SLDH Ch. 84.1: Teacher Crow

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Popcorn Kindergarten.

Early in the morning, Quan Juncai sent the little white fox to school.

“Mr. Quan, you are here. You came very early today.” Quan Juncai was handsome and charming and had the additional charm of a fox. Although he was not as popular as the little white fox, he was also the object of admiration by many female compatriots.

“Teacher Xiao Hua, your lipstick today matches your clothes very well.” Quan Juncai praised with a smile.

“Thank you.” Teacher Xiao Hua was elated by the compliment. These days, there were too few handsome, rich men who could make women happy.

“Teacher Xiao Hua, I want to stay with Xiao Rui in the kindergarten for a while today. Is it okay?” Quan Juncai asked.

“Is there something wrong, Mr. Quan?”

“Actually, it’s not an important thing. Some of my friends’ children also want to come to our Popcorn Kindergarten, but they don’t know the situation here, so they want me to take some pictures of the kindergarten and send the photos to them for reference.” Quan Juncai’s words were not entirely an excuse. If Crow was sure to stay and teach here, more demon cubs would be transferred here in the future.

“That’s no problem. Then come in together. Do you want me to show you around?” Teacher Xiao Hua said enthusiastically.

“No, I can do it myself.” Quan Juncai refused with a smile.

“Okay, you can do whatever you want, but class starts in half an hour. You’d better come out before class.” Teacher Xiao Hua suggested.

“Okay.” Quan Juncai nodded and took Xiao Rui’s hand as he led him into the popcorn kindergarten.

As soon as he entered the kindergarten, Quan Juncai’s mental power spread out instantly, covering the entire kindergarten, and then he let out a soft sigh.

“Xiao Rui, isn’t the crow demon in your kindergarten?” He couldn’t detect the existence of the crow demon.

“He was released into the forest yesterday, but he was injured. He said he would fly back to recuperate,” the little white fox said.

“But I can’t sense his existence.” Quan Juncai said doubtfully.

“Maybe it’s because it hasn’t flown back yet,” said the little white fox.

“What a coincidence? Then when the crow flies back later, tell him and ask him to wait for me to come tomorrow.” Quan Juncai said.

“Okay.” The little white fox nodded.

The crow demon, who was hiding in the tree and trying his best to reduce his presence, became nervous when he heard this. What do you mean, was this fox demon planning not to stop until he found him?

Peng Yan could tell that the fox demon’s cultivation level should be at the peak of the eighth level. Even five hundred years ago, this level of cultivation would have him be considered a great demon. But this was not the reason why Peng Yan avoided the fox demon. The reason why he hid was because the fox demon had Fan Chen’s aura. Fan Chen’s aura was constantly emanating from the fox demon. One glance showed that the fox demon was in frequent contact with Fan Chen.

Wait, if this fox demon was really closely related to Fan Chen, then if he avoided it, would it arouse Fan Chen’s vigilance? His true form was Kunpeng, and when he transformed into a bird form, he looked very similar to a crow. If this fox demon went back to report to Fan Chen, saying that the crow demon disappeared as soon as he came to the kindergarten, would Fan Chen think of him? When the time came and there was a city-wide pursuit, how could he recover from his injuries?

Peng Yan thought about it for a few times and felt that avoiding him would only arouse suspicion. It was better to contact the fox demon head-on. Anyway, with his cultivation level, the fox demon couldn’t tell his depth.

After making up his mind, Peng Yan quietly flew out of the kindergarten wall from among the treetops, then released a weak ray of demonic power and flew back again.

Quan Juncai, who was about to leave, suddenly sensed a strange magical power, so he stopped and looked over: “It’s back.”

“Then you guys talk, I’ll take the little frys away.”

At the door of the kindergarten, a small fry carrying a schoolbag was happily running towards the big tree on the playground. The little white fox stepped forward to greet the little fry and brought it back to the classroom.

“Hello.” Quan Juncai looked up at the crow on the branch and greeted with a smile.

“Is something wrong?” The crow demon was very cold.

The smile on Quan Juncai’s face grew a little thicker. He did not hide his aura of the eighth-level demon. This crow demon didn’t change his expression when he saw him. Sure enough, he had a background.

“I’m Quan Juncai, this is my business card.” Quan Juncai handed over his business card.

Peng Yan stretched out his paw to take it and glanced at it: Wanwu Park, wasn’t this the company run by Fan Chen, the current demon king who was not doing his job properly? As expected, he was Fan Chen’s subordinate.

“What should I call you sir?” After many years of business experience, he had developed an instinct for dealing with people. Even if he was already an eighth-level demon, Quan Juncai rarely used his demonic power to roll over his opponent when it was not necessary.

“You have something to say.” Peng Yan was a little impatient. This demon was really troublesome. He kept talking for a long time without getting to the point.

“Oh, then I will follow the cubs and call you Little Crow.” Quan Juncai still smiled and was not angry at all, but Peng Yan, who was squatting on the branch, looked constipated after hearing the fox demon’s address.

Seeing that Crow was in a bad mood, Quan Juncai felt even happier. While feeling happy, he took out a document from his briefcase and handed it over: “This is the employment contract I prepared for Mr. Crow.”

Contract? Peng Yan subconsciously stretched out his paw to take it, but the contract was different from the business card. He held the contract in his paw and couldn’t read it, so he kept holding the contract with one paw and stood stiffly on the branch, very embarrassed.

“I’ll take it, Mr. Little Crow, then you read it.” Quan Juncai tried his best to suppress his laughter, took back the contract and unfolded it for Little Crow to read.

Peng Yan retracted his claws, glanced at the contract, and quickly read it: “You want to hire Gu… me to be the magic teacher of the demon cubs?”

“That’s right.” Quan Juncai said, “Mr. Little Crow taught them casually yesterday. And the five little frys learned the water control skills from the Aqua Tribe. I heard Xiao Rui say that you only gave them ten seconds to learn. But the water control skills you taught in these ten seconds are better than those taught in the Monster Clan School for more than ten years. Everyone who comes out from under your teaching must be strong.”

“How can the teaching in the demon school be so rubbish?” Peng Yan was shocked after hearing this, so the five little frys did not lie. Was this year’s demon race really going to end?

“I don’t want to admit it, but… it’s true.” Quan Juncai immediately showed a distressed expression, because he was keenly aware of Mr. Little Crow’s deep anger and worry after hearing that the demon clan’s teaching quality was rubbish.

This was a good demon who cared about the demon clan. He seemed to have found a breakthrough point.

“At this point, our demon race is far worse than the human race.” Quan Juncai continued selling misery, “Over the years, the schools established by the Demon Hunter Association have been much better than our demon race in terms of education. The demon clan in the country still relies on the support of older demons like us to barely maintain peace. If the younger generations can’t rise up, our demon clan may be in danger.”

“We are already in such a state of decline?” Peng Yan said in disbelief.

“Mr. Little Crow, haven’t you paid attention to the demon clan in recent years?” Quan Juncai asked tentatively.

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