GLR Ch. 36

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Su Yemu and the others followed the sound of water to a hot spring. The decoration here was gorgeous. It could be seen that the status of the people who lived here must not have been low six hundred years ago. But there was only one hot spring, nothing else.

“Gabe, do you know who those people are?” With such a large-scale massacre, it seemed that the main planet may not be peaceful.

He Yunting said: “No matter who it is, they can’t run away.”

“Yeah!” Su Yemu responded in a low voice, and sat down along the wall. He ran too much tonight and was a little tired.

With his feet crossed, he lowered his head and stared blankly at the ground.

He Yunting walked up to Su Yemu and squatted down, seeing that he was not energetic, he said, “Take a break, we can go out after 01 breaks through the mastermind.”

“I was just here to get a chef certificate.”


Su Yemu yawned, closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, thinking about whether he could pass the exam tomorrow.

Su Yemu fell asleep, and then he dreamed again.

Sitting cross-legged by the hot spring, the emperor dressed in fine clothes unconsciously splashed the water as he said, “Mr. Qin Ge, I promise to marry you, but tell the First Civilization that if they fail to keep their promise one day, the first civilization will pay a heavy price for this.”

The old man standing behind him nodded: “Your Majesty, the old minister will definitely bring it.”

“He will come back!”


“Di di di!”

“Your Excellency, the exit has been found.”

The mechanical sound woke up Su Yemu, and when he saw the hot spring for the first time, Su Yemu almost didn’t realize it, thinking that he was still in a dream.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Yemu looked up and saw He Yunting looking down at him from above, Su Yemu blinked and sighed: “I think about it every day, and I dream about it at night.”

“Dream?” He Yunting frowned, he didn’t sleep.

“Hmm!” Su Yemu scratched his head and stood up: “The mastermind has been broken so quickly?”

“01, what’s going on?” He Yunting was also wondering.

“Report, the mastermind’s restraint was lifted from the ground, and the specific circumstances are unknown.”

“It seems that Kong Yi notified them,” He Yunting asked, “What did you dream about just now?”

“I dreamed about the emperor, but unfortunately I couldn’t see his face clearly.”

Su Yemu expressed regret and really wanted to see him.

“What’s so interesting about a middle-aged greasy uncle.”

After He Yunting finished speaking, he took the lead to walk out; Su Yemu felt inexplicable, why did it feel like they were not on the same channel?


His Majesty the Emperor who was far away in the palace sneezed and rubbed his nose: Hmph, that bastard Kevin must be scolding him.


Erha, who was far away on Saier Star, rubbed his nose: I miss my master.

The exit was not far from them, only ten minutes away, then they could take the ladder directly to the ground.

Su Yemu stepped out of the ladder, and felt startled for a moment; in front of him was a group of tall and burly soldiers, seeing Su Yemu, they tapped their heels in an orderly manner, stood still, and saluted.


Su Yemu was startled, instinctively turned to look at He Yunting, and saw that he was gloomily staring at the leading man.

“What, what’s the matter? Kong Yi sent us a message about your disappearance. After receiving it, we immediately contacted the royal family and applied for lifting the ban on the mastermind of the dungeon.” General Heka felt wronged!

“You are Marshal? By the way, your surname is He, Marshal He?” Su Yemu was stunned. Where was the agreed old man?

“Hmm!” He Yunting pressed down on the brim of his hat, walked up to Su Yemu, and looked at him, “He Yunting.”

“Isn’t your name He Jiabei?”


“I just said why would someone change the last name ? It’s a nickname.”

All the soldiers:?

Will I be silenced if I witness my immediate superior lying?

Su Yemu stared at He Yunting’s face and murmured: “You take good care of yourself.”

Too old!

“Thank you!” He Yunting had no expression on his face, and his sharp-edged outline became even more rigid.

“Marshal, Your Majesty asked you to please enter the palace immediately.”

General Heka glanced around, approached Marshal He, and whispered, “This incident is too serious, and several forces are shirking and refusing to investigate, but Kaman wants to investigate. The old man patted the table to object, and he couldn’t stand, so he thought of you.”

“Yeah!” He Yunting nodded and looked at Su Yemu: “Where do you live?”

“I live with Mr. Chen, but his house has already been bombed.”

“Then let’s go!” He Yunting took off his military cap and patted it clean, took off the grey gloves, threw them to General Heka, took the white gloves handed over by the adjutant again, and put them on: “Kong Yi.”


The tweeting sound broke through the air, and the huge silver armour fell from the sky, kneeling on one knee, the cold, hard lines and shiny metal texture looking particularly domineering.

Su Yemu couldn’t help reaching out to touch it, it was so handsome, he thought he fell in love with 033.

He Yunting’s eyes sank, he took Su Yemu’s hand, pulled him over, clasped his waist, jumped hard, jumped onto Kong Yi’s hand, then his knees, shoulders, and entered the inner cabin.

Su Yemu: “Qinggong?”

He Yunting: “It’s just that the explosive power is strong.”

“Where are we going?”

“Going home.”

Kong Yi changed from a humanoid mecha into a mechanical bird, and flew away with a long cry.

The remaining soldiers were stunned: “The marshal actually used the air wing to carry people?”

“What’s so strange? Can’t the marshal’s wife be carried?”

General Heka snorted and stared at him, “Why are you still in a daze? Go back to the camp.”

Just a few minutes after arriving at the Marshal’s Mansion, He Yunting brought Su Yemu into the mansion, called the butler robot, and left after saying a few words.

After going out and walking to the courtyard, He Yunting stopped and pointed at the wall.

“Stand there.”

The adjutant next to He Yunting pulled his face and was about to cry. What did he do wrong that the Marshal wanted to punish him to face the wall and think about his mistakes?

