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On his shoulders and arms that were exposed out of the water, scars were clearly visible, and the right hand that had just had the medicine changed was still raised pitifully in the air.

This was simply not the time to do this!

Shen Lou pinched Lin Xin’s face and kissed him angrily. The soft lips were moistened with water, which seemed particularly sweet in this dry and cold room where insects and ants lay dead of heat. Lin Xin turned around and hugged Shen Lou’s neck.

The touch of skin against skin was so wonderful that it gradually burned away all reason. The calloused fingers went all the way down and penetrated through the gaps.

Lin Xin, who was touching the other person dishonestly, suddenly turned pale and shook his head to avoid it. “Ah…it hurts!” Shen Lou was startled.

He could tell whether Lin Xin was really hurting or acting coquettishly. The voice was obviously genuine. It hurt, and he hurriedly pulled out, holding Lin Xin, who was shaking slightly, and said in surprise: “How could it be like this?”

“You didn’t use any ointment!” Lin Xin said angrily.

After recalling what he did in his previous life, Shen Lou was a little confused, “Luqi Terrace…”

“I applied it myself first.” When he tied up the person, the other party was unwilling, so there was no way he could expect Shen Lou to do it. So, he prepared himself. He didn’t want to look too embarrassed, so he always hid and got ready before getting close.

The red tent was warm, covering up the burning heat in his heart, leaving only regrets.

Shen Lou felt a pain in his heart, lowered his head and kissed Lin Xin’s forehead, “It’s my fault.” He held him in his arms and comforted him.

In this remote and desolate town, grease could not be found for a while. After Prince Shen Lou calmed down, he couldn’t bear to touch him in this physical condition, so they could only do “brothers working together” once again. A bucket of hot water turned into cold water, and Shen Lou hugged Lin Xin and took him to nap on the bed. When he opened his eyes again, it was already dark.

The doors of every house were locked, and crisp bells rang out in the silent town. “Ding ding -” it was like a camel bell shaking three times in the desert, which was very pleasant to hear. It seemed far but close, it seemed like something was there but still not there.

The thin waiter in the lobby slipped under the table and shivered while hugging the table legs.

Feeling that something was suddenly staring at him, the waiter gritted his teeth, raised his head suddenly, and faced an upside-down human face. “Ahhhh!” Like a rat with its tail on fire, it rolled and crawled out, hitting the wooden cabinet with its head.

“Little brother, what’s wrong with you?” Lin Xin sat on the table and looked at him leisurely.

Shen Lou shook his head helplessly and pulled the naughty Lin Xin out of the inn.

“Ding ding -” the bell continued to ring, and the dust in the sky followed the howling of the north wind, blocking the moonlight.

The lacquer door was mottled and the corridor columns had collapsed. From the fragmented “Zhou Mansion” plaque on the ground, they could somewhat see the scenery of the past. They wondered if the breath of a living person disturbed the monsters in the house. The moment the two stepped into the courtyard, the ringing disappeared.

Lin Xin took out the small bronze mirror he brought from the inn, stretched out a finger with a small cut on its tip, and held the big, slightly cold hand, somewhat reluctant to use it. After quickly drawing the talisman, he took the finger into his mouth, sucked on it, and handed it back to Shen Lou, “Why are your hands so cold? You should buy a fox fur coat.”

Excessive use of spiritual power would tug at the soul. Shen Lou did not use it as much as possible on weekdays. So, such extravagant things like using spiritual energy to warm up were definitely not available.

“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Lou gently rubbed his fingertips, clenched them into fists and hid them in his palms.

Lin Xin took the gloomy mirror and looked around. Normally, an uninhabited empty house would be filled with gloomy energy, which was equivalent to a natural soul-gathering array, easily attracting dead souls to float over. However, after looking around, there was no soul in this house!

Shen Lou had been here before and went to the main hall to look for Luli based on his memory. When he first came, the Zhou family was still magnificent and had not yet been moved by relatives.

The tables and chairs were messy, the room was in a mess, and there was a big hole in the roof. The moonlight leaked in, illuminating the cracked incense table, making it seem pale. According to the crazy daughter-in-law, it was from here that the Gu Eagle rushed in and ate her husband and parents-in-law.

A gust of wind blew, and the dust on the roof poured in. Shen Lou raised his sleeves to cover his face. Suddenly, he heard Lin Xin exclaim in a low voice, and he immediately jumped out with courage.

“Well, the sand got into my eyes.” Lin Xin squinted his eyes uncomfortably. He was looking at the mirror with his eyes wide open when he was unexpectedly blown by the wind and dust all over his head and face.

“Let me take a look.” Shen Lou held his chin and blew his eyes.

Lin Xin was blown away and kept blinking, and suddenly saw something flashing in the dark mirror, “Look in the mirror!”

Shen Lou lowered his head, looked at the mirror, and suddenly saw a ghost. It should be a woman, keeping her appearance from her life, with long hair neatly braided into many braids, hanging down behind her back.

“Shh-” Lin Xin rubbed his eyes, motioned Shen Lou to be quiet, then he drew a trace of stored soul power from Yanggu and pushed it gently.

Her soul was as light as dust, and this small amount of power was enough to turn her around. The woman also turned around, revealing a beautiful face with clear features. The eye sockets were deep, the bridge of the nose was high, and she looked blankly into the distance.

