BCFE Ch. 9.1: Selling Land

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Er Mazi’s father was an accountant in the village, and his mother was very capable and earned ten cents a day. His family had always been wealthier than others. One of his sisters married and moved to the city. His brother took over his father’s position and was now a member of the village council. The accountant later introduced Er Mazi’s daughter to a Yinshi family in the city. After graduating from high school, his son also became a worker. Now Er Mazi’s family was the richest in the entire village.

China had thousands of years of farming culture, and farmers’ desire for land was engraved in their bones. When they had money, they wanted to buy land. The more, the better.

Precisely because of everyone’s persistence towards land, no one sold their land despite Er Mazi’s shouting for so long. When Er Mazi heard Ye Ning’s words, Er Mazi’s eyes lit up.

“Is your family going to sell?” When the land was divided, he went with Ye Qingshan to measure it. He knew how good the fields of Ye Qingshan’s family were. He caught the couple’s paddy field. If it weren’t for the fear of being reported, he believed the village chief and secretary would also want to keep those two fields.

Ye Ning pondered for a while and said what she had thought about several times before, “Who in the village doesn’t know about our family? Yesterday they came to ask for fields from my brother and sister. As you know, my mother has returned to the city, I don’t know when she will come back. My dad went to the city to work, and the salary there is not bad, but you also know the situation at home. I am going to college soon, my sister is going to high school, and Ye Gu is also going to elementary school. Everything is different. I want money, and it’s a pity to throw away the farmland at home. It’s not good to plant it for others rather than for the old house. I discussed it with my dad and decided to sell it.”

“Did your dad really agree?” Er Mazi took out a stick of cigarette, lit it and smoked.

For such a big matter, why didn’t Ye Qingshan come back in person? Er Mazi suspected that Ye Ning had made the decision on her own. No matter how good she was at studying, she was still a girl. Ye Qingshan would not be able to leave such a big matter to her.

He believed that this was because Ye Ning wanted to sell the land to get money, but this was a great opportunity for him. As long as Ye Ning signed the contract and he gave her the money, it would be fine even if Ye Qingshan came back and found out even if he regretted it. And if he wanted to redeem it with money, the question was, did Ye Qingshan have money?

“Don’t worry, my dad said it himself.” Ye Ning had thought about it before coming. She was still young and a girl. Er Mazi would definitely not believe that Ye Qingshan would leave such a big matter to her. It must be that he thought she was a prodigal and wanted to sell the land for money. With Er Mazi’s character, he would definitely be more anxious to complete the deal than she was.

Seeing Ye Ning’s slightly guilty expression, Er Mazi became more convinced of his idea and must buy it while Ye Qingshan was not at home.

“Which land do you plan to sell? Let’s agree first. The fields over there in Dakeng aren’t worth much.” Er Mazi, the old god, said thoughtfully.

The fields in Dakeng were good, but they were too far away from their village. It took three hours to go back and forth. It would take a lot of time just to go to farm every time.

“I know, I’ve sorted it all out. These are the fields we plan to sell.” Ye Ning took out the piece of paper with the fields written on them and handed them to Er Mazi, “There are good and bad ones from far and near. You are more familiar with the fields on the mountains than I am, instead of selling them piece by piece, you just give me a fixed price, and I will sell it if it suits me. My brother and sister and I will sign and fingerprint it together.”

Er Mazi took the paper and looked at it, except for a field near the roadside, and a few pieces of private land, Ye Ning was selling them all. If Ye Qingshan knew this, he would be angry to death, of course it would be a good thing for him. The five members of Ye Qingshan’s family were allocated a lot of land, and it all became his.

“I can’t make a decision right away on such a big matter. So, I’ll discuss it with my family and tell you tomorrow.” Er Mazi thought about it for a while, but didn’t give a price yet.

“Okay, hurry up. I asked for leave from school and I have to go back to class. If you don’t want to buy it, tell me. I’ll ask my uncle. His father-in-law also seems to want to buy land.”

“Okay, I’ll come to you after we’ve discussed it.” Er Mazi said quickly when he heard that Ye Ning was looking for her uncle.

Ye Ning’s uncle was the richest family in the village besides Er Mazi. He was her grandfather’s biological brother. However, the two brothers had a normal relationship and rarely interacted with each other. Ye Ning had thought of him before, but compared to Er Mazi, the younger uncle was more cautious. Such a big matter may have to be considered over and over again, which would take too much time.

As soon as the two sisters left, the second aunt who had been hiding in the kitchen trotted out and closed the door. She looked around to make sure no one was there before she came back and asked in a low voice, “Are they really planning to sell the land?”

“It’s definitely true, but it’s not necessarily what Ye Qingshan might have said. Just leave it alone. I’ll go find the old man to discuss it. If this thing comes true, then our family will have more food for five people.”

“Then go quickly, let’s discuss with dad how much is appropriate. I see that girl Ye Ning is also very smart, so she might not be willing to accept less.”

“I know this well, so I’ll leave first.” Er Mazi’s father followed his eldest brother, so when he passed by, the old man was sunbathing in the yard.

“The two sisters came to see you?” Seeing Er Mazi nodding, the old man frowned, “His farmland is good, but two little girls can make the decision? Ye Qingshan will definitely not agree when he comes back.”

“I’ve thought of this too, I didn’t force his family to sell the land, it was his daughter who came to me to sell it. His eldest daughter is also an adult, a high school student. I didn’t lie to the children. Besides, it’s okay to be reasonable. I’m an adult. Be honest, as long as he has money, he can redeem it at the original price. The problem is that he has to be rich. I’m afraid that by the time he comes back during the New Year, his eldest daughter will have already spent all the money.”

The old man nodded, who wouldn’t be tempted by those fields? People came to sell on their own initiative, there was no reason to extrapolate.

“How much do you want to give? This is also a question. If you give more, they will suffer. If you give less, Ye Ning won’t want to, and no one is stupid. How about one thousand and fifty?”

“I’m afraid she won’t agree.” Er Mazi said shaking his head, he couldn’t buy food for five people, two good paddy fields by the stream, and some relatively close land at this price.

“I don’t know if we can negotiate for two thousand yuan.”

“Well, let’s settle on two thousand yuan first. If they don’t want to, they can add more, up to two thousand and two, and the more it is, the higher it will be.”

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