, and the 125 bus he was waiting for came in. He ran a few steps quickly, jumped on the bus, swiped a card, and found an empty seat in the back of the bus.

The mobile TV in the bus was broadcasting entertainment news. Xu Mumu only glanced at it. The face of Yu Siyang on the screen made him straighten his waist unconsciously, staring at the pictures of Yu Siyang that appeared on the screen.

Sitting in the front row were two girls in high school uniforms. When the two girls saw Yu Siyang’s entertainment news, they began to scream quietly.

“Ah ah ah ah ah …… Yang Yang handsome handsome handsome handsome ……”

“Obviously beautiful, male fairy fluttering, I want to faint.”

“On weekends we should go to see Yang Yang filming. Okay?”

“Okay, but will it cause trouble to Yangyang?”

“We will watch from a distance without making a sound.”

Xu Mumu knew that they were talking about the movie Yu Siyang was shooting, the news of which was only released yesterday. The first edition of the makeup photos quickly grabbed the headlines of various media and entertainment news.

The entertainment news just now broadcasted the makeup photos of Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao, one in white clothes like the snow, and the other beautiful and rich and suave. In just one day’s effort, it won a great deal of attention for the movie “Pretending Overload”.

If Xu Mumu was jealous of Yu Siyang before, now there was only envy and not the feeling of left out.

They entered the company almost at the same time, trained at the same time, and ran out in the various crews at the same time. Then Yu Siyang became an instant hit, but Xu Mumu had to pick up Yu Siyang’s leftovers.

That’s right, the TV series he is currently filming originally wanted Yu Siyang to star in the supporting male lead, but Yu Siyang didn’t like this kind of drama, and the script was sent to the managers of other artists who entered in the same period.

In fact, filming idol dramas was a good way for newcomers to become popular. As long as the drama was sour and topical, there were still a lot of fresh meats and flowers rushing to act in such dramas. Xu Mumu also took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed it.

When it was decided that he would star as the supporting male lead in “The Almighty God”, other artists under Zhang Ting’s hands were all envious and jealous of Xu Mumu, and they didn’t know how many sour words they said secretly.

When Xu Mumu finally knew that everyone was filled with envy, jealousy and hate, he was still very proud, but after a while, he thought of the role he had tried so hard to grab, which was actually disdained by Yu Siyang, and he didn’t feel very proud.

There was a large exhibition hall in the building of All-Star Entertainment, which hung photos of the company’s popular stars. The higher the status, the more popular the person was. The better the position in the company, the better the place where the picture of the star was hung. Of course, the best place was given to Zhan Heng, the company’s first brother.

Not long ago, Yu Siyang’s photos were also hung up, ranking ahead of many artists who had already debuted for several years. The newcomers of the same period as Yu Siyang saw his photos on the All-Star list and were more or less jealous in their hearts. But Yu Siyang started from a high starting point and was guarded by Wei Xiaofeng, so they couldn’t be jealous.

When the bus arrived, Xu Mumu got off the bus, and the two girls sitting in front of him got off the bus together. The place where they got off was called Bisong Road, also known as the small pedestrian street in Yunzhong City. It had everything available, but the price is very affordable. Many students liked to go there to play.

When they got off the bus, they saw a huge photo of Yu Siyang’s “Pretending Overload” on the LED screen on the outer wall of the shopping mall opposite the bus stop.

“Oh, it turns out that they are really everywhere.”

“So handsome, so handsome, I don’t know which fan is so rich, such a big advertising screen should be very expensive.”

“But Yang Yang said on Weibo, that he didn’t want fans to behave like this. He did not want us to spend money, as long as we support his movie.”

When the two girls got off the bus, they stood there and didn’t leave. They talked about the fan’s ad for Yu Siyang’s support. Xu Mumu was going to leave. Hearing the girl’s topic, he stopped walking somehow, staring at the huge picture. But he was listening carefully to the girls.

“I want to study hard,” one of the round-faced girls patted the shoulders of the oval-faced girls who was walking with them and said very firmly: “I want to get a good college entrance exam and make a lot of money. Then I will give Yangyang a big help in advertising “

Oval-faced girl said with a laugh: “We will work together.”

