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After finishing the hot pot, Jiang Mochen posted a Weibo. The Weibo was very simple.

Jiang Mochen V: @Yan Qingchi @SunXun, Let’s fight! friend! [Picture]

The accompanying picture was a selfie of the three of them eating hot pot.

As soon as it was posted on Weibo, it was moved to the forum and CP group.

“Yan Qingchi and Jiang Mochen have a good relationship? Jiang Mochen and Sun Xun took him to dinner?”

“They are both in the same company and have filmed together, so it is normal for them to have a good relationship.”

“And didn’t Jiang Mochen go to ” Let’s fight! Friends!” this time to promote “Lost”? It’s normal to bring Yan Qingchi.”

“Am I the only one who noticed that the first person Jiang Mochen @ was Yan Qingchi? Why was he in front of Sun Xun??”

“It’s easy.” Someone speculated.

“Everyone said it was for the promotion of “Lost”. Of course he @Yan Qingchi first. I really thought it was because of Sun Xun’s Weibo that he went on “Let’s Fight! Friend!”.”

However, the Chenchi CP group didn’t think so, “Definitely it’s because Mr. Jiang likes and values Qingchi more!”

“Our group has been silent for so long, and we finally lived to see this day.”

“Hey, it’s not easy. We were obviously the first ones to have a name, and now we are all replaced by other CPs and have been suppressed.”

“We can’t help it. Mr. Jiang and Qingchi haven’t seen each other for too long. While Qingchi plays well with other people.”

“That’s different. It’s just a pure friendship with others. But it’s love with Jiang Mochen. Love!!!”

“Yes! Let me tell you, Mr. Jiang may have gone to “Let’s Fight! Friends!” this time just for Qingchi!”

“It’s definitely true. Qingchi has had too many CPs recently, and Mr. Jiang must feel that, I need to come out and tell everyone who is Qingchi’s original intention and who is his true love!”

“1551, what kind of fairy CP am I shipping? Chenchi is real!!!”

“Sisters, wait for me, wait. When this program comes out, I will cut a “The Truth Is True” for Chenchi, Chenchi is true!”

“Wait for your sister, sister, come on, Chenchi rush forward!”

Yan Qingchi was a little dumbfounded, so they were moved just by him @ing him first? Were they so convinced? He felt that CP fans were a type of fan that was very easy to satisfy and were good at self-sufficiency. Every day, they could dig out all kinds of sweets that they thought of from corners that they had never paid attention to and prove that they were really a couple in one way or another.

It’s not easy, Yan Qingchi thought.

When he returned to the hotel, Jiang Mochen asked him what his plans were, and Yan Qingchi looked at him, “What are your plans?”

“The program team said there will be water sports the day after tomorrow. I plan to go swimming later. I haven’t been in the water for a long time.”

“Then I’ll go with you.”


Jiang Group’s hotels had their own indoor swimming pools. Jiang Mochen showed his gold card and told the swimming pool staff that they wanted to reserve the pool.

The staff respectfully invited them into the lounge, saying that the swimming pool needed to be cleared, and asked Jiang Mochen and Yan Qingchi to sit down for a while.

After the clearing was completed, another staff member came to the lounge to inform them that the swimming pool was ready for use.

The two of them changed into their swimsuits and came to the swimming pool. Yan Qingchi teased him, “Are you planning to do something shameful? Why did you want to book the venue?”

Jiang Mochen turned to look at him, “What do you want me to do that is shameful?”

Yan Qingchi looked innocent, “It’s nothing.”

Jiang Mochen looked at him meaningfully.

Yan Qingchi looked at him innocently and even blinked.

Jiang Mochen clicked his tongue twice, shook his head, turned around and got into the water, “Come down, let’s race for a lap.”

“Okay.” Yan Qingchi said, and also got into the water.

The water temperature in the pool was just right, and the two of them were ready. Jiang Mochen shouted “Start”, and the two of them swam towards the other side together.

Jiang Mochen had been exposed to swimming since he was very young and had always liked it. In this field, he was almost at the professional level. Therefore, he quickly got a lot ahead of Yan Qingchi, then turned around when he hit the wall and swam back.

After he finished swimming and rested against the wall of the pool, he saw Yan Qingchi swimming towards him. Jiang Mochen smiled and waited for him to reach the finish line.

Yan Qingchi didn’t expect Jiang Mochen to swim so fast, “Have you practiced before?”

“Yes, my dream when I was a child was to become a swimmer, stand in the Olympics, and win glory for the country.”

“Then why didn’t you persist? Got bored?”

“My parents didn’t agree. After all, our family still had the throne waiting for me to inherit.” Jiang Mochen joked.

Yan Qingchi smiled when he heard about the throne, “But isn’t the throne passed to your sister now?”

“But I’m too old and not suitable anymore.”

Yan Qingchi thought for a while, “It’s quite a pity.”

“It’s no pity.” Jiang Mochen had a clear understanding of himself, “Swimming training is a very boring and tedious thing. Even if my parents don’t object, I may not have been able to persist.”

Yan Qingchi smiled at him and said, “It’s good that you can take it for granted.” It would make him feel less regretful.

Jiang Mochen rarely mentioned this topic with others, but when he mentioned it now, he thought of the time he took swimming lessons when he was a child.

“Well,” he looked at Yan Qingchi, “do me a favor.”


“Let me see my current speed. You can keep the time for me and I will practice.”

“Okay.” Yan Qingchi said, went ashore, took out his mobile phone, and sat down by the pool. “You go ahead and swim. I’ll check the time for you.”


