TCYEC Ch. 62

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“Jade Hotel?”

Sitting in the car, Yu Siyang took a blue plastic folder from Luo Peng. Turning over the first page, he saw the panoramic view of the Jade Hotel on the cover of the brochure.

He couldn’t be more familiar with this building. After he finished junior high school, he started working there, starting from a small kitchen handyman, and stayed there for ten years.

Luo Peng nodded and said: “They want you to be their spokesperson, but the price is not too high.”

“Oh.” The wages they pay to employees were not high as well, and the same is true now.

Yu Siyang felt a little complicated, closed the folder, and said, “I’ll think about it… when will we reach the studio?”

Luo Peng keenly felt that Yu Siyang was a little irritable, and he glanced at the folder that was placed aside. He didn’t talk about the Jade Hotel anymore and changed the subject and talked about that day’s shooting.

There were two commercials that P&H and Wei Xiaofeng have finalized, one was a “daily life” and the other was a “concept” commercial. The one being shot today is the “daily life” one.

The shooting location was first in a high-end apartment, and then moved to other locations. He only had one day to shoot the commercial, so the timing was very tight.

When they arrived at the designated filming location, brand representatives and advertising agencies had already arrived, and even P&H’s owner Philip Hill had also arrived.

When Philip Hill saw Yu Siyang, he immediately pulled a bearded man who was playing with the camera, and said triumphantly: “Aude come see, this is the person I chose. Don’t I have a good vision?”

The bearded man turned towards Yu Siyang. After a few more looks, he said to Philip Hill: “Those clothes will suit him very well.”

Philip Hill smiled like a flower and said in strange Chinese language to Yu Siyang: “The pictures will be taken later. At that time, you only need to be handsome.”

“Hey, friend, this is what I should say.” Aude said dissatisfied.

Before Yu Siyang could say anything, he was taken away by the makeup artist to change. Tang Hang followed him to watch, leaving Luo Peng to communicate with the two.

Because the endorsement was a full series of men’s clothing, including suits, casual wear and home wear, the shooting theme of “Daily Life” is a man’s life for one day. The shooting scene included three parts: home, business and entertainment. The main designs of the series are displayed through the commercial.

Both home and business shoots have indoor sceneries. The advertising agency directly set up the scenes in the borrowed high-end apartments, while for the entertainment part they borrowed an outdoor tennis court in the suburbs.

After shooting the indoor scene, a group of people drove to the tennis court mightily, passing by the Jade Hotel along the way. Yu Siyang leaned on the back seat and looked straight ahead without moving his eyes.

Luo Peng was surprised at his appearance showing- “for fear that the corners of his eyes would sweep out things that shouldn’t be seen”[1]. He glanced out the window and saw the gate of the Jade Hotel. On second thought, it was probably because of his friend who died here. He was afraid of seeing things and thinking about people.

If this is the case, then he had to consider whether he should let Xiaoyu take over the endorsement of the jade Hotel.

Yu Siyang remembered a sentence in a book he once read—a ghost who died in vain and couldn’t reincarnate, was afraid to return to the place where he died, because he would be sad, but ghosts have no tears, and they can’t even cry.

That book was actually not a supernatural novel, but a painful young adult novel with a strong temperament set in high school.

The book was bought by a big brother in the same dormitory for three dollars and he bought it to show that he has culture. After that elder brother wrote his name on the title page of the book, he never read it again. Yu Siyang, who could not afford to buy books, borrowed them to read.

After reading less than ten pages, he was critically hit. He really couldn’t muster the courage to read the book, but he accidentally remembered such a pretentious sentence.

But Yu Siyang looked back now, this sentence that was unintentionally remembered was like his truest portrayal.

He was afraid to see the place where he died.

Since he officially accepted living as this teenager, he went to sweep the tomb for himself, the parents of the teenager, and the tomb of his master. He bade farewell to his past self in a tomb-sweeping ceremony and accepted his new identity. The fact was that the body and the young soul died, but he still did not dare set foot in the Jade Hotel.

