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The opportunity was placed in front of him. With the mentality of not letting it go to waste, Yan Han walked into the building with Wen Juerong.

In fact, it was a comprehensive department store. There were all kinds of products in the building. On the third floor was a newly opened arcade. A row of claw machines at the door were playing all kinds of kawaii music.

The dancing machines were placed in the center of the store. Four machines were placed opposite each other. On two of them, people were trying to follow the beat. The movements did not look very skillful, but these two people were in good shape, they were both tall and thin, one man and one woman, and they danced quite beautifully on it.

In addition, there were a circle of people around, either watching the fun or signing up.

Yan Han found out that if he signed up now, the first round knockout would start at three o’clock in the afternoon. He looked at his watch and felt that the time was just right and participating in the competition would not delay him too much, so he accepted it and stood behind the team to queue up to sign up.

“Ah? Brother Yan, can you even do this?” The admiration in Wen Juirong’s eyes was even greater.

In the past, when he was at school, Brother Yan only knew how to study with his head down, not listening to even what was going on outside the window. He was serious and focused, which made Wen Juerong feel that Brother Yan should be like that.

But now he felt as if his brother Yan, who queued up to play on the dancing machine, was also real.

Whether it was the quiet and beautiful side or the radiant side, it seemed that this person should be like this, and there was nothing wrong with it.

How did you say that?

Ah yes! As quiet as a virgin and as active as a stripped rabbit!

“Brother Yan, you give people a fresh feeling every day!” Wen Juerong concluded with great seriousness.


After being blown another wave of rainbow farts, Yan Han opened his mouth uncomfortably: “What if I can get a bonus.”

He didn’t dare to ask for the first and second prizes, but the third prize was still 10,000 yuan. If nothing else, at least the issue of tuition and fees for this semester would have been solved.

He had to bite the bullet for the money.

Today was the second day of the junior competition auditions. After yesterday’s publicity, there were quite a lot of people signing up for the competition today.

When Yan Han was waiting in line, the staff member responsible for registration was stunned for a moment, and it took him a long time to think of filling out the form for him.

Yan Han honestly took a pen and started to fill it in. When he filled in the gender column, his pen paused in the air, and then he asked: “Does this competition still need to be divided into men and women?” If that was the case, it would be troublesome.

“Ah?” When he was filling out the form, the staff looked at his profile absentmindedly and didn’t even respond to Yan Han’s question.

When Yan Han, who didn’t hear the answer, looked up, the staff member said: “Oh… there are no groups. Our competition is based on dancing machines, and everyone participates together.”

“In this case, can I not fill in this column?”

“This…” The staff member was in a dilemma. He had never encountered such a problem before.

“Then don’t fill it out.” They didn’t know when a middle-aged man in a suit and tie had walked up to their table. This man looked quite sunny and handsome, and his appearance was quite majestic. The staff member was very polite when he saw him. He even called him Brother Tian politely.

Tian Mu stretched out his hand to shake Yan Han’s hand and introduced himself first: “Hello, I am an agent of Tianhua Entertainment Company. My name is Tian Mu. I wonder if this classmate knows anything about the entertainment industry?”

“No.” Yan Han said bluntly and continued to fill in the form.

Tian Mu looked at the form that Yan Han filled out and said, “This classmate is seventeen years old this year? Are you in high school? What grade are you in?”

“Can’t high school students participate in this competition?” Yan Han raised his head and narrowed his eyes to look at him.

“That’s not the case, that’s not the case.” Tian Mu waved his hands repeatedly, and for some reason he suddenly felt a ray of cold light burst out from the other person’s eyes.

In front of this classmate, he couldn’t maintain his usual momentum.

Tian Mu himself didn’t understand, so he could only hand over his business card to explain his purpose: “I think you have a good appearance and a malleable talent. Your age is also suitable for joining this industry. How about it? Are you interested in joining our company? Come and take a look?”

“No. Thank you.” Yan Han shook his head and refused, “I just want to make quick money through competitions.”

He was not interested in the entertainment industry or anything like that.

No effort either.

“Making money? It’s too easy to make money in this industry!” Tian Mu tried to persuade him.

Yan Han shook his head firmly, “10,000 to 20,000 yuan is enough to pay my tuition and living expenses.”

Tian Mu: “…”

It was a pity that despite this image, he had given birth to such a good child mentality.

Tian Mu shook his head, and didn’t force it: “Keep this card, and contact me if you change your mind.”

He was also a well-known agent in the circle, and he had brought out first-line stars before. In fact, there were two.

However, these days it had become increasingly difficult to find artists with good qualifications who could meet his requirements. This time he came here for the competition to see if there were any good talents.

Tian Mu had no shortage of people under his command, which made him somewhat arrogant.

This was the first time he had said so many words to a young man he had never met.

However, he couldn’t force someone if they didn’t have this intention, but he still couldn’t help but feel it was a pity.

It was not hard to find good-looking people in this circle, but it was hard to find people who were good-looking, had a unique temperament, and had their own style.

Especially when this classmate was still so young!

After Yan Han signed up, he took the registration form and waited aside.

Wen Juerong was a restless person. He bought a small basket of game coins when Yan Han went to queue and was currently playing a gold coin pushing game.

He was quite powerful. In just a short time, he had already won a large amount of redemption coupons.

Seeing Yan Han coming over, Wen Juerong picked up his basket of game coins and said, “Let’s go play something. I still have a lot of coins here!”

“Okay.” Yan Han said.

Wen Juerong smiled like a little Maitreya Buddha. He came close to Yan Han and said, “Brother Yan, what do you know how to play? I’m not bragging to you, this is my home court! I have grown up in a place like this since I was a child.!”

“Oh? How was the arcade?”

“Hey!” Wen Juerong said proudly: “To tell you the truth, I can play Warrior Island to the fifth level for one coin!”

“Then let’s try it now.” Yan Han also became a little interested.

For people who didn’t often play arcade machines, it was not even easy to pass the first level with just one coin. Once you became proficient, you could easily pass the second and third levels.

As for the setting of Warrior Island, the difficulty increased from the fourth level onwards. This level of difficulty was far beyond the ability of those who barely passed the third level. Being able to pass the fifth level with just one coin showed that Wen Juerong really had some skills.

Yan Han was quite happy to meet an opponent.

He was a fun-loving person at heart. During this period, he almost choked himself to death by focusing on studying. Now it was inevitable that he would be a little eager to try.

“Here, here you go.” Wen Juerong was particularly generous and asked the front desk for another small basket and gave half of the game coins to Yan Han.

Yan Han took a coin from it, flicked the game coin into the air with his slender fingers and caught it firmly. He said to Wen Juerong, “This one is enough for me.”

… What a loud tone!

Wen Juerong twisted around and snorted: “I won’t let you go later.”

Yan Han smiled and said, “Don’t let me.”

The two walked to the arcade, found the machines and sat down respectively, and chose the Warriors Island game.

Yan Han looked at the joystick and several keys. He hadn’t touched this thing for a long time, but the blood and passion for playing was still there, and it was almost boiling. Yan Han moved his shoulders and wrists excitedly. Son, put the coin in and start the game.

Seeing him start, Wen Juerong also threw in the coin.

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