BCFE Ch. 9.2: Selling Land

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The father and son reached an agreement. They were afraid of long nights and many dreams. After dinner, they went to Ye Qingshan’s house with flashlights while it was dark.

Hearing the knock on the door, Ye Lan picked up the hatchet at hand. There was no man who could stand up to her family, so she and Ye Gu stayed at home. Over time, she developed the habit of keeping a hatchet on hand.

Ye Ning patted her shoulder and asked in a loud voice: “Who is it?”

“It’s me, your Uncle Cai.” Er Mazi came in with the old man and saw that the house was clean, and the three children were also neatly dressed. They thought they were quite well-mannered, but unfortunately they were a waste.

“I heard from Youcai that you are planning to sell the land at home?”

“Yes, mainly because I am going to college soon, and my sister is going to high school soon. We need money everywhere. My dad thinks it is better to work outside, so why not we sell our family’s land.” Ye Ning smiled sheepishly, “Third Grandpa, you know how my family’s situation is, so it would be better to sell it for money.”

Everyone in the village knew about her family and the old house’s relationship, if Ye Qingshan didn’t come back to cultivate the land, it would definitely not work if it was left as wasteland. If it was used by the old house to plant it, it would be like a meat bun being handed to a dog. It would be impossible to take it back in the future. After calculation, it was indeed a good deal to sell.

The old man nodded, “I’ve discussed it with your uncle Youcai. It’s not easy for your family, and we won’t take advantage of you. For two thousand one hundred yuan, if you agree, I will find the old branch to write the contract tomorrow. When the time comes, all you three will need to do is press your fingerprints. I have brought you the money, so you will be rich.”

Although Er Mazi didn’t understand why the old man didn’t quote the price as agreed in advance, he always believed in his old man’s ability and took out the two thousand one hundred yuan without saying a word.

Ye Ning didn’t understand the price of the fields. She glanced sideways at Ye Lan and saw her blink twice, so she knew the price was right.

“I know you are a fair person, but our family is really short of money, otherwise we would not sell the land. Can you please see if you can add a little more.” It was the seller’s mentality, even if he knew that the other party had not offered a low price, he still thought about how much more he could add. Otherwise, it would be too refreshing and they would always feel that they had made a loss.

“Two thousand one hundred and fifty, this is the highest price. I offer such a high price precisely because I see how difficult it is for you siblings.” The old man pondered for a moment and said.

“Okay, Third Grandpa has said so. It won’t look good if I procrastinate any longer. Then it’s settled. When should we go to the old party secretary’s house tomorrow?”

“I’ll go up there tomorrow.” Er Mazi said anxiously from the side, and gave them a deposit of one hundred yuan.

After seeing the two of them off, Ye Lan picked up the one hundred yuan on the table, not happy at all, “Sister, are we really going to sell it like this?”

“Otherwise, what should we do? Should I farm at home or should you stay at home and farm?”

Ye Ning sighed, “Don’t think so much. As long as I’m here, I will never let you two go hungry.” Looking at the wilting siblings, Ye Ning took out her bankbook and handed it to them, “I forgot to mention it at noon, Dad left accidentally, and the mine paid a compensation of 60,000 yuan in total. This money will be temporarily kept by me, including the money from the land sale. I will keep an account of how much I use in the future. Do you have anything to say?”

Ye Lan and Ye Gu closed the book after looking at it, and returned the bankbook to Ye Ning, “Sister, whatever you say, of course you will keep it, and there is no need to keep accounts. We are brother and sister, we don’t have to do this. We believe you.”

“Yes, I will listen to my sister.” Ye Gu nodded.

Ye Lan didn’t expect that her father would be paid such a large amount of compensation after his death. The eldest sister could have concealed it, but since she brought it out, it meant that she would not hide it from them. The siblings were not yet adults, and they would all each other had in the future. They had to rely on their eldest sister for accounting and other things.

“Siblings must also settle accounts clearly. You are still young. When you grow up and have a family, you will understand this. Mom is gone, dad is gone, and there are only three of us left in the family. I don’t want to move apart because of money in the future. So the account still needs to be recorded, but before that, I plan to make it clear that this amount of money is not a small amount. We are three siblings, each of us has 20,000 yuan. It is fair and just. Do you have any objections to it?”

They didn’t do it like this at this time. In rural areas, even in cities, there was little reason to divide property among daughters, but their family’s situation was different. Speaking of which, the three of them were still in school.

“No objection.” Ye Gu quickly shook his head. He was the youngest in the family and was not busy with anything. He had to rely on his sister to support him, so he didn’t dare to have any objection.

Ye Ning glanced at him. Ever since he found out that his father was dead, the child had been feeling uneasy. Was he afraid that she wouldn’t want him?

“Don’t worry, after you finish this semester, I will find a way for you to go to school in the city. Then you will stay with me and your second sister. As long as you can study, we will continue to support you. Besides, you have money, so what are you afraid of?”

“Yes, don’t worry, you just have to study with peace of mind.” Ye Lan also nodded.

“Since you have no objection, I will write it down later, in triplicate, one for each of us, 60,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan for each one of us. Leave it with me for safekeeping for the time being. If I want to use your share, I will tell you in advance, and… those are too far away, let’s talk about it later, you guys go take a shower and go to bed quickly, the task now is to go to school, and study well, especially Xiao Lan, don’t worry about things at home, you must be admitted to high school.”

The main reason for starting to separate the family at this time was that Ye Ning planned to do business in the future. If she used this money to do business, who would own the business then? They would blame her if they lost money, but how would they divide the profits?

It was not that she was selfish. If she really expanded her business and made a lot of money, would she be willing to share it equally with her siblings? To be honest, Ye Ning was not so selfless yet. She could share some with them, but in the future, she couldn’t share the money she earned equally with them. Otherwise, it was difficult for her to guarantee that she would not have other ideas. Instead of having to do something wrong for money in the end, she thought it was better to make a clear distinction early. Of course, if there was any opportunity to make money, she would also help her younger siblings.

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