Just like now, after he finished the day of shooting, he stood alone at the gate of the Jade Hotel, his steps seemed to be heavy, and he couldn’t lift them up and step in.

“Sorry, sir, please move. There is a car coming in here.”

Yu Siyang, who was in a daze, was patted by the doorman in uniform. After regaining his senses, he stepped back and stood in front of the hotel by the fountain. When he was about to leave, he glanced at the hotel door unconsciously, and when he saw the doorman who helped people pull the car door, he froze in place.

“Xiowu.” Yu Siyang murmured in a low voice; his voice so small that only he could hear it.

The doorman helped the guests to open the car door, and after the guests passed through the door, he stood upright outside the door again.

Yu Siyang watched the doorman’s face seriously, and he was indeed Bu Shouwu. His friend who grew up in the orphanage with him, and who studied and worked together with him. He used to protect him when he was young, but the person who framed him and almost sent him to the police station was also him.

But since that incident, hadn’t he resigned and left the Jade Hotel? Why was he working as a doorman here again?

For Xiaowu, Yu Siyang couldn’t say whether he was grateful to him more or resented him more.

When he was in the orphanage, Bu Shouwu guarded him, preventing the older children from bullying him and snatching his food. But this one happened to be the one who stole the hotel’s valuables and planted them on him. He couldn’t dispute it. If it weren’t for his master who hadn’t accepted him as a disciple at the time, coming forward to protect him, he was afraid he would have been sent to the police station.

This person, who left the hotel in high spirits, was now a doorman in the hotel again. Upon closer inspection, there are traces of life and years on this person’s face. After he left the hotel, he did not have his own expectations and looked forward to having a good time.

“Xiaowu” Yu Siyang called out loudly.

Bu Shouwu passed by and saw that it was the person standing in the driveway just now, blocking the car, but he could not see his face clearly.

“Do you know me?” He asked suspiciously, even if he couldn’t see his face, he was sure he didn’t know this person.

“Why did you come to the Jade Hotel as a doorman again?” Yu Siyang didn’t answer him and said what he wanted to say. “Weren’t you in the kitchen before?”

Bu Shouwu was taken aback at this moment. This person who he didn’t recognise, how could he know so much about him, “Who are you? How do you know me?”

“Why have you come to the Jade Hotel again, why are you not embarrassed to come to the jade Hotel?” Yu Siyang thought, he still carried resentment for this person, the one he trusted the most at that time harmed him like that. He couldn’t figure out, “You have harmed Yu Siyang, don’t you feel guilty at all?”

Bu Shouwu was really nervous at the moment, if not that he couldn’t leave his post, he would go over and ask this person how he knew he had harmed Yu Siyang.

“Are you not guilty at all?” Yu Siyang asked loudly.

He also knew that he had already died, and Bu Shouwu was just a stranger to him now. Knowing the other party’s reason and whether the other party is guilty was meaningless to him now.

But this is one of his obsessions, because of this person, he was more cautious about making friends, such that others feel that he was arrogant and were unwilling to deal with him more.

It was really lonely at that time, especially after his master passed away, everyone around was watching him as a joke, waiting to see what else he could do without a master.

He didn’t even have a person to talk to, and all the pressure was accumulated in his heart. He hadn’t said a word for a whole month. He even thought he might have a psychological problem, so he went to see a psychologist secretly. The psychologist suggested that he needed to communicate more with others.

He didn’t want to communicate with the people in the hotel. He couldn’t think of a better way, so he went to register for a foreign language class-because he saw elementary school students studying foreign languages on the street reading words and texts aloud.

“What does it have to do with you?” Bu Shouwu also said loudly. If he hadn’t known that he was still at work, the word “fuck off” would be blurted out.

Yu Siyang was stunned.

——So, it has nothing to do with me anymore.

The related person has become a piece of waste, so the evil can person live his life with peace of mind?!

But looking at him like this, it seems that his life is not very good.

“I feel relieved to see that you are not doing well.” Yu Siyang said viciously and loudly.

