5BKCM Ch. 14: Nie Yu

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Ji Qisen said in a low voice: “Mom, you go and see the house first, and I’ll go down.”

Gu Yuan was now full of admiration for his son and couldn’t help herself, so she nodded quickly: “Okay, just go, I’ll take a look at the house.”

Ji Qisen nodded, then leaving a bodyguard at the door to protect Gu Yuan, he went down, while Gu Yuan stepped into the house.

This house was left to her by her grandmother back then. After her grandmother died, she suffered a terminal illness, was betrayed by her boyfriend, and was in a coma for twenty-five years.

Facing the strange world she had been away from for twenty-five years, and the situation where all her relatives and friends were gone, this house was her only hope and sustenance.

Twenty-five years later, everything had changed. There was no trace of the past in the house. Standing in front of the empty window, looking at the scenery outside, the once big locust tree was gone, and the big chimney in the distance was also gone. This was all replaced by tall buildings.

After Gu Yuan woke up, she was happy most of the time. After all, what did she have to be unhappy about, whether the cheap son was not filial enough, or the Michelin chef’s meals were not delicious enough.

But now, standing in this house again, she touched her face that had no trace of time, looking at the house that had changed beyond recognition, she realized for the first time that her time was deviated from this world.

The people who used to be familiar had gotten old, and the familiar house had long since changed. Only she, the same she once was, had stopped in place, with nothing.

At this moment, there were footsteps behind her, and when she looked over, Ji Qisen was standing there.

“What’s wrong?”

His voice was as calm and indifferent as before, but Gu Yuan could hear the meaning of concern.

She couldn’t help laughing, and suddenly felt that she was being hypocritical just now. Twenty-five years had passed, of course, she was not static. The five eggs she left in this world had all taken root and sprouted.

The world was changing, and so were her traces in this world.

So, after she woke up, she was supported by her filial rich son!

Thinking about it, she seemed to be suddenly happy: “Why did you come up, what happened with Gu Yue and the others?”

Ji Qisen said: “Weeping and shouting, yelling robbers, and people around them are laughing and taking pictures.”

With a few simple words, Gu Yuan seemed to see the pitiful appearance of Gu Yue’s family, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter: “I still have a solution for my family.”

Er solution?

Ji Qisen’s temple twitched slightly, but he endured it.

He raised his hand, took out a box from his pocket, and handed it to Gu Yuan: “Mom, this should be your jade pendant, right?”

Gu Yuan took it and opened it, and she couldn’t believe it: “Why did you bring it back?”

She was willing to give it to Gu Yue.

Ji Qisen raised his eyebrows and asked, “Do you think there is something of yours that they can keep?”

Gu Yuan was startled, and after a start, she suddenly laughed out loud.

How could she have such a domineering and filial son! She was so happy!

She rushed over with a smile and hugged Ji Qisen: “My son is so good! Mama is proud of you!”

Suddenly, Ji Qisen was hugged by Gu Yuan like this, and he was stunned for a while.

Not used to this kind of closeness, no one had ever held him like this, in his memory, no one had ever.

Dad was a man, so he wouldn’t hug him like that, and nobody else would dare to hug him like that.

After Gu Yuan hugged her son, she felt that his body was a little stiff. When she looked up, his stern face was also very awkward.

At the moment, she couldn’t help laughing: “You are still shy!”

Ji Qisen pursed his lips, blushed, and said nothing.

Seeing him like this, Gu Yuan wanted to laugh even more. With a flash of eyes, she wanted to rub his nose deliberately.

Her son was a big boss already, but it seemed very good to let him knead by himself.

Who knew that before she moved her hand, she heard her son say in a hard voice: “Mom, if you dare to touch my nose, I will—”

Gu Yuan’s hand suddenly stopped, tilted her head and smiled proudly: “What can you do? What can you do to me, I’m your mother!”

Ji Qisen said blankly: “I will confiscate your mobile phone.”

Gu Yuan: “…”

OK, you are cruel!

Ji Qisen and Gu Yuan discussed the decoration of this house, and he said that he could send his mother a professional decorator. Gu Yuan pondered that she was poor, so she could only shamelessly continue to rub her son’s money. By the way, she could also grab the food of the Michelin chef.

As soon as they left the house, the bodyguards had already led people to install professional security doors and new windows, and the efficiency was still amazing.

Gu Yue looked this way secretly, thinking that after they left, she would take the opportunity to sneak into the house, but when she saw the people installing the doors and windows, she became completely desperate: “Gu Yuan, how can you do this to your sister!”

Gu Yuan snorted at her: “You occupied my house, I’m just taking back what belongs to me.”

Gu Yue wanted to scold her by saying a few words, but then she looked at the tall and indifferent man beside Gu Yuan. The man was so cold and indifferent, that she was frightened immediately, that man was powerful, and she could definitely not provoke him. Today, she understood that he didn’t care about her rude tactics. There were a hundred ways for him to drive her out. The one he used now was to deliberately embarrass her and avenge Gu Yuan!

She immediately hated him!

Who the hell was this, Gu Yuan’s son?

Gu Yue gritted her teeth, how could Gu Yuan have such a good life, she slept for twenty-five years, and woke up with such an old son to show her filial piety!

