TBLF Ch. 30

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Qu Dazhuang had never looked forward to going to school like he did this time.

Two full days on the weekend! Two whole days! He was locked in the room by the big guy, forced to listen to the tuition class and do the test papers! They haven’t felt the fear of learning for many years, but they did not dare to resist, they simply doubted life.

Holidays were a torture, but the beginning of school has become a relief.

But what to say, the fantasy was too beautiful but it died too young. Arriving at school on Monday, before the early self-study started, a group of people were taken to Liu Yao’s office by Ji Rang and got them signed up for the three elective classes.

Liu Yao was moved to tears by the group of poor students who suddenly reformed and were working hard. He stretched out his trembling hand and touched their heads one by one to show his relief: “You all are good boys, good boys.”

In the next midterm exam, Class 9 will definitely not be the class with the lowest average score again!

Qu Dazhuang shed tears of regret.

Iron doors, iron windows, iron chains…


After the morning self-study, the whole school gathered in the playground for the flag-raising ceremony. This week’s flag-raiser is Wu Rui, who walks in the forefront with his head high and his chest puffed, with his glasses taken off and wearing a military uniform.

Qu Dazhuang shivered physically as soon as he saw him: “I look at the first ranker, and I have the feeling that I got after seeing a math teacher before.”

Liu Haiyang: “Who doesn’t…”

The two turned their heads angrily and secretly stared at the initiator.

The initiator was leaning on his side, with his hands in his trouser pockets, looking in the direction of Class 2 with a casual and sloppy look. They didn’t know what he saw, but he hooked up the corner of his lips.

Qu Dazhuang: “I really want to usurp the throne.”

Liu Haiyang: “I support you.”

At the end of the flag-raising ceremony, the instructor took the microphone on stage and gave a routine speech. Ji Rang didn’t cause trouble last week, the sea and the waves were calm, there was more singing and dancing, thus the criticism announcement was omitted.

The dean was very pleased and took the rest of the time to announce a major event: “From this Monday, our school will have a ‘school exchange meeting’ with Yancheng No. 7 Middle School. Last week, we have already started from the classes in the second grade. I selected ten students to go to Yancheng. Then this week, ten students from Yancheng No. 7 Middle School will come to our school and have classes and study with everyone. I hope that the students of our school can get along with the students of Yancheng and learn from each other. Make progress together!”

Qu Dazhunag started wondering: “Yancheng? It’s so far! It takes three hours to fly. Is it a male or female classmate? Is she beautiful? Which class is she in? Would our class have any exchange students?”

Most of the students below reacted in the same manner as him. The playground was suddenly noisy, and the teacher yelled for them to quiet down a few times before finally stopping their enthusiasm for gossip.

Yue Li hated that she hadn’t carried her phone on her, and couldn’t share it with Qi Ying immediately.

She soon heard more news from the monitor Chen Mengjie: “Three exchange students are going to class one, one in our class, two in class three, two in class four, and two in class five.”

Regardless of still gathering her thoughts, Yue Li rushed to the front: “Are they a boy or a girl?”

Chen Mengjie said: “Boy, I heard from Teacher Liu that that boy seems to be the first in his grade in Yancheng No. 7 Middle School.”

They were all filled with awe.

The news spread quickly in other classes.

“Wow, another first ranker.”

“I don’t know how he compares to our first ranker?”

“Aren’t all the nerds in Class 1, hahaha. Two nerds have come down here. I don’t know who is more nerdy.”

Ji Rang withdrew his gaze from Class 2 and kicked next to him: “Let them shut up.”

Qu Dazhuang quickly put on a fierce expression: “Shut up, fuck me! What’s wrong with nerds? Do you have the ability to get the first in the exam? Do you have the ability to get the first in a test? All day long, you don’t talk about business. Believe it or not, I will give you needles. To sew your mouth shut?!”

The people around were scolded for some reason, but they didn’t dare to refute, so they shut up.

At the end of the morning assembly, the students were immersed in the enthusiasm of exchange students. Yue Li dragged Qi Ying to the classroom quickly, wanting to tell her the news immediately.

When going up the stairs, there were too many students, so they could only slow down and squeeze up along the crowd. Ji Rang didn’t know when to walk up to them, when Qi Ying turned around and saw him, pursed her lips and smiled.

He also smiled, and when he turned the corner, in the crowd, gently pulled her hand, and handed her the candy in his palm.

The crowd was divided into two sides. He followed the flow of people to the left, with his hands in his trouser pockets, and his back slouching, as if he hadn’t secretly held the little girl’s hand in the crowd just now and handed sweets to her.

Back in the classroom, Class 2 was really excited.

This morning, they wondered why the study committee member Huang Botong was absent, and now they know that he was selected by Liu Qinghua to go to Yancheng No. 7 Middle School for an exchange last week.

As soon as Yue Li sat down, she couldn’t wait to write down the matter and hand it to Qi Ying.

Qi Ying, who was still smiling while holding the strawberry candy, suddenly stopped after seeing the contents of the book.

Yue Li is still continuing to write on her own: I heard that the boy is the first ranker in Yancheng No. 7 Middle School! He should sit in Huang Botong’s seat; doesn’t that mean that he will sit in the seat behind us?!

Qi Ying stared at the words Yancheng Seventh Middle School.

Her heart began to hurt again, like it was being pierced.

