RCFS Ch. 216: Campus Festival 4

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Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

This girl!

Had such a temperament compared all three of them!

Do you want to be so crazy and cool?

There’s no one left, okay?

The three men felt very uncomfortable, but it was Ming Siye, who while looking at Ye Yunxi with cold and ethereal eyes, asked: “Zhao Qi is also considered my recommendation? How can you pay me back this debt?”

This also counted?

Ye Yunxi smiled: “Even if the senior doesn’t recommend me, I would have gone to visit. It seems that it has nothing to do with senior. The senior didn’t speak well for me, let alone get along with me. If you just take me to meet, it counts as credit, then well, I will remember senior’s favour, and I will definitely repay it in the future!”

After hearing her words, Ming Siye’s face turned red, as if he was insisting on chasing after her for benefits.

But what Ye Yunxi said was right, he really didn’t seem to have been able to do anything except bring her in front of Zhao Qi!!

The atmosphere was once again awkwardly quiet.

Ye Yunxi pushed the man away indifferently: “Since there is nothing to do, then senior, goodbye!”

After finishing speaking, Ye Yunxi left at a leisurely pace, her long black hair fluttering in the wind, pulling out a beautiful arc.

“Isn’t this girl too crazy? The presidents of our three major clubs came out to block her together, most people would have peed out of fear in such a situatopm, okay? Look at her, she’s so calm, she thinks we’re here to find her to get closer to her?”

Heishui Cheng couldn’t help complaining, he had never seen such a girl before!

Bai Jingchen pushed his glasses and said lightly, “You should thank her, otherwise our three major clubs wouldn’t be able to stay together so peacefully.”

They were all competitors, so it would be good if they didn’t fight on meeting.

“Second Young Master Ming, I think what Ye Yunxi said seems to be correct. You have no reason to want this benefit.”

Bai Jingchen smiled slightly.

“None of your business!”

After saying these words, Ming Siye left indifferently.

“I say Young Master Bai, it’s not that you don’t know Ershao Ming, why are you talking such nonsense!”

Heishui Cheng folded his hands on his chest, and laughed: “People in the Ming family have this kind of virtue, if you are useful, they can hold you up to the sky, and if you’re useless even if you take a breath, people will find it an eyesore!”

“Hehe, is that so? What show are you putting on for the campus festival?”

“We… eh?? Why should I tell you about this competitor? Okay, you dead fox, don’t talk to me! Get away, I don’t want to see you!”

Heishui Cheng ran away in a huff, and Bai Jingchen, who had disgusted and teased him, laughed.

After laughing, the self-proclaimed IQ-type president pushed his glasses and looked long into the freshman classroom.

Highest admission score ever?

Ye Yunxi, you are even better than me?

But if a person wanted to be above everyone, it was useless to just study well.

And what a president should have most was the ability to be a leader in a high position.

Do you have it?

“Ye Yunxi, Ye Yunxi!!”

Gao Shuying stood at the door of the classroom and said anxiously, “Hurry up, come to my office!”

Gao Shuying was going crazy, she forgot about the school festival!

“Every club has a program for the campus festival. Zhao Qi asked me today and I just remembered, ah, I forgot that I am still a club teacher, hurry up, what program do you have, I will give you guidance. Hey, I don’t know how to direct either, and I’ve never been a club teacher! What can I do? Is our show going to be at the bottom? Let’s think about it, sketches, can sketches work? Or a chorus? A chorus of ten people isn’t it a little less?… bababa…”

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