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The heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji” was actually Gu Yuan?

The look on Huo Sijia’s face suddenly changed: “No, how is that possible? Gu Yuan never said that. When we laughed at her, she didn’t even mention it!”

As she spoke, she hurriedly picked up her phone. Of course she didn’t believe it. Did Chen Yuting think it was interesting to tell such a lie that could be exposed at once?

At this time, other students had already picked up their mobile phones and flipped through them. Sure enough, the crew of “The Legend of Xuanji” had released a front-facing still photo of the heroine. She was still in the same costume and makeup. The heroine was standing under the palace wall, slightly. In the somewhat gloomy palace, the bright red palace lanterns and the clear and stubborn eyebrows of the women in ancient costumes suddenly penetrate people’s hearts.

The eyes in the photo seemed to be able to speak, a pair of eyes was like watching a drama!

All the classmates came over to watch, and they were all amazed.

“Wow, this is Gu Yuan. I didn’t expect Gu Yuan to look like this with makeup!”

“Why do I think this heroine looks the same as Gu Yuan, but she seems to be a completely different person? Is this the legendary entering into the drama?”

“I also feel that Gu Yuan’s face and eyes don’t seem to have changed much, but I feel it all of a sudden!”

While everyone was marvelling, Huo Sijia’s face turned red and blue. The heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji” was really Gu Yuan?

She turned to leave.

Who knew that a classmate looked up and happened to see her, and remembered what she had just said; “Hey, actually what Sijia just said is quite right. Ning Sanyue chooses actors based on their true talent and practical learning. If she can be selected for “The Legend of Xuanji”, the heroine is really amazing! This is based on her real acting skills and her real strength.”

Chen Yuting also echoed: “Yes, yes, Gu Yuan is really rich and talented, and has a good personality. She is too low-key. Before, everyone suspected that she was not selected at all. She was wronged and she didn’t say a word! But speaking of it, Sijia is quite discerning, and you can tell at a glance that Gu Yuan became the female lead in “The Legend of Xuanji” based on her strength.”

Huo Sijia: Me, me! I don’t! I thought it wasn’t Gu Yuan!

However, everyone heard what she just said, and she said it very loudly!

Now it was impossible to change the subject and criticize the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”. She had just said these words and there was no way she could take them back.

She actually praised Gu Yuan just now. She actually praised Gu Yuan for going up with strength?

Huo Sijia was filled with annoyance and really wanted to slap herself. Why should she praise the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji” when she had nothing to do? Why should she praise the heroine if she just said something bad?

But then again, who knew that Gu Yuan would actually be the heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji”!

The classmates around looked at Huo Sijia’s expression of annoyance that made her want to slap herself, and they couldn’t help but laugh when they thought about it.

This was really a slap in the face. Huo Sijia probably wanted to kick the one who praised Gu Yuan to death!

And while Huo Sijia was being depressed and speechless, Gu Yuan happened to come over, and immediately a group of classmates rushed over to her, asking this and that. Some asked if she could help introduce them to Ning Sanyue, and someone asked if there were any need for supporting actors in the crew. Or if she could talk to the director about giving them an interview opportunity. Some people even asked her directly: “Gu Yuan, Gu Yuan, I really want to see Luo Juntian. Can I go visit the set? Just take a look at Luo Juntian. Wow, aww, aww, Juntian, I am… Oh my god!”

This was Luo Juntian’s biggest fan.

As soon as these words came out, a circle of people surrounded Gu Yuan. Everyone looked at her eagerly. Even her two friends, Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan, looked forward to it: “Gu Yuan, I’ll wait for you to act in the future. You have to ask Luo Juntian for autographs and photos, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…, send us guys the autographs that would be the best!”

Amid the envy and adoration of a group of classmates, Gu Yuan finally managed to find a way home.

After returning home, it was very rare that Ji Qisen was also here with Nie Yu. The two brothers were sitting in the living room, not knowing what they were talking about.

Gu Yuan was also puzzled: “What are you guys doing?”

Seeing her two sons sitting like this was supposed to be a normal sight, but for Gu Yuan, this was really rare.

What’s even more rare was that the two sons said in unison: “It’s nothing.”

After finishing speaking, they glanced at the other party, with a look of disgust appearing on Ji Qisen’s face, and then he coughed slightly and said: “Mom, I see your makeup photos were released today, and the response on the Internet is quite good.”