He didn’t want to find out the reason why Bu Shouwu framed him years ago. It was nothing more than money. He wanted to know whether he was ashamed, but this person didn’t seem to be ashamed.

Yu Siyang didn’t know how to quarrel with others, he could only think of such a cruel sentence after thinking a long time about it.

After the ruthless words were said, he still felt a little bit uncomfortable, but unfortunately, here was not as good as the last time in the crew, and he can’t beat Bu Shouwu to vent his anger.

——Well, I feel that my violent tendency is a bit serious recently, which is not good.

After thinking about it, he felt that only one ruthless remark was not too imposing, so he said: “A person like you should be impoverished and hopeless all your life.”

Bu Shouwu almost exploded, but then a car arrived at the hotel door, so he had to open the door for the person inside. He felt that if it weren’t for this, he would ignore the discipline of the post and would run to punch the masked weird man on the opposite side.

Xue Chengxiu got out of the car through the door opened by Bu Shouwu but didn’t rush into the hotel. Instead, he turned and walked towards the “masked weirdo” by the fountain, and shouted with a smile: “Yang Yang, why are you here alone? And why are you also quarrelling with the doorman of the hotel?”

“Mr. Xue?!” Yu Siyang was slightly surprised and tore off the mask and scarf covering his face a little bit. He was covered in this way, and Mr. Xue could still recognize him at a glance. This skill was a bit awkward.

“Why are you alone? What about your assistant?” Xue Chengxiu helped him adjust his scarf and actively explained: “I’m here to meet people. Let’s go in and say hello together.”

“Don’t want to, I’ll go back now.” Yu Siyang shook his head hurriedly, thinking that he would not see any ordinary people when Mr. Xue came to the hotel so formally, so he would feel uncomfortable meeting them.

Before the car came in, Xue Chengxiu saw his child standing by the fountain alone, without the agent or assistant beside him. He opened the window of the car and heard the child say: “I will feel relieved when I see you having a bad time.” Then he looked around and found that the child was actually arguing with the doorman of the hotel. He couldn’t laugh or cry for a moment, and he didn’t know how the doorman had offended him, that his voice was so full of anger.

“You ran out alone, the assistant didn’t follow?”

Seeing his wandering eyes with guilty conscience, Xue Chengxiu knew that he did run out alone.

This child is so bold that despite being besieged once, he still has not learned his lesson.

“I took the subway, it’s very convenient.” Yu Siyang didn’t know why he had to say such a sentence. He always felt that he should justify, but this only made the other party’s expression darker.

Looking around, Mr. Xue’s face turned dark.

Xue Chengxiu said: “Let Lao Lin take you back.”

“You don’t have to bother Uncle Lin, it’s really convenient to take the subway.”

“Do you want to be blocked by fans again?”


Yu Siyang remembered the time when he was besieged, the fan’s sturdy combat power, and couldn’t help but shudder, so he immediately said obediently: “Then I’ll trouble Uncle Lin.”

Xue Chengxiu patted the young man’s head through his hat and took the person to the car and was about to help him open the door, but the boy held his hand.

Yu Siyang held down Mr. Xue’s hand with one hand, and pointed at Bu Shouwu, arrogantly and said: “That doorman, come over and pull the car door for me.”

Bu Shouwu almost exploded again, but he was under orders. And so, he could only obediently bypass the front of the car and help Yu Siyang open the car door.

Yu Siyang got into the car and played an arrogant second-generation rich teenager to the fullest. After thinking about it, he felt that before he left, he had to say something ruthless, and said the important ruthless words, “Remember to spray more perfume when you go out. “

Bu Shouwu with a distorted face: “…”

Xue Chengxiu with a distorted smile on his face: “…

“Yu Siyang, the “Second-generation Rich Boy” was in a better mood, so he briskly called Luo Peng: “Luo Brother, let’s take the endorsement of the Jade Hotel, but the hotel will have to pay a little more, that little amount of money will not be able to invite Yu Siyang, the hot famous young meat.”

Luo Peng: “…”

This kid didn’t suffer some excitement, did he?!

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[1] He will inadvertently see things that he shouldn’t see.

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