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“Hahahaha! I suddenly feel that I had misunderstood the Lord Cult Master before. This is a ghost attack, it is clearly awkward!”

“The rotten girl’s high-energy warning, no matter who An Yiyuan is, anyway, Your Majesty is ours!”

“Your Majesty is so handsome, isn’t it? What should I do? I don’t think I can see any other men except Your Majesty!”

Without paying attention to the previous betting issue, the shooting of this martial arts scene was still very successful, except where An Yiyuan seemed to have made a mistake in the middle and needed to make up shots, but there were no other problems.

Si Huang went down to rest, and the woman who costumed her for the wires immediately ran over to untie it for her, and another woman held a cup of warm water for her.

This attentive service was simply more loving than a professional assistant.

Director Liu couldn’t bear to look at it directly, not to mention the envy, jealousy and hatred of the male staff.

An Yiyuan was depressed in his heart, but on the surface, he was very dedicated to make up for his mistake in the scene.

When Director Liu expressed his satisfaction and he was about to be put down, Si Huang raised his eyebrows: “Wait.” He politely said to the photographer and the staff who controlled the wires: “I would like to trouble the elder brothers to help Senior An fulfill his bet and undergo the punishment for the appointment.”

Several people were greeted and were embarrassed by Si Huang’s ‘big brother’ for a while, but An Yiyuan gritted his teeth and said with a smile: “What’s the matter, am I willing to admit defeat, shake it up.”

Once this was said, the staff really did not release the water, and turned him in a big circle up and down, left and right.

When An Yiyuan came down, the crown on the top of his head was crooked.

Such unique benefits, how could the fans below let them go, so they took out their mobile phones to take pictures-even if they were strictly warned by the security guards not to shoot things indiscriminately, they still thought madly: If you can’t post, you can hide it yourself! Your Majesty couldn’t have done better!

Facts had proved that Your Majesty could do better.

The shooting this morning was very successful, and Director Liu was very satisfied and rested early.

Yu Xi also happened to arrive with two men carrying fruit boxes at this time, and when he saw Si Huang, he asked, “Is it too late?”

Si Huang shook his head at him, and then faced everyone and shouted, “The fruit is divided, and those who see it have a share.”

The male god had summoned, there was no reason why it should not be done. The women were the first to come around, thanking them sweetly, and smiling as if they could blossom into flowers in the next moment, “Si Shaozhen is considerate, he brought us fruits for the first time we are officially filming!”

Si Huang said with a hearty smile, “It still has to be done. Thank you Senior An, I just asked Yu Xi to find Senior An’s manager to make a small bet, and whoever loses will pay for the fruit.”

When these words came out, everyone was even happier.

A group of people shouted meaningfully to An Yiyuan: “Thank you, Sect Master An!”

An Yiyuan: “…”

Staring at Si Huang’s clean and smiling face, he cursed inwardly: Evil! Pretending to be a pure and innocent teenager!

Si Huang looked at him lightly.

An Yiyuan looked away. This product didn’t need to be dressed up, it’s really a tender teenager!

According to Si Huang’s account, Yu Xi bought a lot of fruit. After dividing among the crew, Director Liu, Guan Li and others, there were still a few boxes left.

He asked the two men to move to the group of fans outside the security boundary.

The fans showed doubts and a little anticipation until Yu Xi said, “Si Huang asked me to prepare it for you.”

“Ah—!” Some girls immediately screamed when they got the answer they had been looking forward to.

“And now is the time to take a break. You should also find a place to rest and have lunch. You must be tired from standing all the time.”

The girls of all sizes were moved.

“Tsk! Pretend, pretend to be kind, pretend!” A male fan of Guan Li laughed sourly.

“Humph! It’s better than others who don’t even know how to look! This fruit is what His Majesty is going to give to the person who deserves it. Yours is gone!” Immediately, a girl retorted him, and then the girls gave the man a sentence one by one. His face was flushed, and he had nothing further to say.


In the villa in Weiming Mountain.

Qin Fan had a good night’s sleep today, but was woken up by Grandma Xiang who didn’t see him come out for breakfast and thus knocked on his door uneasily.

This test made Qin Fan sure that Si Huang had a special effect on him. While exercising, he recalled the bits and pieces of his relationship with Si Huang, whether proud or refreshing or shy… Like a loach, people couldn’t hold him, but people also couldn’t wait to hold onto him tightly.

Qin Fan finished a set of difficult training, sweated and took a shower, and then came out for lunch. During the serving time, Grandma Xiang stared at him and asked, “Did you sleep well yesterday?”

Qin Fan: “Well.”

“What’s the reason?”

Qin Fan took the bowl handed over by the housekeeper, “Si Huang sang a lullaby for me.”

“Pfft—cough cough.” Grandpa Qin wiped his mouth and table with a napkin embarrassedly and gave his wife a wink. It was a signal that she didn’t have to worry about him, please continue.

Grandma Xiang said seriously: “That was to make sure that this child has a miraculous effect on you, what are you going to do?”

Qin Fan’s mind came to the appearance of Si Huang’s rejection of himself here before, and after two seconds of silence, he said, “I will deal with it, you guys don’t interfere.”

Grandma Xiang was very calm, “Yes.” She was still confident in her grandson’s personality, and no real man could disobey her only grandson.

It was just that Grandma Xiang made a mistake. The person Qin Fan wanted to take down now was not a real man.

After the lunch ended in silence, Qin Fan returned to his room, feeling a little restless in his heart, and wanted to do something.

He glanced at the mobile phone next to the tofu quilt[1] on the bed, his eyes flashed, and he brought it over.

There were two missed calls on it, both from Guo Chengxiong. Qin Fan ignored them, skillfully pressed the digits of Si Huang’s phone number, but felt it was a little troublesome, so he naturally set her number as the shortcut key 1, and then dialed it.

Qin Fan himself didn’t realize it, but listening to the waiting sound of ‘dududu’, his face had softened, and the suffocation around him was restrained, and he looked very sexy and handsome at this time.

Si Huang, who was on the set, had just finished eating the lunch box sent by the crew, took out the phone in his pocket and looked at it, then got up and found a quiet place to answer.


The mellow voice penetrated into Qin Fan’s ears through the speaker of the phone, and the corners of his mouth rose involuntarily, “It’s me.”

Si Huang smiled and waited for the other people to leave with a happy smile and understanding, and then continued to talk on the phone: “Did you sleep well yesterday?”

Qin Fan’s mouth rose again, “Very good, thanks to you.”

Si Huang took a sip of water, and his voice became clearer, “Then the company’s affairs have also been taken care of?”

Qin Fan was stunned for less than a second, and then understood what Si Huang was talking about, so he replied: “…Well, it can be delivered within three days.”

Si Huang said “um”, “Is there anything else?”

Qin Fan was silent for a while, and he didn’t know why he made the call.

“I’ll hang up if you don’t have anything else to do.”

Qin Fan was thinking about something when he really hung up the phone. He said, “…”

The face that had eased before immediately returned to his previous cold countenance.

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In China, all military officers are required to fold their quilts into a tofu.

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