KHSW Ch. 229

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“Ou Mengxue actually invited me to participate.”

“You going?”

“She has already invited me, of course I will go.”

“Do you need me to accompany you?”

“No, I want to make trouble. This kind of thing is not suitable for you. Besides, if you show up there, wouldn’t it make their faces too bold? Those two are cheap~ male supporting scum, why to give them so much face? But I really need you to do me a favour.”

“What favour?”

Wedding day.

“Son, today is your big day, no matter how unhappy you are, no matter how much you don’t like Ou Mengxue, you have to bear with her, so smile, do you hear me?”

Chi Jiayang nodded reluctantly when he heard his mother’s words, “Yes, I got it, Mom.”

“By the way, you didn’t invite that woman, did you?”

He knew that the “that woman” that his mother talked about was Ling Xi, “No, I don’t want her to see me getting married.”

“Well, that’s good. Ling Xi’s child is indeed very good, but her status is too low~ cheap, you are not worthy of her, and everything mom considers is for your own good.”

“I see, Mom, you go in first! The wedding will begin soon.”

Chi Yanbin was holding a glass of red wine, and was welcoming the people who were invited to the wedding, at the door.

But he didn’t want to see Chi Jingyu and his mother, and immediately froze, “Jingyu, Huilin, why are you here?”

“Anyway, the guy inside is also my brother, right? Isn’t it a pity if we don’t come?”

Hearing that Jingyu finally admitted that Jiayang was his elder brother, Chi Yanbin’s mood immediately improved. It seemed that the decision to take Hui Lin home to live was really correct.

Even some previous worries were put aside, “Of course you should come, but today is your brother’s big day…” He lowered his voice and said to them, “I can only declare that you are my second son, as for your mother, I will say she is your godmother.”

After hearing this, Yang Huilin didn’t feel sad as expected, maybe she was really completely disappointed in this man!

Chi Jingyu’s heart turned cold. If it wasn’t for his sister-in-law saying that she was going to smash the scene today, he wouldn’t have come to this kind of place with his mother, and he wouldn’t have admitted that Chi Jiayang was his brother just to let Chi Yanbin relax his guard.

“Well, I know, don’t worry.”

Only then did Chi Yanbin nod in satisfaction, and introduced to everyone that he was the second young master of the Chi family.

“We’ve only heard that there is a young master in the Chi family, but today we found out that there is also a second young master!”

“Boss Chi is really lucky! You have two sons, both of whom can help you manage the company.”

“Sister Ou, you are so beautiful today! This necklace must be very expensive, right? The Chi family is really rich.”

“Mengxue, what’s it like to marry into a rich family? Isn’t it the kind that feels particularly good?”

A large group of people surrounded Ou Mengxue, like stars surrounding the moon.

Ou Mengxue’s mood had never been so good, “Oh, by the way, have you seen my best friend Ling Xi?”

“What? Is Ling Xi going to be here today?”

Everyone suddenly turned their attention to Ling Xi again, “Mengxue, you are too honourable, a big star is even coming to bless your wedding.”

“Yeah, we haven’t seen her yet! I guess she will come later!”

The moment Ou Mengxue lowered her eyelids, she concealed the pride in her eyes, Ling Xi, I don’t know what kind of expression you will have when you see that I am getting married to Brother Jiayang but there is nothing you can do…

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