After Jiang Mochen said that, he heard Yan Qingchi shouting the command “Start” and swam forward. He still hit the wall and then returned after completing one lap.

Yan Qingchi looked at his swimming style in the water and thought his swimming style was very beautiful and entertaining.

Jiang Mochen came back soon and asked him, “How long?”

Yan Qingchi showed him the time on his phone.

Jiang Mochen was a little dissatisfied, “I’ll swim again.”


So, there was another back and forth. This time, without Jiang Mochen’s words, Yan Qingchi showed him the time on the phone. Jiang Mochen looked at it, still dissatisfied.

“What’s your ideal time?” Yan Qingchi asked him.

“Just keep the whole number in front.” After Jiang Mochen said that, he got ready again and swam out.

Yan Qingchi watched him shoot out like an arrow from a string, and then looked at the time that kept running on his phone, feeling a little worried.

Jiang Mochen seemed to have suddenly become obsessed with time. Every time he swam back, he would look at the time and then swim out again. It seemed that he wanted to chase the dream of his youth, and he also seemed to want to go back to that time.

“How about you take a break and swim again later?” Yan Qingchi said softly.

“It’s okay, I’m not tired yet.” Jiang Mochen looked at him, “Or you can give me some encouragement.”

“What encouragement?”

“When I reach the allotted time, kiss me.”

Yan Qingchi smiled, “Okay.”

“Then help me shout start.”

After Jiang Mochen said that, Yan Qingchi shouted “start”, and he swam out again.

Yan Qingchi sat by the pool and watched him carefully as he swam to the other side of the pool and hit the wall before returning. When he was about to arrive, he looked at the time on his phone with some regret.

Jiang Mochen stretched out his upper body from the water, ready to ask him the time, but before he could speak, Yan Qingchi lowered his head and kissed him.

“Keep swimming.”

Jiang Mochen thought that he had finally reached the stipulated time as he was kissing him, but before he could be happy, he heard him say “Keep swimming.” He didn’t know whether he was happy or sad at the moment. He was a little dumbfounded, but Yan Qingchi smiled and said, “Come on.”

Jiang Mochen had no choice but to do it again.

Yan Qingchi sat by the pool and watched patiently, watching Jiang Mochen work hard for his goal, watching him in front of him. He suddenly felt that this feeling was very good, quiet, peaceful, with no disturbance, and no other people.

A little warm and a little happy.

Jiang Mochen swam back quickly, and Yan Qingchi lowered his head and kissed him, “Continue.”

Jiang Mochen pinched his face, waited for him to shout “start”, and swam away again.

He probably swam too many laps and found the feeling. Yan Qingchi looked at the time and found that he was indeed swimming faster and faster.

“Continue.” Yan Qingchi lowered his head and finished the kiss, smiling.

Jiang Mochen looked at him, even a little confused. Didn’t he just say that he should kiss him when he swam a lap within the specified time? Why did he kiss him every time he swam a lap? However, as a qualified profiteer, Jiang Mochen naturally would not object to this kind of thing where he took advantage, and just continued to sprint towards his goal.

When it was almost the fifth time, Yan Qingchi looked at his watch and was surprised to find that he had actually swam within the prescribed time.

Jiang Mochen stretched out his upper body from the water and saw Yan Qingchi showing his mobile phone to him, “Look, it was successful.”

Jiang Mochen was a little surprised. By the time he swam to the end, his obsession with time had actually become much smaller, and he simply thought that he would swim a lap and Yan Qingchi would kiss him. This interactive mode really pleased him, so he kept going back and forth. Unexpectedly, he actually swam a lap within the prescribed time.

He looked at Yan Qingchi, “Then it’s time for you to give me a reward?”

“Didn’t I make an advance in advance?”

“I didn’t say it was an advance in advance.” Jiang Mochen said shamelessly.

Yan Qingchi bent his eyes and smiled, “Then I’ll give you something different.”

After he finished speaking, he lowered his head and kissed him.

Jiang Mochen reached out and hugged him, slowly deepening the kiss.

After swimming with Jiang Mochen for a few more laps, Yan Qingchi and Jiang Mochen left the swimming pool, went back to their room, changed clothes, and went to the conference room to listen to the director’s meeting.

The director commented on Jiang Mochen’s participation in “Let’s Fight! Friend!” The recording was obviously very thoughtful. If Guan Mei had not agreed with the program team during the previous discussion that the two episodes would be two days and no overnight stays were allowed, the program team would probably have just recorded one episode as they did the last time Wei Lan came. Therefore, this time the recording was stretched over two days, and the two episodes were going to be cut into four episodes.

Jiang Mochen listened to the director explaining the process to him, looked at the key points in the script, and thought to himself that it was not too troublesome.

The director asked him, “Mochen, you want to be on the same team as Sun Xun, right?”


“What about the others? We will determine the groups in advance and will go through the process tomorrow.”

“Team Leader Chen and I can be on the same team.” Yan Qingchi took the initiative to say.

Sun Xun choked on the mouthful of water in his throat, coughed for a long time, and asked in disbelief: “You and Chen Xuanlang?”

Yan Qingchi nodded.

Jiang Mochen looked at him, “Really, I’m looking forward to it.”

Yan Qingchi smiled, “Don’t worry, Brother Chen, you took care of me when I was on the set, so I will take care of you now.”

Because Jiang Mochen chose Sun Xun, so Zhao Qiang, who came with him to promote “Lost”, was included in Chen Xuanlang’s team.

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