“It’s not you, Kong Yi, face the wall.”

The adjutant who had already stepped forward hurriedly retracted his feet, straightened his chest, and said, how could the marshal punish him.

After the Marshal left, the soldiers in the Marshal’s Mansion whispered privately, and they all lamented that this was the first time the Marshal had punished Kong Yi!

Look, the three-meter-high battle armour was facing the wall, and his grievance could be felt from his back.

The butler robot was a humanoid grandfather, who wore a suit, and had a very kind voice. If it weren’t for the traces of machinery on his face, it would be impossible to imagine that he was a robot.

“Master, would you like to have dinner first, take a bath first, or rest first?”

“Wash first!”

Su Yemu was taken to a large bedroom, which was neatly decorated in black and white, and everything was neatly placed. It seemed someone suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

After taking the pyjamas brought by the housekeeper, Su Yemu fiddled with himself in the bathroom for more than an hour before coming out, feeling refreshed and sleepy, then yawning, Su Yemu threw himself on the bed, almost jumping up in fright.

A big face appeared on the floor-to-ceiling window beside the bed, a mechanical face, it was 033.

“033, what are you doing?”

“Master, I, I am basking in the moonlight.”

“It’s really a special hobby, so I’ll go to bed first.”

“Good night, master.”

When He Yunting entered the palace, several forces had already quarrelled. It was almost the same, His Majesty the Emperor was sitting on the chief seat, frowning tiredly, with a bad complexion.

When everyone saw He Yunting coming in, how to investigate this case was brought up again, and they started arguing again until the middle of the night. Finally, with the support of Mr. Bai and Mr. Qin, He Yunting took over the investigation of this case.

The decision was made, and the meeting was dismissed.

“Yunting, this is a good opportunity, make good use of it.”

Elder Qin patted him on the shoulder and left with Elder Bai.

“Elder Bai is a royalist, how could he get together with Elder Qin?” General Heka narrowed his eyes dangerously, and countless conspiracy theories playing in his mind; instigated rebellion?

“Also, what does Elder Qin mean, does he think you have taken Kaman’s power?” The more General Heka thought about it, the more he felt it was so.

“General Heka, be careful.”

General Allen, who had been silent all this time, interrupted General Heka’s nonsense, and everyone stepped out of the palace.

“Give me the information on the dungeon,” He Yunting said after getting on the suspension vehicle, “Who is in charge of the dungeon at present?”

General Allen replied, “His Royal Highness Ryan is in charge of the dungeon.”

For the throne, His Highness Ryan had become the most popular candidate.

“Let him hand over the management rights of the dungeon.”

He Yunting closed his eyes and rested, and everyone stopped talking.

Back at the Marshal’s Mansion, it was already midnight, when the butler robot said to bring Su Yemu to the master bedroom, he walked quickly to the bedroom, opened the door, and saw that Kong Yi was watching Su Yemu sleep. Sensing He Yunting’s gaze, Kong Yi closed his eyes instantly and turned his back.

He Yunting withdrew his gaze, approached the bed, handed the quilt to Su Yemu, stroked his fur, and turned to go out.

An hour later, black tentacles appeared in Su Yemu’s bedroom. They came in through the crack of the door, crawled and climbed to the head of the bed, just as they were about to get into Su Yemu’s head, but Su Yemu’s head was suddenly covered by blue light.

The black spiritual tentacles turned to the window, it was Kong Yi, and at this time he was covered with flowing blue light.

Get out of the way, Kong Yi.

The blue light disappeared, and Kong Yi, who was standing outside the court, fell to his knees suddenly as if he had been repelled by something.

The black spiritual tentacles penetrated into Su Yemu’s head and slowly disappeared.

Su Yemu was dreaming, and he was dreaming again, the surroundings were pitch black and no light could be seen. There was the sound of water dripping in the distance, Su Yemu walked in following the sound of water dripping, and came to an iron gate.

Inside the iron gate, a man sat with his head down. Su Yemu couldn’t see his expression clearly, but he could vaguely see that he was wearing a military uniform.

“Who are you? Why do you keep looking for me?”

“You will know.”

“I think you should not come into my dreams, I don’t like it.”

After Su Yemu finished speaking, he woke up with a headache.

“What kind of world is this? Why do I always dream of strange things?”

Su Yemu muttered to himself, stepped off the bed, felt a pain in his shoulder, and fell to the ground, under an inexplicable pressure, Su Yemu’s face turned pale in an instant, and his vision became blurred. Su Yemu fainted on the ground, and his consciousness was instantly dragged into an unknown place.

The turbulent sea, where the dark sky seemed to swallow the earth, Su Yemu was tightly entangled in the black mist, they seemed to be looking for something, at last, they saw the light…

It was a beautiful world, with green mountains and green waters, singing birds and fragrant flowers. An old lady was kneading dough, and a little boy was running around with his face covered in flour.

The black mist dissipated and the sun shone brightly.

At this time, the people outside the Marshal’s Mansion were surprised and delighted, what’s going on? Wasn’t he just going through mental turbulence? How did he recover again?

When He Yunting woke up, he was sweating all over. He quickly got out of bed and walked towards Su Yemu’s bedroom. When he saw Su Yemu lying on the ground, his eyes darkened.

He carried him to the bed, covered him with a quilt, and saw Kong Yi staring at him when he turned around.

“It hurts!” Su Yemu groaned, woke up, and was surprised to see He Yunting sitting beside his bed, “Why are you here?”

“Heard the sound, so just came to check!” He Yunting wiped the cold sweat on Su Yemu’s forehead: “Go to sleep! It’s okay.”

“It’s dawn,” Su Yemu sat up, “Today I have an exam.”

After Su Yemu finished speaking, his terminal rang. It was Mr. Chen.

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