RCFS Ch. 215: Campus Festival 3

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Slide, swing, turn, jump!

Every movement was done just right, even the look in the eyes when looking up was so sexy that it made the scalp tingle, and the light body made all kinds of handsome and explosive movements. At that moment, everyone held their breath and watched excitedly.

“Oh my god, the president is so handsome!”

“Yunxi, you’re so handsome!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…! Just dance this, let’s dance like this!!”

Wang Tingting and the girls went crazy screaming, Ye Yunxi was really handsome!

The boys were all dumbfounded and their throats tightened.

Very handsome!

If they could also dance this dance, could they also be as handsome as the president!!!

Ding! Awesomeness XP + 10 + 10 + …

After the song ended, everyone was still immersed in the dance, unable to extricate themselves for a long time.

Ye Yunxi’s actions were still lingering in the minds of all of them, and they hadn’t dissipated for a long time!

The aftertaste alone felt full of charm!

Really cool!

“That’s it, that’s it! Goddess, how about just doing this, we’re going to start dancing today! Okay, okay, okay… bababa…”

Fang You was also excited, and he felt that he could rely on this. With a dance like this, he would definitely get a girlfriend!!

“You all agree?”

Ye Yunxi shook her sweaty hair and took a deep breath.

Although she had a lot of physical strength, there were many movements in this dance that took a lot of energy. It took a lot of energy to jump off. If she hadn’t trained these things in her previous life, she wouldn’t be able to jump off.


This dance is so handsome, of course we agree!

“That’s fine, after every day’s tutoring, let’s have a dance practice!”

“Hey, do we still need tutoring?”

“Shouldn’t we just practice dancing?”

“Can I not have tutoring?”

Ye Yunxi curled his lips and smiled: “No!”

Immediately, wailing resounded all over the field.

“If you want to be handsome, you have to put in more effort!”

The president said a word, and everyone could only continue to hold up the review questions and grind their teeth to study!

In order to be as handsome as the president!

To attract girls!

In order to let Yehuang shine in the campus!


Seeing that everyone finally settled down to study hard, Ye Yunxi nodded in satisfaction and continued to watch the video.

Qin Yuyi didn’t know how to choreograph, so she had to take a good look at how to arrange this dance, and ten people were just right, so they could have a wonderful dance performance!

On the way back, passing the senior classroom, Ming Siye happened to see Ye Yunxi approaching slowly.

He turned indifferently, blocking her way.

“Would you also be participating in the campus festival?”

Ye Yunxi smiled: “Yes, what advice does the senior have?”

“No advice, the three major clubs just want to see Yehuang’s strength.”

Look at the strength?

Could it be that you came to provoke me?

When she was frowning, Bai Jingchen and Heishui Cheng also came out, and the three of them surrounded her.

“Actually, we’re also quite upset. You didn’t join any of us, but instead established your own club.”

It was rare for Bai Jingchen to cut to the chase without resorting to detours.

Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth: “Then, as long as I can crush your three major clubs, you will be happy?”


Look at that little insolent brat!

The three major clubs had been deeply rooted for so many years and had been passed down from generation to generation. Could you, a new club, crush them?

“Ye Yunxi, your words are too crazy!”

Heishui Cheng snorted coldly.

They were about to go crazy! What are you bragging about? Who do you think you are, do you have this ability?

“Crazy or not, let’s talk about our strength at the campus festival!”

Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her mouth, smiling recklessly and frivolously.

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