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A sweet peach scent radiated from Fu Yuanzhou’s neck, which could not be covered even with the collar.    

Yuan Ye looked down at his beautiful side neck, and suddenly said, “I’m sorry.”

“Let’s not do this again.” Fu Yuanzhou drank the medicine and finally felt relieved, and glanced at him with anger, mainly because he felt a little shameful.

Yuan Ye shook his head: “The phrase ‘I’m sorry’ just now was not apologizing for my releasing pheromones, I have already said it before.”

“Then what was it for?” Fu Yuanzhou asked.

Was it because of those few people just now? But how could this be blamed on Yuan Ye, why would he have to apologize, how could it be Yuan Ye’s turn to speak.

“Your pheromone is too sweet.” Yuan Ye licked his lips and raised a smirk: “I really want to bite the peach scented meat.”

“Get off!” Fu Yuanzhou kicked him off the sofa immediately.

Yuan Ye sat on the ground, not only not angry, but laughing very happily: “It’s still a hard peach.”

Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes were fierce, and he sat up from the sofa to beat him. Yuan Ye stepped back and avoided a punch from him. He suddenly apologized to him obediently: “It’s me who is wrong.”

This kid was learning. Fu Yuanzhou snorted, thought about it, and asked, “What is your hatred with those people?”

After hearing their conversation, Yuan Ye seemed to have beaten these people to the hospital. Perhaps it was because of this that he transferred to another school. He had never heard Yuan Ye speak about this before, but he knew that Yuan Ye would definitely not hit people casually. There must be something hidden in this.

It was just that his relationship with Yuan Ye was not yet at that level. He couldn’t ask such private questions, so he could only ask casually.

“A little thing, it’s not worth mentioning.” Yuan Ye smiled, avoiding talking about this topic, “Let’s eat, I will let the boss bring out the food.”

“Forget it today, let’s do it another day.”

Fu Yuanzhou had already expected Yuan Ye wouldn’t tell the inside story, so he was not disappointed, and he could ask later. He picked up his mobile phone and glanced at it. It was a bit late. Those people had wasted a lot of their time, and now it was too late to eat: “It’s almost time, I have to go back to school to find Xie Lin.”

“Is it absolutely necessary to go back with him?” Yuan Ye looked at him, his smile faded a little, “Can’t I take you back?”

“No, I have given my word as a man.” Fu Yuanzhou put his schoolbag on his back and waved at him. “Are you not going back to school? Then I’ll go first.”

Yuan Ye was silent, standing still.

“Oh, that’s right.” Fu Yuanzhou stopped thinking of something and said to Yuan Ye, “If these people come to you next time, you call me, and I will beat them for you.”

Yuan Ye repeated: “You will beat somebody for me?”

“What’s the matter? I’m quite able to fight. If you don’t believe me, let’s try it someday if you have a chance.” Fu Yuanzhou said, quickly adding, “You are not allowed to press me down with pheromones.”

“Okay, thank you.” Yuan Ye fixedly looked at him for a moment, and suddenly laughed, “but it’s not interesting to compare like this, why don’t we bet something?”

“What do you want to bet on?” Fu Yuanzhou looked at Yuan Ye unexpectedly. But suddenly there was an interest.

Wasn’t this the same as in the previous life? If Yuan Ye lost to him, he would call him “Brother Yuan” in the future.

“Your terms are free, and mine is…” Yuan Ye said slowly, “How about going out with me on weekend, just the two of us?”

“It’s that simple?”

“It’s that simple.” Yuan Ye smiled, “Agreed. Right?”

“Sure.” Although Fu Yuanzhou thought it was a loss to Yuan Ye, even if they did not bet, he would have still gone out to play with Yuan Ye, but he would not deliberately remind Yuan Ye about this.

“My conditions are kept secret for now.” He said to Yuan Ye, “but don’t worry, it won’t be particularly difficult for you.”

Yuan Ye smiled and said, “I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to know.”

“It’s not a good thing to be too confident.” Fu Yuanzhou also laughed, “I’m leaving.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

Yuan Ye said, “I will give you a present at school tomorrow.”

“Why do you want to give me something?” Fu Yuanzhou was surprised.    

Yuan Ye laughed: “I will keep it secret for the time being.”

Fu Yuanzhou expressed contempt for Yuan Ye’s imitative behavior. He returned to school by car. He came back in good time. The classes of the third year of high school had just gotten over. He stood in the corridor and waited for a minute or two when he saw Xie Lin walk out of the classroom.

“You don’t need to wait for me at the door in the future.”

Seeing Fu Yuanzhou who was waiting for him, Xie Lin quickened his pace: “Tell me where you are waiting for me, and I will find you.”

Fu Yuanzhou laughed; he didn’t mind waiting for Xie Lin. However, when Xie Lin approached, he suddenly halted, grabbed his wrist and pulled him in front of him, and asked him in a deep voice.

“Whose pheromone is on you?”


Fu Yuanzhou was stunned, lowered his head and smelled himself, and finally found a faint mint smell.

He was shocked by that pheromone before, and he had just taken the medicine, so he was very slow to react to this residual pheromone. If it hadn’t been for Xie Lin’s words, he would not have noticed it at all.

“This is… from Yuan Ye.”

An embarrassment appeared on Fu Yuanzhou’s face. He hadn’t planned to tell Xie Lin about the meal, but since he was discovered, he would not lie to Xie Lin, so he had to be honest. He explained the matter to him: “Listen to me…”

He basically told Xie Lin about the situation just now, he only did not tell him that he was particularly embarrassed by Yuan Ye’s pheromone, but it was conceivable that his situation would not be good at that time.

Xie Lin listened to him and walked out of the school without saying a word. Fu Yuanzhou felt a little frustration. Xie Lin told him to spend less time with Yuan Ye, but he really couldn’t do it. Yuan Ye was also his brother. How could this little bit of a thing be changed because of his sex? How could he just abandon them?

The family car was parked outside the school waiting for them. At this time, it was dark. Fu Yuanzhou saw the car and walked over to the car door first.

His fingertips had just touched the door handle, when a great force suddenly came from behind him, pressing him against the door, making him immobile.

“Xie Lin?”

Fu Yuanzhou was startled, seeing Xie Lin standing behind him from the reflection of the car window glass. He pressed his leg, raised his hand to touch the back of his neck, under the suppression collar where the bite mark from that hot day when he was in estrus was still faintly visible.

Xie Lin rubbed the skin with his fingers, his eyebrows were cold, and there was a dark look in his eyes.

He lowered his head close to the back of Fu Yuanzhou’s neck, and his warm breath sprayed on it, and every word uttered by his thin lips was clearly transmitted into Fu Yuanzhou’s ears.

“I was really right to tag you that day.”

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