5BKCM Ch. 60

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All the onlookers had puzzled expressions on their faces. They were originally going to watch a drama in which a beautiful girl from a film school went to f**k her sugar daddy, but now they saw a drama in which a wealthy professional housekeeper welcomed a wealthy young lady.

Come on, her housekeeper came to pick her up and someone just took a few photos to prove that she has a sugar daddy? You got to be kidding me!

Who is making these rumours?

Many people’s eyes fell on Huo Sijia.

They thought it was Huo Sijia who was spreading rumours, right? Who else could it be?

She really missed black people’s homes. She couldn’t wait to make up a story after taking a picture of a housekeeper.

People looked at Huo Sijia with eyes full of contempt.

At this time, Huo Sijia no longer cared about what others thought of her. She looked at Gu Yuan and the so-called housekeeper with incredible eyes. She couldn’t understand and said: “Gu Yuan, are you talking nonsense? This is your housekeeper? Why? Maybe! Your butler goes out in a Porsche 918? You’re kidding me!”

When the onlookers thought about it, it seemed that the Porsche 918 cost more than 10 million, and a butler was sitting in it? And from the looks of it, this housekeeper actually had a driver specially assigned to him? What a grand gesture was this!

Something was indeed wrong.

Gu Yuan was puzzled: “Huo Sijia, why can’t my butler go out in a Porsche 918?”

This was indeed a question that Gu Yuan couldn’t understand. She didn’t understand what Huo Sijia’s brain circuit was like. Wasn’t this Porsche 918 specially bought by her son later? The reason was that she wanted to keep a low profile. She didn’t want to be too high-profile and let people watch her get in different luxury cars!

She already only used Porsche 918, why was there someone like Huo Sijia talking about cars? What on earth did they want with her?

Huo Sijia choked when she heard this question.

Someone asked her why the housekeeper couldn’t drive a Porsche 918 out? How should she answer?

Should she say that although her family used to be rich, her father still could not buy this Porsche 918 worth 13 to 14 million?

So how could a butler drive a Porsche 918 out casually?

The people around were also at a loss. They looked at Gu Yuan with confused and admiring eyes. The incredible look on her face was so real that they felt that it could never be acting.

So, this was a wealthy lady who thought it was natural for a butler to drive a Porsche 918?

At this time, Butler Zhuge finally saw it.

He understood. It turned out that these young people had misunderstood. What did he and Miss Gu have to do?

Butler Zhuge’s face showed helplessness. What kind of people were they? Why did they think like this? As a highly educated professional butler, how could he do something so outrageous to both humans and gods?

So Butler Zhuge glanced at the group of young students, grimaced, and said seriously: “As a butler, I don’t like to drive too expensive cars, so our boss bought me this Porsche for transportation. It’s cheap and just right. I just drive it casually, I won’t feel bad if it got bumped.”

After saying this, he turned to look at Gu Yuan, his expression turning humble and respectful: “Miss Gu, the young master asked me to take you back. He said that the newly hired Michelin chef in the family has recently developed some new dishes. All the high-end custom-made products from the major fashion brands have been sent over. They need the lady to try them out and see if there is any dissatisfaction and they will make changes.”

The students around were speechless when they first heard about Porsches being driven around casually without feeling distressed. Then they heard that the family specially invited a Michelin-starred chef to develop new dishes, after which they heard about the high-end customization from the famous brand shows from all the fashion hubs being delivered, and they felt like they couldn’t believe their ears!

So, who was Gu Yuan? What kind of rich lady was she? What kind of wealthy family was this?

Why was she usually so low-key and never said anything?

There was a super-rich lady among their classmates, but they didn’t know?

But at this time, the butler said in his respectful and gentle voice: “There is another thing. The young master has also invited the top three makeup artists from country F. I hope you can go for their interview and see which one you like.”

There was a pop, and someone almost lost his balance.

This was so shocking, the three top makeup artists in country F?

Specially to put on makeup for Gu Yuan?

Huo Sijia was completely speechless.

Her emotions told her not to believe it, that everything was a lie. How could Gu Yuan, who always drank the free soup in the cafeteria, be such a wealthy lady, but her reason told her that no one would open it casually? A luxury car worth 14 million just to pick her up from school.

If this was really Gu Yuan’s sponsor, he must be an enviable sponsor!

Butler Zhuge looked with satisfaction at the colourful faces of these young students and their shocked eyes. He chuckled in his heart, then waved his sleeves and respectfully invited Gu Yuan without taking away a single cloud. After getting in the car, the Porsche 918 started and drove away.

At the entrance of the film school, a group of shocked students began to ask:

Which wealthy family was this?

You know, that so-and-so, well-known rich man, his royal car is just a Porsche 918!!!

Some people even began to think secretly, was it still too late to hug Gu Yuan’s thigh?

Hurry up and hug! You must hug!!!

Gu Yuan’s status in the school suddenly changed. The classmates looked at her like a brainless young lady, feeling that she exuded a mysterious aura, which made Gu Yuan a little helpless.

