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Yan Han, who was immersed in studying, had not seen Lin Jianlu for a long time.

His brain capacity was forcibly occupied by various knowledge points in various subjects, and he almost forgot about the “variable”, let alone discovered any abnormalities.

Finally, the weekend was coming again. There was only one evening self-study session on Friday night, and school would end a little earlier than usual. However, many people had complained that this evening self-study session was useless, because by this time, most of the students were only thinking about what they would do on the weekend and they were not in the mood to study, so often the class teacher had to personally sit in the class to supervise them.

With the head teacher here, there were not a lot of little tricks in the classroom, but it was unusually quiet.

Wen Juerong tried to write his homework for a while, but his heart skipped a beat. He turned around and saw that Yan Han was still immersed in studying. He couldn’t help but not restrain his desire to tease her and threw a small note to Yan Han.

“Brother Yan, where are you going to hang out this weekend?”

Yan Han was stuck on a difficult problem at the moment. When he saw a small paper ball falling in front of his eyes, he unfolded it and read it.

Thinking about his plans for the weekend, he replied in a few lines: “Not going anywhere, studying in the dormitory.”

“Won’t you go out for even a day?”

“Maybe go out to buy books.”

“Hey. Then where are you going to buy books? I’ll accompany you.”

As soon as Wen Juerong threw the note out, he heard someone calling their names: “Wen Juerong! Yan Han! What are you two doing!”

The head teacher who was sitting at the front desk preparing lessons didn’t know when had stood up, got off the podium and started walking towards them.

“Give me that piece of paper.”

Yan Han didn’t resist and obediently handed the small piece of paper to the class teacher.

After reading the content on the note, the murderous head teacher’s aura gradually disappeared. He walked up to Wen Juerong and said, “Where do you want to go? Are you not wild enough? There is a placement test next week. How are you doing in your review?”

Wen Juerong looked back at him with a pitiful expression, not daring to say a word.

There was a roar of laughter in the class. The group was amused by the contrast between Wen Juerong’s pitiful big body and his cute look.

“Don’t laugh!” the head teacher yelled, but his attitude had visibly softened.

He already knew Wen Juerong’s personality very well and knew that although this classmate liked to play around, he had no bad intentions.

The most important thing was that he was very angry since he caught two classmates passing small notes in the self-study class, but the content on the small notes turned out to be about weekend study and buying exercise books?

No teacher would be able to criticize someone in this situation!

Even so, he still warned everyone: “If you have anything to do, just talk about it after school. Just do self-study and don’t do anything useless at this time!”

“Yes, teacher.”

Yan Han responded with a good attitude and resumed sitting down.

But for some reason, the decision to go to the bookstore with Wen Juerong was decided inexplicably.

Wen Juerong’s family was from the local area and he went back home on weekends. After school, he had to take the shuttle bus. Yan Han agreed with him on a time and place to meet on Sunday and returned to the dormitory alone.

Next week, Thursday and Friday would be the class placement test. Although Luze High School had this graded education system, the teaching staff was very even. Yan Han actually didn’t care much about which class he went to.

But at least it was a test of his study over the past two weeks. If he wanted to see if there were any problems with his learning methods and efficiency, he had to take this exam seriously.

After returning to the dormitory, he simply packed up and washed the clothes he had worn for a week. After packing them all, Yan Han started the live broadcast again and started studying.

After hanging up the live broadcast for a week, the traffic of the entire learning section was still horribly low, but Yan Han’s fans had doubled.

The main reason was that Yan Han’s online time was basically fixed every day. He just worked when he came back to the dormitory. He would be in the study state for not less than an hour every time. For students who were interested in learning but often easily dropped out, they felt like they had found a role model and motivation when they saw him.

There were still a few anchors on the channel so far, but they seemed to be there just for fun. The broadcast time was not fixed, and some of them had even disappeared. The others who were online just talked about random things, and no one wanted to watch them.

So it could be said that Yan Han now contracted the traffic of this entire channel.

This time Yan Han was going to start studying right away. Unexpectedly, his phone suddenly vibrated. He took a look and saw that there was an extra piece of chicken breast on the screen where two barrages occasionally floated across.

Thanks to user [314159] for tipping the anchor a piece of chicken breast! Anchor popularity +2000, fan intimacy +2000!

The barrage also flooded the screen for a short moment:

Rich man!

Worship the rich man!

Wow, congratulations to the host for opening a big show today!!

Ah ah ah I also want to keep a little sister qaq

Yan Han: …!

Yan Han knew very well how much RMB a piece of chicken breast cost as a gift.

It didn’t matter even if he didn’t remember it, because it was equivalent to the increase in the anchor’s popularity and fan intimacy.

That was to say, if the popularity and fan intimacy increase by two thousand, then it meant that this piece of chicken breast was worth two thousand.

If he split it half with the website…he would have made a thousand yuan now, right?!

His mood was a bit full of ups and downs. One thousand yuan was nothing to him before, but he couldn’t help it now that he was so poor, so poor that he didn’t even have enough money for a meal!

Instantly he felt like he had become rich!

Even though he said this, Yan Han was still a little embarrassed to accept it. He knew that many big anchors received tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of rewards every day, but when it came to Yan Han, he only had one idea of how to make netizens spend money.

With extremely complicated feelings, Yan Han clicked on the backstage, and sure enough he saw a piece of chicken breast coming into his account.

Sitting at the table, Yan Han thought for a moment. Since someone was willing to reward him so much, it meant that his live broadcast had brought some good and positive experiences to netizens. At this moment, he could only work harder to avoid wasting the sentiment behind these two thousand dollars.

He wrote the word “Thank you” in big words on the piece of paper and shook it where it was easier for the camera to capture it. Then he took a deep breath and took out the textbook to start today’s study.

In addition to going over the knowledge points of chemistry and biology, he also planned to brush up on the questions in several subjects before the exam.

As a result, time was very tight. Not only did he study very late on Friday, but Yan Han stayed in the dormitory to study all Saturday. Apart from going out for a morning run early in the morning, eating breakfast, and buying himself lunch, he hadn’t been out since last night’s dinner.

Learning was actually a rather boring and uncomfortable process. It consumed your brain, made you feel uncomfortable if you sat for a long time, and you had to resist sleepiness in order to concentrate.

In order to overcome these difficulties and force himself to concentrate on studying, Yan Han even tried his best to suck milk! Brother had never been so serious in his life.

In addition to completing the achievement task, he also sincerely regretted his past life and wanted to cherish this opportunity.

The only embarrassing thing now was that if he often stayed up late, the “beauty” aspect would be in danger.

In order to solve this problem, Yan Han switched to the method of going to bed early and getting up early on weekends. When some all-nighters had not gone to bed, he had already gotten up and started working on the questions under the stars.

On Sunday, Yan Han also got up early and studied against the clock. When it was almost noon, he put on his clothes and hurried out of the school to meet Wen Juerong.

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