The memories sealed deep in the eyes were like the cold water of the river, suddenly opening a hole and rushing out with the momentum of thousands of troops.

“Mother!” Lin Xin cried out, reaching out to grab her, but Shen Lou stopped him, “That’s my mother’s soul, I recognize it!”

Shen Lou grasped his hands and saw that they resembled Lin Xin’s. But he said, “Don’t touch her, this is a remnant soul.”

A remnant soul was a part of the soul, which was more fragile than an ordinary wandering soul and could be disintegrated at a single touch.

Lin Xin calmed down and looked at it quietly for a moment, “Why is my mother’s remnant soul here?”

“This may be the reason why the Gu Eagle appeared in the wilderness.” Shen Lou frowned, the remnant soul that had to remain for too long must be carried by spiritual vessels.

Great Wilderness, Gu Eagle, Remnant Soul, Zhou Family…

So that’s it!

The talisman on the dark mirror disappeared. Lin Xin anxiously wanted to draw it again, but Shen Lou grabbed his hand and pulled him straight to the main room.

“The daughter-in-law said that the Gu carving came down from here.” Shen Lou pointed at the big hole and said.

“This hole is so small that there is no place for the Gu carving. It can only accommodate the beast’s head.” Lin Xin was anxious to see his mother and did not want to see the hole in the roof.

“That’s right.” There was only one animal head, that was, something attracted the Gu Eagle, making it eagerly dive down. As Shen Lou spoke, he used Yu Yuan to open the broken table, revealing a bluestone brick. The moonlight shone directly above, revealing something unusual.

Lin Xin looked at Shen Lou and immediately understood what he meant. He stepped forward, picked up the dust on the bricks, and knocked. Empty!

He pulled out Mojian and pried open the floor tiles, revealing several blood-red thin threads. Under the moonlight, you could see a camphor wood box placed under the thin threads.

“Be careful!” To stop Lin Xin from trying to cut off the red thread, Shen Lou carefully looked at the strange red threads, which were clearly the spell that hurt Lin Xin that day.

“In that box, there must be…” Before he could finish his words, Shen Lou suddenly covered his mouth, hugged him and jumped onto the beam, hiding in the shadows.

After several seconds, a spiritual light came from the sky and landed in the yard.

“It should be here.”

Lin Xin was startled, the tone was hollow, with a bit of natural cowardice, who could it be if it was not Zhong Suifeng?

Zhong Suifeng walked in, followed by several barbarians dressed in white. The barbarians were very anxious and murmured a series of words.

Lin Xin couldn’t understand the barbarian language and turned to ask Shen Lou. Shen Lou pointed at the palm of his hand and quickly wrote out the barbarian’s words.

“Are you sure it is here? How could such a precious thing be placed in such a shabby place?”

“The Gu Eagle came here six years ago,” Zhong Suifeng pointed to the round hole in the roof, and suddenly found that the ground had been disturbed. After passing by, he immediately walked over quickly and saw that the red thread was intact. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, “First of all, let’s make an agreement. I will dedicate this thing to the great witch, and Beimo will make me a noble.”

“Of course, you are a follower of the great witch, the great witch will give you everything you want.” The barbarian said piously.

Zhong Suifeng made a complicated hand gesture, cut his finger and dripped a drop of blood. The red line immediately started to squirm like an earthworm and clung to Zhong Suifeng’s wrist.

The camphor wood box was taken out, containing a small silver ring with an exquisite and clear bell strung on it.

“Ding ding——” It didn’t sway, it sounded without wind, and the sound was clear.

When the barbarians saw the bell, they immediately saluted together and danced with excitement, “This is the bell of the saint! That’s right!” In the repainted dark mirror, Lan Su’s remnant soul was wandering around the bell in confusion.

The horn bell would ring whenever she came near. After circling for a while, she flew near Lin Xin again and stretched out her hand in confusion, as if she wanted to touch him.

“Let’s leave quickly.” Zhong Suifeng did not give the horn bell to the barbarians but kept it in his arms. When they walked out of the room, the remnant soul with outstretched hands was like a kite with strings tied to it, floating and being pulled until it was gone.

Lin Xin’s eyes were broken and he jumped down regardless.

“Duke, where are you going?” The sword energy drew a deep crack on the ground in front of Zhong Suifeng. Lin Xin pointed the tip of his sword at the group of people. The pieces escaped from the person’s body, fell onto the Yanggu sword, and disappeared.

“Lin Xin!” Zhong Suifeng subconsciously took a step back, “Why are you here?”

Upon hearing the name Lin Xin, the barbarians drew their swords one after another and muttered a series of words, and the crowd was excited.

“Hand over the horn bell, and I will spare your life.” Lin Xin was too lazy to talk nonsense to these people. He didn’t understand them anyway, so he just took action. He chopped down the barbarian closest to him with one sword, stepped on his shoulder and spun around. The spirit sword circled in the air and twisted towards the barbarian’s head.

Zhong Suifeng took out his spiritual sword and turned around to escape but was intercepted by Shen Lou.

“Uncle Zhong, where are you going?”

Seeing Shen Lou, Zhong Suifeng was startled and couldn’t help but shrink his head. He really had poor qualifications. If he hadn’t been born into the Zhong family, he would have been an ordinary cultivator. He had a deep-seated fear of a genius like Shen Lou.

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