Xu Mumu chuckled, a little bit lost, walking toward the subway, he had seen a star in an interview, where the star said that an idol should give the people “positive energy”. At that time he sneered at this sentence. As far as he knew, this person was not much more open and upright than others but pretending for the sake of superiority.

But after hearing the conversation of Yu Siyang’s fans, he was really envious.

Yu Siyang had a group of huge and somewhat strange fans, and they were very happy to be given a strange name. They were not keen on tearing up but defended Yu Siyang immediately when there were unfavourable remarks. The things they do most every day was comment on Yu Siyang’s Weibo to discuss what to eat today and ask the head of the group to update the food pictures.

Xu Mumu walked into the subway station and thought to himself, he didn’t know when he would have so many fans dedicated to him.

After returning to the company, Xu Mumu went straight to Zhang Ting’s office. Not long after he arrived on the set in the morning, he received a call from Zhang Ting, asking him to come to the company to look for her after the shooting.

When he was waiting for the elevator, he heard someone behind him slowly walking to him. Xu Mumu turned his head and looked over. After a moment of stunned silence, he said hello: “Brother Yu, such a coincidence.”

The entertainment industry is amazing. The seniority ranking is sometimes not based on age. Xu Mumu is a few years older than Yu Siyang, but Yu Siyang is much more popular than him. Judging from his position in the circle and the company, he called Yu Siyang “Brother Yu”. It was normal. The newcomers in the same period called him the same way.

But Xu Mumu was embarrassed, and Yu Siyang was even more embarrassed than him.

Being called “Brother Yu” or something, he still couldn’t accept.

“Xu Mumu.” Yu Siyang nodded, then stopped talking.

He was unfamiliar with Xu Mumu, and they were a bit at odds before. He didn’t care about it, but Xu Mumu seemed to care about it. His “Brother Yu” was said so reluctantly that Yu Siyang felt embarrassed for him.

Yu Siyang was called back to the company by Wei Xiaofeng, saying that there was a new movie that had asked him to audition, and he came back to the company to get the script.

Yu Siyang, Tang Hang, and Xu Mumu got on the elevator and were silent all the way. When they reached the tenth floor, Xu Mumu went down first, while Yu Siyang and Tang Hang continued to go up.

Xu Mumu walked to Zhang Ting’s office. The door of the office was not closed. Except for Zhang Ting, there were two artists under her hand sitting on the sofa. He knocked on the door to remind the people inside.

Seeing him, Zhang Ting nodded slightly and said, “Come in, close the door.”

Xu Mumu walked into the office, closed the door with his backhand, and found a single sofa to sit down. The other two artists exchanged glances, disdainful. They pouted their lips–what a big star he really was, as if he who would want to sit with them.

Zhang Ting took a few pieces of paper from the desk, sat down on the single sofa opposite Xu Mumu, handed out the paper to the three of them, and said: “The film ‘The Battle of Feishui’ prepared by Director Chu Quan is currently being cast. The company has invested in this movie, so our company’s artists will be given priority.”

The paper that the three got listed the character names and some basic character information in the movie “Battle of Feishui”. All three of them saw it excitedly.

It turned out to be a movie directed by Chu Quan.

This is…this is…a big pie fell from the sky on their heads.

If they can show their face in a movie directed by Chu Quan, even if it was a small supporting role with only a few lines, they will be satisfied.

Who didn’t know that Chu Quan was one of the most prestigious directors today? He had even won the Edward Academy Award for Best Director. There were countless superstars wanting to act in his films. Even if you had the role of carrying soy sauce in the film, it would be worth it. In other words, newcomers like them wanted to participate in Chu Quan’s movie in their dreams.

“You don’t need to think about the protagonist. Look at the role you want to try from the supporting role and focus on this role. When you go to audition, you can take the role off.”

Zhang Ting had more than a dozen artists, and only the three in front of her were considered a little top-notch among the dozen people. As long as they performed well and didn’t mess with her, she was willing to give the artist a chance. After all, her income was closely related to the artist.

Xu Mumu looked at the first few names listed on the paper. Although he knew that he was definitely not playing the leading role, he was still unwilling to say it so directly-for what reason he believed that he could not play the leading role. Aren’t many artists also the protagonist when they debut.