In fact, she originally wanted to be a low-key college student and go back to the campus life of twenty-five years ago. This would give her the illusion that nothing had changed and she was still the same Gu Yuan.

But it seemed that this was absolutely impossible. She had now become a famous figure in the school. People were wildly speculating about her wealth and background. They even searched the wealth rankings to try to find her a father.

No one thought about finding her sons.

Of course, at this time, there were still people who were slandering her and secretly guessing that he could not be her biological father, but could be her godfather.

However, some people soon said that regardless of the biological father and godfather, if you could hug the thigh of a boss of this level, your future would be bright.

As soon as these words came out, everyone fell silent. The sophomores had begun to sign contracts with external companies one after another, and some had already started accepting dramas. They understood the reality of the entertainment industry better than anyone else.

They say it was shameful for someone to admit they had a godfather, but did they want to be noble? How could they be arrogant? In the end, were they not just accompanying people for drinking wine at the wine table. They had to laugh hard even if they didn’t want to laugh and make some insincere flattery. Otherwise, the competition was so fierce, could good resources fall on them?

When everyone said this, Huo Sijia didn’t say a word. She hid aside silently, sending WeChat messages on her mobile phone.

What happened that day was really a slap in the face. She thought she could directly trick Gu Yuan into the trap, but she didn’t expect that there could be such a wonderful twist. What kind of housekeeper was he?

How could there be such a grand butler!

While Huo Sijia gritted her teeth, she couldn’t help but begin to wonder, who was the person who was instigating her behind the scenes? Were those people trying to harm Gu Yuan and embarrass Gu Yuan, or embarrass her?

However, she didn’t expect that no matter how she contacted the other party, the other party seemed to have disappeared.

The mobile phone number she called was not available. What a surprise!

Just when she was feeling speechless, she heard someone next to her saying: “Gu Yuan was in a group with me in class before, and we were kicking each other’s legs. If I had known, I would talk more and develop a friendship with her, I could have hugged her thigh!”

Another also said: “Hey, we are really begging for food with our golden dolls in our hands. There is such a rich golden thigh among our classmates, and we are still going around trying to share in other people’s meals with shameless faces!”

Huo Sijia felt really aggrieved. Before, she was the most beautiful girl in the department, and many classmates wanted to have a good relationship with her to curry favour with her. But now, not many people paid attention to her?

In addition, these days, the clothing brands she liked had released new styles, but she could only look at them, but couldn’t afford them. Now that her family didn’t give her enough pocket money, how could she buy them?

Thinking about this, she felt really uncomfortable. Why was there still someone saying such things in her ears?

After hearing this, she couldn’t help but laugh sarcastically: “What’s the use of currying favour with her? She’s so capable and has such a good family background. She is the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”, we are not her equal!”

Other students thought about it and said, “Hey, I don’t know who the heroine is in “The Legend of Xuanji”. Just looking at her back, she looks so beautiful!”

So everyone’s attention was all directed to the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”, and they couldn’t help but sigh. At first, they thought Gu Yuan was chosen, but who knew that the heroine was still not her in the end. It could be seen that this kind of thing could be solved not only by money, in the end it still depended on strength.

The great director Ning Sanyue was not the kind of great director who could let anyone play female protagonists casually if she had a little money.

After hearing this, Huo Sijia finally felt better: “You’re right. What’s so great about having a rich family? Are they still not a nouveau riche? With so much money, what a good resource it must be. Why doesn’t she still have the role of female lead of “The Legend of Xuanji”? The heroine has not even gotten into the mix? So, if she wants to be popular, she still have to have real skills. Look at the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”, her style, wow, although I didn’t see her face, but when I saw her from back, I can tell that this is someone with real abilities, and this is the style of a big star who wants to become famous!”

What I said…

Although everyone did not want to follow Huo Sijia in belittling Gu Yuan, they had to admit that the female lead in “The Legend of Xuanji” was really well chosen. Just the back view seemed to interpret the stubbornness and gentleness of a girl, which would make people feel unbearable. You couldn’t stop yourself from thinking about what kind of girl this was, and what kind of story it would be. To put it bluntly, a single silhouette was like a heart-stirring TV series!

Seeing that everyone agreed, Huo Sijia felt even better: “So, having money does not bring…”

Before she finished speaking, she heard Chen Yuting next to him suddenly exclaimed: “Wow, the frontal view of the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji” has been revealed!! Oh my god! It’s her!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone gathered around: “Who is it?”

Huo Sijia was also curious: “Yes, who is it?”

Chen Yuting suddenly became happy and looked at Huo Sijia with a smile: “The frontal photo looks pretty good, which fully proves that this girl chose the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji” because of her true strength!”

Huo Sijia: “Of course. Director Ning Sanyue will definitely not let someone with money but no ability ruin his movie. Hey, who is this big star? Don’t just stand there, tell us!”

Chen Yuting smiled and showed her phone to everyone: “It’s Gu Yuan!”

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