Suddenly uncomfortable sensations swept through her whole body, and many strange and familiar pictures played automatically in her brain like a slide, and they couldn’t be stopped no matter what.

She hurt.

She couldn’t breathe, her face paled.

Yue Li realized that something was wrong with her, and was so scared that she took her hand: “Yingying, what’s the matter with you?”

Those slender fingers were cold, and her palms were sweating.

Qi Ying bit her lip tightly, peeled off the strawberry candy and put it in her mouth.

The sweetness of strawberry spread all the way from the tip of her tongue to her stomach, she didn’t know if it was an illusion, it seems that the temperature when he held it in the palm of his hand still remained. It was sweet and warm.

The discomfort was diluted by the sweetness, and she could finally breathe.

She held Yue Li, who was about to call the teacher, and wrote in the notebook: It’s okay, it was low blood sugar, just ate a candy.

Observing her expression, Yue Li’s worries seemed to have eased, and she finally heaved a sigh of relief.

When the class bell rang, Liu Qinghua led a tall and handsome boy into the classroom, “Classmates, this is the exchange student of Yancheng No. 7 Middle School, Fu Nanxun, everyone welcome him.”

There was fierce applause in the classroom.

Isn’t it that the first rankers are all nerds like Wu Rui?! Why is the number one in their grade so tall and handsome, and smiling so tenderly?!

Even the voice is nice, clean and gentle, like the first ray of light in the morning: “Hello everyone, I am Fu Nanxun, Nan of the South, Jiang Xun’s Xun, and I hope to get along well with you in the next week.”

Liu Qinghua pointed to Huang Botong’s position: “That is your seat.”

Fu Nanxun nodded and walked to the seat. When he saw Qi Ying, his gentle smile turned into shock.

Qi Ying smiled and nodded towards him.

Fu Nanxun’s eyes were filled with joy of reunion after a long time.

He sat down in the position of Huang Botong, and everyone around was watching him, but he only looked at the thin and straight back in front. When it came to his first class of Haicheng No.1 Middle School, he didn’t listen to it at all.

Until the end of class bell rang, when he whispered to her from behind: “Yingying…”

Qi Ying was still packing her textbooks, and there was no response. Fu Nanxun shouted again: “Qi Ying.”

Yue Li turned to his side and said in surprise: “How do you know her name? Do you know her?”

Fu Nanxun nodded, “We used to sit at the same table.”

Yue Li’s mouth widened: “Same table? Yingying used to be from Yancheng No. 7 Middle School?”

After finishing her desk, Qi Ying finally turned around. Holding a pen and paper in her hand, she wrote on the paper: Long time no see.

Fu Nanxun’s expression changed. After a long time, he stiffly asked Yue Li: “What’s wrong with her?”

Yue Li said strangely: “Don’t you know even when you used to sit at the same table? Yingying is injured and can’t hear, nor can she speak.”

Fu Nanxun’s fingers resting under the desk almost pinched into the flesh: “I…I didn’t know… She transferred school suddenly…”

More than suddenly.

On Friday after school, they were still talking and laughing. He made an appointment with her to go to the bookstore the next day, but he couldn’t get through to her phone the next day. He didn’t see her come to school on Monday. He asked the teacher. The teacher said that Qi Ying had something so she took a leave.

Since then, she has never been to school again, her mobile phone can’t be reached, and she can’t be contacted in any way. Not long after, someone came to the school to complete the transfer procedure for her.

Qi Ying, this person, seemed to have disappeared from their lives.

Unexpectedly, she actually transferred to Haiyi, and…

Fu Nanxun asked Yue Li eagerly: “What happened? Why was she injured?”

Qi Ying was the child of a martyr, and Yue Li didn’t hide it from him. She told everything she knew. But she didn’t know much about what Qi Ying’s father did, why he sacrificed, and why Qi Ying was implicated.

Fu Nanxun only felt that life was like a TV series. What she experienced was something he had never thought of before.

The girl’s smile was the same as before, soft and sweet. He didn’t know how to comfort her. At last he just smiled at her and wrote in the book: Let’s go to the bookstore after school, the book you said you would recommend to me, I still don’t know which one it is.

Qi Ying retrieved it in her memory.

Yes, that Friday, they agreed to go to the bookstore to buy books.

Unfortunately, something happened to the original owner during the weekend.

This can be regarded as one of the promises that the original owner has not fulfilled. Qi Ying did not refuse and nodded.

For a whole day, Fu Nanxun learned all about Qi Ying’s current situation. He learnt that she lives at her uncle’s house, has a younger brother who is very supportive of her, and her classmates are also taking good care of her. Her deafness and aphasia are gradually recovering, and she finally feels less uncomfortable.

After school, Qi Ying took him to buy books.

As soon as they left school and were waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, Fu Nanxun felt that someone behind him was staring at him, and the stare felt like thorns on his back.

He looked back.

Ten steps away, stood a tall and thin young man. His eyebrows are arrogant, the eyes are cold, the hostility and coldness all over his body are unconcealed, and he was staring at him and Qi Ying.

He intuitively felt that this person was dangerous.

He leaned against Qi Ying to protect her.

The boy’s expression became colder, and there was a hint of repressed madness in his gaze.

A Lincoln drove from the side, blocking his view.

The car door opened, and the man in the car smiled gently and shouted, “Arang.”

Ji Rang tilted his head and smiled, his eyes full of evil intent.

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