KHSW Ch. 325

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Ling Xi finally understood what Gong Dehai meant when he said he didn’t dare to go home.

She didn’t expect things to be so bad.

“But have you ever thought that in fact, what they care about may not be how rich you are, but just want you to be by their side? A family should face difficulties together, instead of letting the child mistakenly think that you don’t want him anymore.”

After hearing Ling Xi’s words, Xiao Zhao and Gong Dehai fell silent. They just hugged each other and cried.

“Mom, Dad, what’s wrong with you?” Mengmeng was still looking for a pencil when she heard her mother crying and immediately ran out of the small room.

When she saw Mengmeng, Zhao Li cried even more sadly. In fact, Ling Xi was right, but they had no money now!

“Mom is fine.”

Ling Xi’s heart moved, “Can I look around your house?”

Gong Dehai shed tears and said, “Of course.”

Ling Xi’s eyes looked around. There weren’t many things to put in their house. Where was the bottle of perfume?

“Sister Ling Xi, you can come and see my room!”

“Okay.” Ling Xi smiled softly.

Mengmeng’s expression became dull for a moment, “Sister Ling Xi, you look so beautiful when you smile, so beautiful.” Then she clapped her little hands.

The corners of Ling Xi’s mouth curved even further, “Thank you, Mengmeng.”

With such a casual glance, she suddenly saw the perfume placed on the high cabinet.

“Can I see that bottle of perfume?”

Gong Dehai was tall and immediately went to get it, “This is a bottle of perfume that costs ten yuan.”

After Ling Xi took the perfume, her eyes shone with surprise, “Isn’t this Bombshell Fantasy perfume? And it’s custom-made. How can it only cost ten yuan?”

Gong Dehai and Mengmeng looked at each other and said, “We don’t know much about perfume. We just wanted to buy it as a birthday gift for the child’s mother.”

“Here, take a look at my phone. There is an introduction to this perfume.”

When Gong Dehai took the phone, Zhao Li also came forward and said, “Oh my god, did I read that right? There are 1, 2… 6 zeros at the back of the sky-high price perfume?”

Zhao Li began to suspect that her bottle of perfume was fake.

“My bottle should be fake.”

Hearing Zhao Li’s words, Ling Xi turned away speechlessly. This was also the way normal people would think.

“Can I smell it?”

Zhao Li nodded blankly. She didn’t have much expectations in her heart. She subconsciously thought that the bottle of perfume she bought for ten yuan was fake.

Ling Xi opened the cap of the perfume bottle and sprayed it gently, and the faint fragrance of rose and jasmine came to her nose. “This kind of perfume can stay in the place where it is sprayed for many days without dissipating. I am sure that this is Bombshell Fantasy perfume.”

Gong Dehai and Zhao Li looked at each other. In other words, they bought a bottle of perfume worth more than three million yuan for ten yuan?

This was simply… incredible.

“This perfume is difficult to buy on the market, not to mention, it is unique. I usually like perfume and other things. If you are willing, I would like to buy this bottle of perfume for three million.”

Hearing Ling Xi’s words, Zhao Li was so excited that her heart almost stopped beating. She had never even seen tens of thousands since she was a child, let alone three million. “Dehai, pinch me, am I dreaming?”

Gong Dehai really pinched her with dull eyes.

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