IAPP Ch. 19

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Happiness came so suddenly that Gu Anxin couldn’t control her excitement for a long time after talking on the phone with Dachuan Manga.

Dachuan manga was the best place for every comic lover to realize their dreams. This was a very, very, very good platform. Gu Anxin could no longer describe how excited she was.

She suddenly hoped that Ling Yue hadn’t gone to work yet, so she could share the good news with Ling Yue.

Gu Anxin walked around the house with a happy expression on her face. This time, not only did she solve the problem of Chen Longfei, but also after she joined Dachuan Manga, she would never have to see Chen Longfei again.

After staying for a while, Gu Anxin called Tang Meng. She needed Tang Meng to accompany her to the shopping mall to buy some clothes. It was no longer a casual job, now she was joining the ranks of white-collar workers who worked from 9 to 5!

Gu Anxin shared the good news with Tang Meng, and treated her to KFC after buying a few sets of clothes.

While chatting at KFC, Tang Meng suddenly pointed at the crowd outside the window and shouted: “Sister An Xin, look quickly, isn’t that person Boss Xiao!”

Gu Anxin glanced in the direction Tang Meng was pointing at, and sure enough, she saw a tall and big man standing outside the shopping mall. Although he was wearing sunglasses, which didn’t have the slightest impression of his prosperous beauty. But you could tell it at a glance by the style of his clothes. It was Boss Xiao who they met once that day.

Third brother called it that way, and Gu Anxin followed suit. Although she felt that Boss Xiao was too young to be suitable for this title, it was okay to get used to it for the third brother.

“Come on, let’s go over and say hello.” Gu Anxin felt that Boss Xiao offered third brother a job and was also willing to offer her a job opportunity as a designer. Although she didn’t take the job in the end, she should thank this person in person.

Tang Meng had been coveting Xiao Yishan’s face for a long time, seeing that Gu Anxin wanted to go over to say hello, she nodded quickly, she didn’t want the hamburger anymore, and followed.

When they came out, Xiao Yishan was still standing there, as if he was waiting for someone, when they approached and were about to say hello, suddenly a long-haired woman wearing a mask passed them and flew to Xiao Yishan’s side, hugging Xiao Yishan’s arm affectionately, and her voice was delicate, “Did you wait for a long time, let’s go.”

Xiao Yishan showed a perfect sideways smile at the woman, “It’s okay to wait for you, it doesn’t matter how long.”

Then he lowered his head and kissed the woman on the lips.

When Gu Anxin heard these words, she deeply felt that she shouldn’t be a light bulb here.

But Tang Meng had already walked forward spontaneously, and Gu Anxin hurriedly grabbed her, “Xiao Meng, don’t go, you should not disturb two people who are in love.”

“No, Sister Anxin, why does that woman look so much like the big star Zheng Wanru?”

Tang Meng pulled Gu Anxin’s hand away, “I like Zheng Wanru’s film the most, I’m going to see if it is her.”

This girl had been dazzled by star chasing, she ran directly to Xiao Yishan to look at the woman in Xiao Yishan’s arms, Gu Anxin couldn’t hold her back no matter what.

This was unbelievable! Tang Meng realized that it was really Zheng Wanru, and immediately couldn’t restrain her excitement, and blurted out: “Ah! Zheng Wan…”

However, before the full name was called, Zheng Wanru covered her mouth and hissed, “Good girl, don’t call my name.” Zheng Wanru originally thought that no one would notice her because she was wearing a mask and hat, but suddenly a small fan appeared.

Zheng Wanru’s voice was as gentle as the one on TV, Tang Meng hurriedly nodded obediently, signalling that she would stop speaking, and Zheng Wanru let go of her hand.

Gu Anxin quickly ran over, grabbed Tang Meng, and smiled apologetically at Xiao Yishan, “Sorry, we didn’t bother you, did we?”

Seeing that it was Gu Anxin, Xiao Yishan thought of Ling Yue who had recently changed his “temperament” because of her and his eyes lit up, “Miss Gu, it’s you.”

“Yes, Boss Xiao, what a coincidence, I came to thank you.” Gu Anxin said.

Xiao Yishan remembered Ling Yue’s instructions, shook his head and said with a smile: “You’re welcome, third brother is a rare employee, I am very happy to give you some care.”

In fact, the entire Anxin Group belonged to Ling Yue, Xiao Yishan was overjoyed, Ling Yue was helping Gu Anxin behind her back, while all the good was put on him.

Xiao Yishan still wanted to tell Gu Anxin about Anxin Group, but Zheng Wanru in his arms tore at his clothes after signing her name for Tang Meng, “Let’s go, I just saw someone looking at me.”

Zheng Wanru had become popular recently, so it was not very good to announce her relationship at this time, and she was a little scared.

Xiao Yishan just clung to the woman temporarily, bid farewell to Gu Anxin, and before leaving, he said: “Miss Gu, we will meet later.”

“Ah… oh! Goodbye.” Gu Anxin didn’t quite understand what Xiao Yishan meant by saying that they would meet later, but when she saw them leaving in a hurry, she waved her hand.

Tang Meng watched her Goddess Zheng Wanru leave, holding Zheng Wanru’s autograph, she felt like she was still dreaming, “Sister Anxin, it was Goddess Wanru, it really was her! Ahh…, I’m so happy!”

Gu Anxin was hugged so tightly by her that she almost couldn’t breathe, she thought about it seriously, although she didn’t usually watch movies and TV dramas, she still knew Zheng Wanru’s name which was like thunder, “Congratulations, you have met your goddess.”

After finally calming down, Tang Meng began to analyse Zheng Wanru’s relationship history, “The media has always said that Zheng Wanru is single. I didn’t expect that the goddess has a boyfriend, and we know each other haha…”

Gu Anxin nodded, “Sure enough, female stars like to find big bosses to be their boyfriends, so you met a real couple.”

As soon as Gu Anxin finished speaking, Tang Meng seemed to have remembered something and froze in place.

Gu Anxin walked a few steps without seeing Tang Meng, and she turned around to find that she was still there, “Xiao Meng, what’s wrong with you?”

“Sister Anxin, do you still remember that I told you before that the third brother looks familiar, I seem to have seen him somewhere.” Tang Meng said.

Gu Anxin nodded, “You did say that, but after thinking about it for so many days, you couldn’t figure out where you saw him. I thought you were joking.”

“I’m not joking!” Tang Meng said with wide eyes, “I just met Zheng Wanru, and connected the big boss with a movie star, and I suddenly realized that I seemed to have seen third brother on TV!”

Gu Anxin listened to Tang Meng’s words, and was stunned, “You mean third brother has been on TV and is a star?”

Tang Meng shook her head quickly again, “He’s not a star, but he has been on TV, my brain…but I can’t remember what show I saw him on.” Tang Meng kept knocking on his head, “What the hell is it? What about the TV show?”

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