As for Gu Yue’s envy, jealousy, and hatred, Gu Yuan happily accepted all of it. She brought her jade pendant and followed her son into a luxury car.

Sitting in the car, Gu Yuan was in a good mood, so she took out her mobile phone, hummed a song and started to browse Weibo.

Ji Qisen also took out his mobile phone and glanced at the financial news and that day’s important work sent by his subordinates. This important work news were the essence of the assistant’s summary. Not surprisingly, he saw the news that the entertainment company’s stock had fallen sharply today.

Ji Qisen was not interested in the entertainment industry, but he had some knowledge of entertainment stocks. As the director of the AK Group, one of the top ten enterprises in the world, he certainly knew that his investment company also invested in entertainment stocks.

Looking at the news of the plunge in entertainment stocks, he was very calm, and the loss of these assets was not too much of a concern to him.

He thought that there should be another person who should be concerned about this matter – Nie Yu.

Ji Qisen slowly flipped through the scope of the stock price crash, and was very happy to find that due to the impact of the entertainment industry earthquake, the entertainment industry-related share prices of the Hezongtian Group fell by three points. It was estimated that Nie Yu must have suffered an asset loss of 1.5%.

It didn’t sound like a relatively large number, but it was already in the tens of billions.

Putting down the phone, he folded his slender fingers slightly, and asked his mother in a low voice, “Mom, what do you want to eat? The weather is nice today, so I’ll treat my mother to a big meal.”

Gu Yuan tilted her head and looked at her son: “What did you just watch? Why does it seem like that you’re in a better mood after seeing something on your phone? “

Ji Qisen raised his eyebrows.

He was in a good mood now.

He and Nie Yu had known each other since childhood, but they had never been able to get along. Regardless of the fact that they were both young masters, both were young geniuses, and both were chaebol heirs, the two despised each other.

Now, he was certainly in a good mood when he could give Nie Yu a headache and also help his mother vent his anger.

“Don’t you want to eat a big meal?” he asked Gu Yuan.

“I want to eat!” Gu Yuan said quickly, of course.

Sons should be filial to their parents.

So now, they didn’t return home, Ji Qisen directly ordered the driver to drive to a high-end restaurant. As soon as they entered the restaurant, Gu Yuan felt a completely different atmosphere from the restaurants in her memory.

This looked like a bamboo garden, there were not too many guests, it was quiet and private, the green bamboos were densely packed, and it was comfortable and cool.

They were guided by the waiter to their table and they walked on the cobblestone path and among the quiet and green bamboo forests. Her whole person was in a good mood, which made Gu Yuan even more look forward to the food.

Her son was rich, and as his mother, she should also follow suit.

Who knew that as they were walking, they came across a group of people. It was obvious that her son knew the person headed towards them. He stopped and said hello politely: “What a coincidence, you also came here.”

Gu Yuan looked over curiously. She saw that the person leading the group was a man about the same age as her own son, tall, wearing a white slim suit, narrow eyebrows, thin lips, with a smile which made him look romantic and handsome, but also cynical.

The man’s eyes swept over Gu Yuan with interest, and when he saw Gu Yuan’s clear eyes looking at him, he pulled out a playful smile: “The pure-hearted eldest son of the Ji family has also made a girlfriend. The sun is coming out from the west?”

Ji Qisen raised his chin slightly, and his words were somewhat contemptuous: “This is my relative, please speak with respect.”

There was a smile in the narrow eyes of the man, and he said with some playfulness: “I thought that if she was your girlfriend, I would not be able to win her love. If that is not the case, then I…”

In the following words, he didn’t say it, but the sexy and lazy tone was quite reminiscent.

Hearing this, Gu Yuan suddenly felt a chill.

This person wanted to pursue her.

Ji Qisen’s brows and eyes turned cold: “Nie Yu, dream on.”

Seeing Ji Qisen’s obvious annoyance, Nie Yu laughed, “Mr. Ji, I haven’t chased her yet, why are you so anxious? Who the hell are you to stop me?”

Ji Qisen stared at Nie Yu with his sharp eyes, “Whoever dares to hit on her will be my Ji Qisen’s enemy, Nie Yu, remember this sentence.”

After that, Ji Qisen took Gu Yuan’s arm and led her away in long strides.

And after Ji Qisen had left, Nie Yu touched his chin, looked at the leaving couple with a smile, and said, “It’s rare to see Ji Qisen care so much about a woman, who is this person?”

Bian Jinyun saw everything with his own eyes, he frowned slightly, and thought: “It should be just a sweetheart, maybe they are not a couple yet.”

Nie Yu smiled: “I don’t know where Ji Qisen dug her from. Such a little beauty looks so pure, so pure that she doesn’t look like a normal person.”

He recalled that the little girl’s eyes were as clear as a pool of spring water, and her facial features were also very delicate, and her skin was a first-class milky white. She was a charming little beauty.

Chen Shuo: “Brother Yu, you shouldn’t be thinking about hitting on that little girl? I think Ji Qisen obviously cares about that little girl. If you really piss off Ji Qisen, it won’t end well.”

When Nie Yu heard this, he laughed more and more: “When Ji Qisen played tricks on me, did you think about what would happen to me? Besides—”

There was a flash of interest between his eyebrows: “I’m just curious, I’m really not interested in such a simple little girl.”

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