Nie Yu also said hurriedly: “Yes, mom’s photos are really beautiful. I was just about to ask if you would like a one-stop service of forwarding and liking them?”

When Gu Yuan heard this, she quickly stopped them: “No, never! I haven’t filmed yet, and I have no achievements at all. This starring role fell to me, it’s all my luck. At this time, I must be down-to-earth. I should film, make my own achievements, and rely on my acting skills to conquer the public. If you repost and like the post, then isn’t it just like I’m using you to hype myself?”

After hearing this, Nie Yu had no choice but to say: “Mom, let’s see which of the makeup artists I prepared for you are appropriate?”

Gu Yuan shook her head: “No need. I have just started acting. Of course I have to treat myself as a newcomer. How can I bring my own makeup artist? What will others think of me if they know it? I want to keep a low profile.”

Nie Yu & Ji Qisen: “…”

Originally, Ji Qisen had a plan for “a filial son making his mother famous”, but now that he saw it, he didn’t even need to say it anymore.

Nie Yu took a breath: “Mom, you really have the character of an artist twenty-five years ago. You don’t hype or exaggerate, and you engage in artistic creation in a down-to-earth manner.”

After saying this, he looked at Ji Qisen who was standing aside: “Our mother’s outlook on life is different from that of the coquettish bitches outside, right?”

Of course Ji Qisen could only nod: “Mom has good acting skills, so of course she doesn’t bother to overtake in corners. Mom will definitely be able to create a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her own strength.”

Gu Yuan agreed with her two sons’ words in her heart, and they spoke to her heart.

She now understood the current market situation on Weibo and various forums and knew that there was chaos in the entertainment industry, but she didn’t want to participate in it. What she wanted was to use her own strength to make up for the regrets of twenty-five years ago, rather than directly send herself up with the help of her two boss sons.

At this time, Butler Zhuge came over and asked about dinner. Gu Yuan said smoothly: “Qisen, don’t go back. Please stay here to eat.”

Ji Qisen rarely had any objections and agreed. Seeing this, Gu Yuan felt very happy, thinking that the two sons were becoming more and more harmonious, and they were not far away from becoming real brothers.

Before the meal, Gu Yuan went upstairs to wash up and change into home clothes. She also took a moment to browse Weibo Moments, only to find that Luo Juntian had forwarded the photo of himself with her front face set and made a few comments: “Come on.”

Although there were only two words, it was also a very strong signal for Luo Juntian’s fans. People below expressed that Luo Juntian was very optimistic about this newcomer, and some said that Luo Juntian never took it easy on newcomers. The person who never retweeted someone else’s Weibo actually retweeted it now. The two of them must have a close friendship. Some people even put photos of her and Luo Juntian side by side and began to study whether they had a sense of camaraderie. Of course, more people said that newcomers should not take advantage of Juntian’s popularity. Juntian and this newcomer were impossible, it was just ordinary seniors showing polite concern for their juniors.

After browsing it roughly, Gu Yuan opened WeChat and sent a message to Luo Juntian for the first time: “Thank you, Teacher Luo, for forwarding it.”

Luo Juntian quickly replied: “It takes a little effort.”

Gu Yuan looked at those four words and didn’t know how to reply, so she replied with a smile.

Luo Juntian asked, “Did you read the script?”

Originally, Gu Yuan had indeed taken time to study the script recently, and also communicated with Ning Sanyue on WeChat to ask for advice on the plot. Now seeing Luo Juntian, a senior actor, taking the initiative to ask, she hurriedly replied: “I have another question recently. I’m thinking about it myself.”

Luo Juntian: “What questions do you have? Can you tell me?”

Normally, Gu Yuan would have been embarrassed to bother Luo Juntian. After all, he was a top movie actor, and she was just a newcomer who got lucky. But since the movie actor took the initiative to ask, she had no choice but to ask.

Now she listed the questions she had regarding the script one by one and divided them into one, two, three, four and five.

When Luo Juntian saw the questions sent by Gu Yuan, he actually sent a sentence: “You send me questions in such a polite way, like a primary school student asking a political teacher for advice, you know?”

Gu Yuan looked at what she had typed and couldn’t help but laugh, it seemed that it was indeed true.

