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The atmosphere at the first booth on the right side of the corridor of Wuji Restaurant was stagnant.

Lu Rong and Ji Wenfeng sat side by side on one side of the table, and Lao Wang and the fujoshi sat side by side on the other side of the table.

Lu Rong and Ji Wenfeng had their hands hanging on their knees, a typical young couple looking at their parents. Lao Wang and the fujoshi had solemn expressions, looking like a typical old couple marrying off their daughter. No one spoke, everyone sat there stiffly, their eyes open but refusing to look at anyone.

No one knew why the situation had become like this, not even the initiator Ji Wenfeng.

In just a moment, Lao Wang became Lu Rong’s father, and the fujoshi became Lu Rong’s mother. Ji Wenfeng smiled evilly, pretending to accept this setting, and happily took his seat – play, continue to play for me, I will see what you can do!

The fujoshi was shocked: Damn it, he can even believe this setting, so I have no choice but to bite the bullet and continue acting!

Lao Wang knew nothing about the situation on the field, and quietly asked the fujoshi sitting next to him: “This is…”

The fujoshi whispered in his ear: “Who is Rong Rong?”

Lao Wang pretended to understand and said “oh”.

Although he didn’t know what “that who” meant, he still narrowed his sharp presbyopic eyes and looked at Ji Wenfeng.

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

What was this feeling of a son-in-law visiting his father-in-law?

He felt nervous for no reason…

Lao Wang stared at Ji Wenfeng for a while and watched this boy go from arrogant and domineering to waning. Then he thought: Haha, I really overwhelmed him in terms of momentum!

When the enemy was weak, you should be strong; when the enemy fled, you should pursue him. Lao Wang was well versed in Sun Tzu’s art of war and guerrilla warfare. Once he took the initiative, he straightened his back and arrogantly started questioning Ji Wenfeng.

Lao Wang: “Where are you from, young man?”

Ji Wenfeng: “My ancestral home is in S City. I stayed abroad for a few years and just came back.”

Lao Wang: “How old are you?”

Ji Wenfeng: “16.”

Lao Wang: “How did you and Rong Rong meet?”

Ji Wenfeng glanced at Lu Rong: “Since he moved into my house…”

The fujoshi took a breath and widened her eyes: “You two live together.?!”

Lao Wang let out a laugh and asked Lu Rong: “So after you moved out from home, you went to live with him?”

The fujoshi turned her head and stared at Lao Wang with green eyes: Lu Rong’s father said so, yes, this must be true! Unexpectedly, Lu Rong and Ji Wenfeng developed deeper and faster than she thought!

The rotten girl turned to look at Lu Rong with bright eyes: Rong Rong, mom is so excited! I can no longer behave like a human being!

Lu Rong: “…”

Lu Rong’s eyes were blank, and he had completely given up on thinking since just now.

On the one hand, the rotten girl released 100 MB of mental pollution on him today, which seriously jammed his brain nerves. His proud brain was now completely occupied by panda-burning incense-style high-level writing that occupied all his memory.

On the other hand, the rotten girl blurted out “I am his mother”, which also made Lu Rong give up on the whole night. When he told Ji Wenfeng that Lao Wang was his father, Ji Wenfeng might have been deceived by him, but that rotten girl in school uniform would never be able to convince him, even if Lu Rong was there, there was nothing he could do to save the day.

Even though everyone seemed to sit down calmly later, Lu Rong simply gave up participating. In his opinion, there was no way to perform the scene today, and the eventual overturn was unavoidable. So he just sat on the side, eyes blank and wandering around, waiting for the end to come.

The fujoshi’s startled words of living together awakened his sanity, and also aroused the mental pollution that had just subsided in his mind. The subtitles of living together played in front of his eyes – “They moved into the love nest, and they didn’t get out of bed for seven days and seven nights.” “‘Remember to come to me.’ Ji Wenfeng reached into Lu Rong’s underwear and left a small door key there.” “‘From now on, you are my canary.’ Lu Rong fell into the bathtub and heard the man on top of him say coldly, and then a cold credit card was thrown on his smooth chest…

Lu Rong: “…”

“Bring me a glass of wine, the higher the alcohol content, the better, thank you.” Lu Rong said to the waiter.

Diagonally across from him, Lao Wang was earnestly playing the role of an old father and said earnestly to Ji Wenfeng: “You two have just moved in together, so you have to discuss everything. You two must get along well together, and you two have to work together. You are both young and vigorous, so friction is inevitable. Our Rong Rong is young and has never been wronged at home, so you have to give him a little more grace.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…Eh.”

It happened that the waiter brought Lu Rong’s Jiang Xiaobai at this time and Ji Wenfeng poured himself a glass first and drank it all in one gulp.

Lao Wang continued: “How are your grades in school?”

Ji Wenfeng: “Not bad.”

Lao Wang: “How many points are you good at? Do you have an A? Are there any extra points in the college entrance examination?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…Uncle, I just transferred here a few days ago.”

Lao Wang snorted: “Then we can’t associate with people with bad grades.”

The fujoshi quickly said: “Hey, no, Ji Wenfeng is from the United States. As a transfer student who came back, he became the squad leader in Class 1 within a few days. He is very capable!”

Lao Wang hummed: “Barely. I hope you will bring a good influence on our Rong Rong and help him do his homework…”

The fujoshi looked at him dumbfounded.

Lao Wang quickly changed his words: “…Do your homework together, talk to each other if you have any questions, don’t always think about having fun, students should focus on their studies.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…Eh.”

He drank in silence again and got drunk.

Lao Wang: “Young man, how many people are there in your family?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…Four.”

Lao Wang: “Isn’t he an only child?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…In the past, but after my father’s second marriage, …” Just bring back Lu Rong.

