RCFS Ch. 234

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Ding! Congratulations to the host, successfully completed the task: open the door to the entertainment industry! Reward: Awesomeness XP +5000, stamina +30! Hahaha, the host is making a lot of money with this wave of Awesomeness XP!

Mr. System is excited, don’t want it!

Did you see it, did you see it??

This was definitely the most extreme contrast!

Just now everyone looked down on them, but now they could not be too close to them!

Snort! Let you look down on my host, now we’ll look down on you!

Isn’t it big for the host!

The system was paralyzed, swimming in the ocean of Awesomeness XP and unable to extricate himself.

However, Ye Yunxi stayed away from this group of crazy people, and sat on the sofa in the corner, sipping tea in small sips.

The tea here was good.

“Hey, your father is a sweet potato now!”

In the corner, a figure sat down beside her, picked up a piece of snack from her small plate, and opening his mouth to swallow it.

“Well, it’s delicious. You’re the only one left here for this dimsum! Fortunately, I have sharp eyes, otherwise it would be gone!”

Ye Yunxi twitched the corners of her mouth, what was this man doing? Was it so reasonable to eat by stealing?

“I’ll go, you drink tea? Such an antique?”

Yan Mubai looked surprised, and then simply took out a palm-sized tea cake from his satchel and said, “Hey, do you want Longtuan Shengxue?”

Ye Yunxi’s eyes widened.

Longtuan Shengxue, harvested from high mountains above 1700 meters, its yield was very little, and was so precious that even the ancient emperors were reluctant to drink it. This young man actually took out a piece of such a tea cake!

“Sorry, the boss of Yehuang Group is over there, you went to the wrong back door!”

Ye Yunxi looked away, but she was still thinking about this piece of tea.

No way, she loved tea. In her previous life, she drank everything from red soup to coffee, tea was still the best!

“Hey, I’m not looking for him, I’m looking for you, why don’t we play a little game, rock-paper-scissors, you win, I’ll give you the tea cake, I win, how about you promise me a condition?”


Ye Yunxi looked over again.

The boy was handsome, fair and cute, his big eyes flickered as if he could speak, and his pupils were black, like a whole block of obsidian.

“Why, are you afraid of losing and can’t afford to play?”

Ye Yunxi wanted to laugh: “I’m afraid I’ll bully you.”


This girl, do you have to be so crazy?

“You can still bully me?”

Yan Mubai looked at himself and then at Ye Yunxi. Although he was fair, he was a boy anyway, he was taller and stronger than her, right?

And he had always won against the world’s invincible players in boxing guessing, okay, no one had ever won against him!

This time, he bet on Longtuan Shengxue, and he was sure that he would not lose!

And those fools were almost useless to break the trap with Ye Junpo?

Ye Junpo obviously loved this daughter the most, so it was right to start here!

When the time came, he would win all of them, and then he could send it off, so that Ye Yunxi would agree to be friends with him, and it would appear that he had a good manner and could leave a good impression!

What a plan!

Yan Mubai couldn’t help squinting his eyes, feeling complacent, and scored a perfect score for his IQ by the way.

“It’s okay, brother will let you, come on, let’s start!”

Yan Mubai raised his fist confidently: “Rock paper scissors!”

The first game: scissors against paper, Yan Mubai lost.

Yan Mubai: “…”

Just after finishing saying he never lost in boxing game, he was slapped in the face as soon as he came up!


Are you still letting people live?

Ding~ Awesomeness XP +10!

La…la…la…la ~~~ This system has identified you, and I will not let you live!

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