She had no choice but to explain: “Teacher Luo is a senior. In front of you, I am just a primary school student. I need to learn from you.”

Luo Juntian: “First of all, don’t give me this mouthful of yours, and don’t call me Teacher Luo. I can’t bear this title. Just call me Juntian.”

Gu Yuan looked at his reply, and of course she was embarrassed to call him by his name directly. She still called him Teacher Luo, but dropped the honorific “you”.

Seeing this, Luo Juntian didn’t say anything, and answered the questions one by one. In one of them, Luo Juntian also felt that Gu Yuan’s opinion made sense, and he wanted to take it to communicate with the crew again.

After solving these problems, it was almost time to eat. Looking at the good communication between herself and Luo Juntian, Gu Yuan suddenly remembered Chen Yuting’s desire, and couldn’t help but feel more ambitious.

“Teacher Luo, I have a roommate who is your fan. Can you give her an autograph?”

“Of course, tell me her name and I’ll give it to you next time you come to the company.”


Gu Yuan suddenly smiled, Luo Juntian was so kind!

This good mood lasted until when she went downstairs to eat, the corners of Gu Yuan’s lips were curled up.

Nie Yu and Ji Qisen looked at each other in shock when they saw this scene.

Finally Nie Yu said: “Mom, are you in a good mood?”

Gu Yuan nodded: “Yes!”

Nie Yu: “What’s wrong? Did something good happen to you?”

While talking, mother and sons sat at the dining table. Gu Yuan smiled and said: “That Luo Juntian is really nice. He supports me very much and helps me a lot.”

Helped a lot?

Ji Qisen said calmly: “Mom, if you have any trouble, you can tell it and let Nie Yu find a way to solve it for you. He has many artists under his banner.”

Nie Yu: “Yes, any one you pick is better than that Luo Juntian.”

Gu Yuan didn’t agree with this: “Teacher Luo is an artist with both virtue and skill. How can you pick someone out to be better than others? Besides, only Teacher Luo can help me with these questions.”

Nie Yu was silent for a while, and an indescribable sense of crisis came over him. He looked at Ji Qisen for help.

Ji Qisen: “Mom, it seems that Mr. Luo is really a nice person.”

Gu Yuan smiled: “Yes, he is so kind and very enthusiastic towards people. I even think that maybe he is the beacon of my acting career.”

Nie Yu took a breath of cold air, did she admire him to this extent?

Ji Qisen smiled and said, “Really? What did he help mom with?”

Gu Yuan glanced at Nie Yu and did not mention Lu Zhiqian.

It was estimated that Nie Yu would be ashamed when Lu Zhiqian was mentioned. The matter was over, and she didn’t want to make her son embarrassed.

So she started to talk about all the things Luo Juntian had done for her, how he helped her with scenes, and how he agreed to sign autographs for her roommate.

Nie Yu had a headache after hearing this, and he suddenly said: “Mom, I have to show you some revelations.”

Gu Yuan wondered: “Breaking news?”

Nie Yu quickly picked up the phone, placed it in front of Gu Yuan, and showed her one by one.

The above was all black information about Luo Juntian, how he slept with fans, when fans got pregnant, he asked them to have an abortion without paying for the abortion, he had several illegitimate children, he did this and that…

Gu Yuan was dazzled by what she saw, and finally looked at Nie Yu with an incredulous look: “Do you believe these tabloids that are outrageous at first glance?”

Nie Yu froze when he heard this.

Why did he feel like his mother was looking at him as if she was doubting his IQ?

Gu Yan turned off his phone directly and spoke earnestly: “Of course Mom knows that the circle is chaotic, and I also know how to protect herself, but I know what’s appropriate. But Nie Yu, aren’t you the prince of the entertainment industry? The current trend in the entertainment industry is too chaotic. As the crown prince of the entertainment industry, shouldn’t you correct this evil trend? Look, where is this fabricated news? It’s still spread everywhere. How could this happen to Teacher Luo, who is such an above board person?”

After listening to his mother’s teachings, Nie Yu couldn’t say a word…

Ji Qisen coughed: “What mother said is, Nie Yu, you should take care of this chaos.”

Gu Yuan: “And you, Ji Qisen, don’t you think you are coughing a lot tonight? Remember to go to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow. It’s easy to catch a cold this season.”

Ji Qisen suddenly stopped coughing.

Mom, what did I do wrong?

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