KHSW Ch. 158

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Both the cook and Aunty Zhang were amused by the little guy.

“Hahaha, this family will finally be in trouble in the future.”

Seeing that there was only one plate of shredded potatoes and two bowls of rice on the table, Ling Xi cast a suspicious look at Aunty Zhang, “Aunty Zhang.”

There were usually a lot of dishes for lunch, how come there was only one today?

Although they had told the cook not to put meat on the table for the time being, but it didn’t have to be all vegetarian, right?

“Ma’am, this is a dish that Xiao Nuo made specially for you. This is the only dish for lunch today. Madam, then I’ll go to work first.”

She was shocked when she saw the little guy standing on the stool cooking vegetables.

It was said that the children of poor families matured early, but both Master and his wife were rich. What had this little Xiao Nuo experienced?

“Xiao Nuo wants to thank his mother for bringing me into this world. Xiao Nuo invites his mother to eat shredded potatoes.”

Ling Xi heard the sound and looked at Xiao Nuo, her heart was sour, her eyes felt a little wet, she had been too sentimental recently, these words were very familiar, but she hadn’t expected to hear her child say it one day.

She picked up the shredded potato with her chopsticks and put it in her mouth to chew slowly.

Although Xiao Nuo had done it for his master countless times, he didn’t know if his mother would like it.

A pair of glittering eyes looked at her nervously.

Ling Xi’s face burst into a smile, “Baby Xiao Nuo, you are really mother’s little angel.”

The bright light in the little guy’s eyes gradually dimmed, and his little face was full of grievances and sadness, as if he was about to cry, “Didn’t mom say that Xiao Nuo is her mother’s baby? Xiao Nuo doesn’t want to be her mother’s little angel.”

Ling Xi was stunned for a moment, and immediately coaxed softly, “Okay, just be mother’s little baby, not a little angel, okay? Mommy likes the dish made by her little baby, thank you little baby.”

Xiao Nuo smiled happily, and the two small dimples on his face became more and more prominent.

“Baby, let’s eat together too.”

Xiao Nuo nodded lightly, folded his hands, closed his eyes, and said in a very low voice, “Thank you for the food that fills our stomachs.”

“Baby, what are you doing?”

Xiao Nuo opened his eyes, “Xiao Nuo is thanking God for the food.”

“Mom would also like to thank Xiao Nuo for the food he made.”

Even the baby could cook, but she…

It looked like she needed to learn to cook too.

When Chi Jingyu arrived at the mental hospital, they all insisted that there was no one named “Yang Huilin” admitted there.

His eyes were full of loss, since he had clearly found those certificates from his father’s room. It was clearly written that she was in this mental hospital, why was his mom not here?

He made another call after going out.

When Ling Xi saw that it was Chi Jingyu calling again, she immediately picked up, “Jingyu, did you find her?”

“Sister-in-law, I’ve asked those doctors, and they all said they don’t have my mother.”

Ling Xi’s fingertips lightly clasped the table, then thinking quickly in her mind, she said, “Do you remember when the last payment period is on the receipt?”

“It was the eighth of last month.”

Ling Xi didn’t frown, she shouldn’t have been transferred so quickly, even if she was transferred, there would be records in the mental hospital, but those doctors said that there was no such person, then there was only one possibility, “If there is someone behind this, with your father’s power, it should not be a problem to find her.”

This sentence reminded him, “Sister-in-law, what should I do now?” Chi Jingyu didn’t realize it himself, but he had begun to become dependent on her.

“How’s your acting?”

“Probably not bad.”

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