“The Battle of Feishui?” In Wei Xiaofeng’s office, Yu Siyang flipped through the script and asked: “Which character?”

Wei Xiaofeng poured coffee for everyone, regardless of how many people refused. His face changed after pouring the coffee, he put down the coffee pot, and said, “You, Xie Xuan.” He pointed to Zhan Heng again, “You, Xie Shi.”

“I’m only twelve years older than Xiaoyu, why should I play his uncle?”

Zhan Heng drank the coffee that Wei Xiaofeng poured him without changing his face, with a cheerful smile, making others feel a stomach-ache.

When Luo Peng got the script, he used his mobile phone to search for some information on the “Battle of Feishui”. Hearing what Zhan Heng said, he had turned black, and he did not hesitate to complain: “Probably it is the director Chu who thinks you look twenty years older than Xiaoyu.”

“Xie Shi is only sixteen years older than Xie Xuan, idiot.” Wei Xiaofeng glared at Luo Peng.

This pair of dog men must show affection anytime and anywhere, and show affection even if there was no opportunity, they created opportunities. It simply did not give the majority of single dogs a way to survive.

Being maintained by his dear Xiaofeng, Zhan Heng was so happy that he didn’t know what to do, so he drank the coffee in the cup at one go and calmed himself down.

What Yu Siyang admired most about Zhan Heng was that he could drink the poison-like coffee made by Brother Xiaofeng without changing his face and heartbeat. It really was only true love that could do it.

“But, at the time of the Fei Shui battle, Xie Xuan was already forty years old. Letting me play a forty-year-old man. Isn’t this… too difficult?”

“Xie Xuan is forty years old, and Xie Shi is already fifty-six. It’s sixteen years difference, okay.”

Yu Siyang immediately cast a sympathetic look at Zhan Heng.

“Have your IQs been fed to the dogs? It’s true that the filming is based on history. A group of forty or fifty-year-olds will go to the cinema to watch.” Wei Xiaofeng was about to be laughed at by them, “Somehow Xie Xuan is a man. They always choose a good-looking actor to play the role.”

Zhan Heng nodded clearly: “It turns out that you want us to betray our beauty.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, try out or not?”

This group of idiots are okay to be handled alone but gathered together, they could even drive the gods crazy.

It was said that idiots congregate in groups, then why were there so many second-hands gathered around him?

This was unscientific!

“Try it, Xiaofeng, I will do whatever you ask me to do.” Zhan Heng smiled shamelessly and took the opportunity to take Wei Xiaofeng’s hand and kiss him.

Undefeated, everyone was stuffed with dog food again, and they turned aside their eyes to show that they were not jealous at all.

Yu Siyang was still looking at the script and hesitated to audition for the role of Xie Xuan. Even with his previous age, he was only a full twenty-six. He estimated that he would not be able to play a forty-year-old role, and he didn’t have the time to accumulate experience.

Wei Xiaofeng could naturally see Yu Siyang’s hesitation, but Chu Quan’s movie had been planned for several years. Chu Quan liked to study the battles of famous historical books, especially the classic battle that won more with less, the Battle of Feishui was not as famous as the Battle of Guandu and the Battle of Chibi, but compared to other battles, the Battle of Feishui has always been a subject that Chu Quan wanted to shoot. He really didn’t want Xiaoyu to miss such a good opportunity.

Even if he was not selected, he could still feel the atmosphere of this super large crew.

As a considerate loyal dog, Zhan Heng naturally had to worry about Xiaofeng first, he also saw Yu Siyang’s hesitation, and did not want him to miss a good opportunity, so he was very helpful and said, “Xiaoyu will try, Xioyu can play the role in minutes.”

“Ah?” Yu Siyang was dumbfounded, when he was represented by Brother Zhan?

Xiaoyu must not miss this kind of big production! So, Luo Peng acquiesced to Zhan Heng acting for Yu Siyang.

Although he could not act for Xiaoyu in the audition, the fact that he was Zhan Heng still remains the same, hum!

Wei Xiaofeng glanced at Zhan Heng with satisfaction-well done.

Zhan Heng was full of joy-My wife praised me, blushing. jpg.

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