Lao Wang frowned, feeling that the matter was not simple: this boy came from a single-parent family…

Lao Wang added to confirm: “It was you and your dad who lived together before?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…Hmm.”

Lao Wang tutted.

The fujoshi quickly defended Ji Wenfeng: “His father must be busy making money to support the family, so this boy is more capable than his peers and has a stronger sense of family responsibility and family belonging. He will also cherish and manage himself more carefully. A small family is conducive to Rong Rong’s happiness, don’t you think?”

Lao Wang gave a long hum: “What you said makes some sense.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lao Wang asked critically: “What does your father do?”

Ji Wenfeng: “Boss of a listed company.”

The fujoshi said proudly: “His father also donated a library to the school, which cost 100 million!”

Lao Wang changed his picky look and looked to be in awe of Ji Wenfeng. He even lowered his forsythia legs. If he hadn’t been playing the role of an old father who had endured a lot of hardships, he would have knelt down to lick Ji Wenfeng’s sneakers!

Lao Wang pretended to nod frequently, and happily said to the fujoshi: “Then I think they are pretty good, right?”

The fujoshi: “That’s right!”

Lao Wang hurriedly gave Ji Wenfeng a full mouth: “Why are you so shy? If you don’t want to drink, come on, come on, let’s go fishing together from now on.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…Eh.”

The two of them just changed glasses and drank until the banquet got over, and both the guests and hosts were enjoying themselves. Lao Wang even wanted to take the fujoshi and Ji Wenfeng and Lu Rong back to their respective homes.

Lu Rong was blowing the night wind and stood at the edge of the flower bed. He saw Lao Wang holding Ji Wenfeng’s hand with his tongue hanging out and crying loudly: “Be nice to our Rong Rong -” while Ji Wenfeng was gently supporting Lao Wang, letting him rest on his shoulders, stroking his back and swearing: “I will definitely-“

The fujoshi supported his other arm: “Take care of yourself when you go out.”

Lu Rong’s eyes were empty. He shook his head: How could Ji Wenfeng let this group of people reach this point so smoothly and naturally?

Did they really like the script of a young social bastard son-in-law with a chicken in his left hand and a duck in his right hand, who followed his new wife back to her parents’ home to meet his father-in-law and mother-in-law?

He was afraid he was living in a dream.

Ji Wenfeng put Lao Wang and the fujoshi into taxis respectively, and when he came back he asked Lu Rong with a gloomy face: “What’s going on with these two people?” One, who was still being hidden by Lu Rong in the Golden House last weekend, suddenly transformed into his father-in-law who had a bad temper and loved to drink; and the other who was doing eye exercises in the seat in front of Lu Rong last week, suddenly transformed into a mother-in-law who looked at him strangely but always helped him out.

Lu Rong woke up with a start. Sure enough, the car was overturned and was waiting for him here.

Lu Rong told the truth: “Old Wang is looking for a rotten girl and wanted to do some small business. I helped them… helped them find a connection.”

His mind started to get confused again, because Ji Wenfeng’s sharp eyes triggered the barrage in his mind – “Ji Wenfeng tore open Lu Rong’s shirt roughly, and all the buttons fell off: ‘How dare you lie to me! You are such a frivolous man!'”, “The cold blade traveled on Lu Rong’s smooth skin: ‘Are you ready for punishment, disobedient little slave?'”…

Ji Wenfeng in reality was still questioning him: “Then when I asked you, why did you say that Lao Wang was your father?”

Lu Rong said with a headache: “Because… because you are too jealous. If you are not at home, and I go out to see Lao Wang, you will… be like this.”

Ji Wenfeng in Lu Rong’s mind looked like this specifically: “Ji Wenfeng clasped Lu Rong’s ankle with a gold chain: ‘From now on, you are my property'”, “‘Who allowed you to see him?!’ Ji Wenfeng slapped him hard, Lu Rong screamed and fell on the bed. “‘From now on, you can’t go out from here~” Looking at Lu Rong, who was frozen in the refrigerator and covered in white, Ji Wenfeng closed the basement door with a smile. “…

Ji Wenfeng was taken advantage of by Lao Wang at the banquet, and he was finally willing to believe that the two of them were innocent, and he had almost had enough of jealousy. Especially when Lao Wang pulled him and entrusted him with Lu Rong, Ji Wenfeng was basically satisfied. This showed that in the eyes of others, he and Lu Rong were a perfect match – of course, he would not be happy because of this kind of thing, really not. He just thought that the sky was clear tonight and the moonlight was so beautiful.

He was just dissatisfied with Lu Rong’s refusal to tell the truth and his claims that Lao Wang was his father.

After hearing Lu Rong’s explanation, he was relieved: it turned out that his little slave didn’t sneak out without considering his feelings, but was too concerned about his feelings, so he was so frightened.

“I’d rather you tell the truth than worry about gains and losses all day long, huh?” Ji Wenfeng put his big hand on Lu Rong’s head and rubbed it lovingly.

“Don’t touch me!” Lu Rong, whose eyes were distracted, suddenly came to his senses, jumped three feet high, and made a no gesture to Ji Wenfeng while retreating, “Don’t come close to me! Don’t stick to me! Don’t talk to me! I’ve had enough. Got it!” He stopped a taxi and said, “Go to Jincheng Manor!”

As soon as Ji Wenfeng took a step forward, Lu Rong came out and pointed at him and got angry: “No! You call a taxi yourself! Don’t get in the same taxi as me!” Saying this, he jumped into the taxi and disappeared into the night.

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

He thought that his relationship with the little slave had made a qualitative leap, but in the end, love and hate were just inverted in an instant, and he returned to before liberation.


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